September 9, 2010

BIG Mistake. Big. Huge.

Today I (finally!) went on my first Couch to 5K run. I was all ready with my brand-spankin-new running shoes and my downloaded C25K app that I was really excited to use.

And then I had the BRILLIANT idea to take the dogs with me. They LOVE to go on walks, and let's just be honest, they get little to no attention these days, so I thought they'd enjoy it.

Usually these dogs walk US. They can be walked around the entire neighborhood and back again and they are still pulling us around.

Well what the hell happened to them? Because today, they didn't even make it to the second run. The second ONE MINUTE AND 30 SECOND run! LOL. We must have been a sight to see. Me trying to jog, clutching my phone in one hand, practically dragging these two small, exhausted dogs in the other. (Let's not mention the fact that my shorts were totally up my crotch because my thighs now rub together in a major way) (wait, did I just admit that? ignore it)At one point I thought I needed to pick up Zoe and carry her because she was barely walking.
When I stopped to check Zoe, I looked over and saw this. Isabelle just laid down on a driveway!

Haha, I felt bad that I thought they could make the first run with me. Needless to say, this was a failed attempt and we went right home after the second run.

I'll try it again tomorrow, but this time, I'm going at it alone.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Sometimes my dog is a great running partner (she helps pull me up hills!), and other times she is just in my way. Good luck solo!

Jax said...

Okay.. I LOVE that you used the Pretty Woman quote as your subject! ha! And umm.. how did I miss this post?! ha! Love it. Those poor pooches. I've tried to take G dog before and it wasn't good...