September 27, 2010

Our first weekend of FALL!!

Y'all, I wore jeans AND A JACKET on Sunday!! That is crazy! Just 7 days before that, I was sweating my bootie off selling some furniture.

We had a pretty uneventful weekend, and it was so nice. We've been pretty busy the past couple of weekends, so I was really looking forward to laying around and doing nothing.

On Friday, we had a company-wide celebration at work marking the end of our Un!ted W@y campaign. We raised over $1.7 million dollars!! I work for a very large company, but it just astounds me that we raise more and more every year. We also got to leave work around lunchtime because of this! So I got to go and pick up my little mister and he and I hung around the house together for the afternoon :) That evening, I just laid around and caught up on DVR and Lee watched some football (shocking activities for us both! ;) )

On Saturday, I had planned on cleaning out the office/room we keep the treadmill in/catch all room. But, Lee decided to play golf so I randomly decided that we needed to get a jumperoo for Coop. I had already decided on one that I wanted for him, but I knew that it was hard to find, and BRU doesn't even carry it. So when I went online to see if any Targets in the area had one in stock, it said 'limited availability' at ONE store, so we went to check it out. I was so so happy that we got the LAST one they had! It's the newest model of the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper in case you wondered. It has an extra high back that supports baby's head and it has more stuff on it that the older models. I really like the extra head support, Coop doesn't have great neck strength since he hates tummy time so much.
Technically, he's still too small for it. His feet dangle and I have to shove several blankets around him so that he can sit up straight, but he had fun checking it out and he loves the music :) He only tolerates about 5 minutes in it at a time. Mostly because of his dangling legs, I think. But we do put blankets down there so his feet are touching something. I have a cute video too that I might post sometime. My mommy voice is out of control though, so we'll see :)

I'm not exaggerating when I say this kid like to watch football. He will of course watch anything on the tv, but when football is on, he gets sooo serious, it is hilarious! I'm sure that Lee LOVES this! Here he was getting ready to watch the OU game, very excited as you can see.
And here he was watching with Lee, see how serious?! LOL. I couldn't even get his attention!
After we put the baby to bed, this girl wanted to snuggle :)On Sunday, we just ran a couple errands. I have been waking up with a sore neck for a week or so, so I got a contour memory foam pillow and I'm hoping that helps. We also went to 3 grocery stores. There isn't one grocery store near us that carries everything we need, so we end up going all over if we need certain stuff. It's kind of annoying but whatever. That night we watched the premiere of the Amazing Race, one of our favorites! Anyone else watch this? We dvr'd DH and Brothers and Sisters. Lee doesn't like DH so I usually have to watch that on my own.
This week I have made a goal of getting in bed by 9pm each night, and working out 5 times. I have tried the 9pm thing before and it didn't work out, so I'm really going to try this time!


katandkarl said...

He's such a cutie pie. We put pillows under Nate's feet so he could sortof bounce in the jumper before his feet could reach the ground.

Jax said...

I was SO happy to wear a jacket yesterday!! :) and um.. the jumparoo thing=adorable! And yeah, you have a little football fan on your hands! hah! :)And I wuv your fur baby wanting to cuddle too! :) I was bragging about you the other day btw.. I saw a Cavalier puppy that had been given up when the family had a baby and I got so sad. I wanted him sooo badly, but I just can't have him right now. Anyway, I was telling my friend about it and I said "my friend, Ashley, has two puppies and I'm sure they annoy her, but they're still her babies, too! I mean... who could GIVE AWAY their dog not ever knowing if it found another home?!" Anyway, you rock. Jsut sayin.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Going to bed at 9 ruins a lot of TV time! :)
Andrew doesnt like DH either...he went to bed half way through after shaking his head! He is home this week, and I am sure there will be some issues with my TV watching! haha Cooper is so cute in that contraption! I cant believe how big he is already. I fee like he was JUST born!

Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

Kaitlin said...

Love his activity jumper! I'm jealous- I tried to convince Stephen we needed one similar to that, but he liked one that didn't bounce he's kicking himself for it! I bet Cooper's jumping will soon provide you guys with some hysterical entertainment! And, I'm with ya on the grocery stores...we go one place for meat/produce, another for specialty products and yet another for the baby food/products. It's ridiculous.