June 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

Cooper has started throwing his food on the floor at every meal.  Yes, the dogs are there, but it’s not really because of that, he just does it.  And he knows he shouldn’t, because he’ll hold his arm out and stare at us, and we will say “NO, do not throw your food”, and then, he’ll throw it down and stare at us, and sometimes laugh.  I don’t know what to do to get him to stop.  We have also tried swatting his hand, but that does nothing and I feel badly doing that.  I’m mostly worried because he is not eating much, he’s throwing it on the ground, but then soon after he “eats” he is super cranky because he’s hungry.  AND, he has become really picky about what he’ll eat, so we’re trying to adjust to getting over that and just feeding him what he will eat so that he eats something.  What should we do?

My mother in law has been staying with us this week to watch Cooper because my parents went on vacation.  She talks a lot.  I mean, a lot.  And she says weird things.  I could do a whole post on that.  She uses my “decorative” towels and washcloths in the bathroom to wash her face with.  She leaves the lid to the toilet up, which I HATE HATE!  I don’t want to see into the toilet.  Ew.  She announces stuff to us, like when we went out for a sno cone last night, she stayed home, and when we came back, she announced “Well, I’ve had my shower”.  Um, okay…yay?  Yesterday evening, I learned that she calls “poop”, “poopie”.  I don’t know why that annoys me, but I can’t stand it.  If Cooper poops, we say “Cooper pooped”, she says “Uh oh, I think Cooper did a poopie”.  She also says it while referring to the dogs, which she calls “puppies”.  Why does that annoy me?  And she doesn’t pay attention to them I guess, so they have “done a poopie” in the house like 3 times in the last 2 days.  Ughhhh.  The funny thing is that, when she came to visit when Cooper was only a couple months old, she called it a “BM”.  Seriously.  She wouldn’t say poop.  Then she went to stay with my SIL who has a 2 year old, so I guess that’s where she learned it.  Yesterday, she told me that Lee suggested she take Cooper out in the backyard in the mornings and let him walk around (probably bc they have not left the house all week), and she told me that and asked “well, how do you feel about that?”  About letting him play in the backyard?  Why would I care?  If you say something to yourself, or like if Lee says something to me, his mom will say “WHAT?”  Like he was talking to her but she didn’t hear him, which doesn’t actually matter because no one was talking to her.  OMG she has done that sooo many times to me when I’ve been talking to Cooper. 

Whoa, okay I didn’t mean to go on that much.  She is taking good care of Cooper, and he gets excited when he sees her, so really that’s all that matters.  But I have to share her weirdness with someone.

Oh, we sold our house!!!  Yay!!  For good this time, I think! I hope!  And the best part is the buyer wants to close on July 12th, which is much sooner than normal, so yay!  I’m so so relieved that it all worked out.

We are closing on our new house next Wednesday, on the 29th.  We are moving in that day also.  Yippee!!!!!!!

I guess I can continue with good news.  Remember when I had an interview a few weeks back?  Well, I got the job!!  I am SO SO SO excited!!  I have known for about 2 weeks.  It’s with the same company I work for, just a new department, which makes it easier than completely starting over at a new company.  Plus, I work for a good company, so I really didn’t want to leave.  I am really hoping that everything is good in the new department and people are nice.  I liked the manager I interviewed with, and it’s a really small dept., like only about 5 people total, and most of them are women with children, which for some reason makes me feel good?  Right now I work with a bunch of old men, or women that don’t have kids.  I am set to “transition” as they call it, on July 18th, which is a lot later than I (or my soon-to-be new manager) expected.  But, that’s just how this current department is.  They’re jerks, basically.  And just making me wait because they can.  I have no scheduled work after this Friday, so I’ll either be sitting here doing nothing, or doing all the crap work no one else will do.  But whatever, because I’m leaving soon!

Another thing that will be changing soon, is that my dad will only be watching Cooper 2 days a week.  The original plan was for him to watch Coop until he was a year old.  Honestly, I think up until even a month ago, my dad thought he would continue watching him everyday, but the week of C’s birthday, my dad was basically like, I’m tired and I want to be able to clean my house.  Haha :) I get it!  I do!  Coopie is a lot of work and my dad should be enjoying his retirement.  But I would be lying if I said I didn’t freak out and cry a lot.  Mostly because at first, I think I took it as more of something against Cooper, if that makes sense.  Like he didn’t want to spend time with him.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt like he was saying something bad about Cooper.  Which he totally wasn’t.  Not at all.  So anyway, we’ve started the process of looking at daycares.  Which is much easier with a toddler than when you’re still pregnant and just the thought of daycare makes you want to throw up and cry.  Just me?  And, finding part time daycare, that is full days is quite difficult.  We are not going to even start tours or making a decision until we are moved into the new house, and Cooper probably won’t start until August, at the earliest.

I have many more random thought but I think I’ve written enough for today!


June 21, 2011

Father’s Day

Father’s Day got very glazed over last year.  I think that Cooper was about 12 days old, if even that.  And in my first-time-motherhood haze, I kind of almost forgot about it.

This year we didn’t do too  much, but it was celebrated better than last year!

Cooper helped Dada open gifts.  These are some of my all time favorite pictures of them!


