September 8, 2010

3 Months!

Dear Cooper,

Today you are 3 months old! You're getting to be such a big boy!
(I took his chair pics at 6am, 10 minutes after he woke up, you can tell he was tired!)

You are such a good baby. You love to smile and 'talk' to us all the time. I love talking to you; you have LOTS to say :) One of your favorite things for me to do is sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. You LOVE hearing it and smile almost immediately when I start singing it. Which is surprising to me because I am a TERRIBLE singer, seriously so bad. But you don't seem to notice that at all, haha.
You started sleeping through the night at about 9 weeks. We moved you to your own room shortly after that, and you have been doing great ever since. You didn't mind the transition at all. (I'm pretty sure I had a more difficult time than you did :) )We are SO grateful that you're such a good sleeper! Even before you slept through the night, you really only woke up once a night to eat, and you had been on that schedule since you were born. Your Daddy and I joke about how our next baby will never want to sleep since you've spoiled us so much! You go to bed pretty early, around 6pm, and you wake up between 5 and 6am. You usually eat and go right back to bed and sleep until 7:30 or so.
You are eating about 6oz. every 2.5 - 4 hours. We started giving you formula a few days ago and you've had no problem sucking it down! You love to eat. You get 2 bottles of breast milk and 3 bottles of formula a day. I haven't weighed you lately, but I think you are somewhere around 12 lbs. You are too long for most of your 0-3 month onesies and footy sleepers, but you can still wear 0-3 month separates. I've slowly started phasing in 3-6 month clothes.
You have always loved laying on your playmat, but recently you have really started to notice all of the animals, and especially the mirror. You now bat at the animals and grab onto them, and you talk to them as well. You also started to pay more attention to the mirror and animals hanging on your swing. It's so fun to watch you notice things for the first time.
You still move your legs constantly, which you have done since you were brand new. You love to bend them and stretch them out. You love for us to hold your legs up in the air and shake them, you give a little almost-giggle every time! You also love to keep your hands in your mouth at all times. You try shoving your entire fist in there frequently.
Last week, I went back to work. And while I miss you so much during the day, you've been staying with Poppa and I know you two are having a fun time together. You are so good for him. He takes you all over and I'm sure that he's enjoying this time with you more than you know!
Your Daddy and I love you so much Buddy. You have made us so incredibly happy these past 3 months and we are so excited to see what your fourth month brings!

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Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

HE is GEtting so big!!!
So, does he sleep on a different floor than you? We have been discussing that. We have a room on our floor and a room down stairs and we havent decided which one should be the baby's room.
Glad he is sleeping so well for you! LUCKY!