September 24, 2010

What's in Your Fridge? Friday!

I'm going to alternate this with Phone Photo Friday.

Jessica has been doing a bi-weekly post called What's in Your Fridge? Friday, and I have finally gotten around to taking pics of my fridge so that I can join in the fun! You can go on over to her blog and join in too, and while you're at it, check out her latest giveaway, it's pretty awesome :)

I also got to make a collage on Picnik for the first time! Yay, it was really fun and I'm sure these were the first of many.

This is what's in the door:
Cheese, butter, smart balance buttery spread (no this definitely does not count as butter!), LOTS of condiments, a bottle of wine that is uh, really old and needs to be thrown out, 3 types of coffee, and some sugar free JellO pudding and gelatin snack packs.

Here's what's in the main part:
3 cartons of milk (2 different types), OJ, Bud Light Chelado or something, the girls' food (we make their dog food), yogurt, a breakfast croissant, sour cream, country crock, protein shakes, beer, Starbucks light mocha frappuccinos, Owens breakfast tacos, LOTS of diet dp, diet pepsi, CHEESEEEEE!!, apples, onions, ground beef, zucchini, squash, some kind of deli meat, and I think there's bacon somewhere in that bottom drawer.

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