September 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Today it's your top two favorite songs, which is funny because I was just thinking about this on my run(ish) last night. Go on over to The Undomestic Momma if you want to join the fun :)

These are my favorites right now. It really changes soo often for me because when I like a song, I tend to PLAY IT ON REPEAT until I hate it because I've listened to it so much, ha.

1. Heartless by Kris Allen. Yes, it's the Kanye song, but Kris's version of it. He sang it on Idol, what was it, 2 years ago? A year and a half? No idea, but I recently rediscovered it on my playlist and I loooove it again. You've gotta listen to this version if you haven't heard it. I've been PLAYING IT ON REPEAT when running. It's kind of a random running song but whatever man.

2. Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Haha, I just realized these are both AI alums! This is the song that has the same music as Beyonce's Halo. But, just between you and me? I can't stand Halo. Just not a fan. But I love Kelly's song, I could PLAY IT ON REPEAT if I owned it but I do not, sadly. I should fix that.

Happy Tuesday friends! I'm having a crappy week at work but I hope you're not! :)

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Ashley said...

Great great songs! Love them both!