September 10, 2010

If You Really Knew Me

I've seen several people doing this, so I thought why not :)

If you REALLY knew me...

- You'd know that I'm scared of the dark. Like terrified! A few weeks ago was the first time I'd ever stayed in this house by myself. I called Lee in the morning and said "I slept with the tv off!" Haha. If I'm alone I will sleep with the tv on, with the volume UP. And probably a lamp. But that rarely happens, because when faced with the possibility of being alone in the dark (i.e. if Lee is going to be out of town) I run to stay with my parents! I even feel soo bad about Cooper sleeping alone in his room in the dark, because the way I see it, if I'M scared, then he MUST be soo scared too, right?

- You'd know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals. I have a HUGE soft spot for them, mainly dogs, but recently cats too. No lie, if I could, I would live on a ton of land and pick up every single stray or abused animal and keep it.

- You'd know that, since Cooper was about 3 weeks old, I've had the FEVER. Baby fever. To have another one. RIGHT NOW!! Am I crazy? I've always wanted 4 kids. Lee wanted 2. So I compromised and we said we'd have 2, and MAYBE a third IF we agreed. And I was totally fine with that. But now? I'm getting out my boxing gloves because I'm fighting to have three! His birth was the best day of my life and I can't wait to do it again :)

- You'd know that, as much as I LOVE dogs, I have such little patience for mine now. They bark and wake up the baby and I really yell at them. And I feel really guilty about it :( Poor puppies

- You'd know that I am the most loyal friend you will ever have. And I will do anything for any of my friends!

- You'd know that I am a sugar-aholic. I'm addicted to anything sweet. Candy, cookies, brownies, cake, ice cream, you name it. I'd rather have a bag of cookies for dinner than anything else. And I can eat sugar all day and not get sick at all. I mean, not that I've ever actually done that...

- You'd know that I REALLY want to go on a game show and win just enough to pay off my student loans. That's all I want! My student loans are ridiculous. We could almost buy another house.

- You'd know that I act like a tough guy on the outside, but I'm really not one. I get my feeling hurt very easily.

- You'd know that ever since I had my car accident last year, I drive like a granny. And I NEVER make left turns anymore unless I'm at a light. And after I had Cooper, you can forget it! I drive so slow that I get passed left and right now, even by old people! Haha


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I AM afraid of the dark too! I am home alone all the time, but with a light and tv to fall asleep, always. Going outside alone in the dark- um, no.

Jax said...

OHMYGOSH I have SO thought about the game show/student loan thing! EVERYTIME someone says "I wish I could win the lottery" or something, I always say "yeah, me too. I'd pay my loans." lol! And I hate the dark. A lot. When I stayed in hotel rooms by myself, I'd ALWAYS leave the bathroom light on and the door cracked just enough to give me a nightlight. :)