And then we met my parents and brother for breakfast


Cooper and his Poppa, they are best buds :)


June 18, 2011

Cooper’s First Birthday Party


*I apologize if this gets super long.  I had 399 pictures I could  have posted, so I tried to narrow it down and make collages so it was less stuff!*

Last weekend, we had Cooper’s birthday party.  We had made the decision a while ago to just have it at my parents’ house, since we weren’t sure what the situation would be with ours, since it was on the market.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that I will probably never plan a party at someone else’s house, it was just too stressful to get everything done.  Especially since we had to leave our house spotless also, as we were having an open house the same day.  Haha :)

But, thanks to TONS of help from a couple of wonderful friends, as well as my parents, it turned out perfectly!  But, it was HOT out!  Somewhere in the mid 90’s I believe.  Hot enough that next year, I think we’ll do it indoors!  Luckily my parents have a wonderful, big covered patio, and my dad had just installed a misting system, so it was bearable (albeit barely :) )

I have to admit, I’ve had the “theme” for his birthday since before he was born.  About 2 years ago, we had a fundraiser at work, and the theme was Dr. Seuss, and it was ADORABLE.  I was on the planning committee, and it was just so fun and whimsical to plan that one day during my pregnancy, I just thought, I’m going to do Dr. Seuss!

Once I started planning, though, it turned into more of a red and turquoise party with little whimsical touches.

My amazing friend, Jenny, sewed so many things for me!  She sewed a couple of pennant banners, a huge table runner, and this adorable banner as well!  She is awesome!DSC02805

I had contacted someone to make a shirt for Cooper, but, well, they basically said they couldn’t do it, so I just made one myself!  I think it turned out really cute!

Entrance to the backyard party.  I made the wreath out of felt circles.  It took for.ev.er!  But, I absolutely love the way it turned out!Entry Collage

The “sweets” table.  We had cupcakes, sugar cookies, a couple different red and turquoise colored candies, and you can tell, but the popcorn was red (strawberry) and blue (bubblegum) also!Sweets Table collage

The food!  My parents and I hung the lanterns from the chandelier at 10pm, in the dark, the night before the party.  My dad stood on the table and I ordered him around :)  You can also see the table runner that Jenny sewed together, so so cute!Food Table Collage

I hung Cooper’s monthly pictures above the beverages.Picnik collage

Tables!  That no one could even use because the sun was blazing down on them!  Oh well, they looked cute :)Tables Collage

At the end of the patio, we set up one of Cooper’s birthday gifts, a pirate water table, for the kids.  Needless to say, it was a hit!Water Table Collage

Smash cake!  Katie posted this on one of her Weekly Faves posts a while back (I love those posts!) and I knew that I had to do it for Cooper.  I love how it turned out!  I was so nervous about it because I did it the day OF the party.  Next time, I will NOT do it the day of!

He was so cute with the cake.  He started out just picking tiny bits of frosting from the center, and slowly eating it.  Then, it was like he realized that it was GOOD and he started going a little faster.   Eventually, he grabbed some big chunks and chowed down.  He ate about 1/4 of it, and probably would have eaten more if we’d let him.  He was so clean with it though, he is more messy with his lunches than he was with the cake!Eating Cake collage

The party was so much fun!  I think that everyone had a great time, despite the heat. Most importantly, I think Cooper had a lot of fun!  It was definitely lots of work, but when everyone was singing to him and then when he was eating his cake, I just remember thinking it was the best moment and it was all totally worth it!

June 16, 2011

Cooper is walking!

After work today, I went to my parents' to pick up Cooper. I was giving him a hug and talking with my dad about how Mother's Day Out had gone, and I let Coop down to stand at my leg. Well, he started walking around my leg, and then, he let go and just took off! He walked clear across the entire living room before falling!

My parents and I just sat there, staring. I don't think any of us even said one word, we were all just in shock! I kept thinking that I wanted to get my phone out and video it for Lee, but I was frozen. I just couldn't believe it! It's one thing to think they are ready, which I totally thought of Cooper, and another thing to watch them actually walk their little selves across the room. It was so cute, he held his little arms straight up in the air the whole time.

Of course, we kept cheering him on, and I have videos to share. This first one, he was annoyed with us a little, so he wasn't too cooperative, but I had to share it because I was cracking up at him wanting to high-five. He also has a cute moment with my dad when Cooper tried to give him a kiss.

This one is much shorter, and shows off Cooper's new skillz much better, with my brother enticing him with car keys.

Needless to say, it was a very exciting day around here :)

June 15, 2011


Dear Cooper,

Last week, you turned 12 months old.  One year.  When we went to the doctor for your check up, they gave us information sheets on toddlers.  I’ll just go ahead and say it, because it’s true.  It goes by so fast.Picture 104 12 month pic

One year ago, I had a week old itty bitty baby, and we were just getting to know each other.  You were the sweetest thing.  Today, you’re still the sweetest thing, but you are starting to assert your independence.

Picture 005

You definitely have an opinion now.  About everything!  And you don’t mind letting us know when you’re not happy. A few days ago, I’m pretty sure you threw your first temper tantrum because we wouldn’t let you climb the stairs.  You threw yourself down and banged on the floor.  Really?  I thought that wouldn’t start for at least another year.

One of your favorite things to do is open and close drawers and doors.  You’ll even go in your room and shut your door on us, haha :) Again, something I wasn’t expecting quite so soon.Picture 028

This month, you got sick for the first time.  Just a cold for a week or so, and then pneumonia.  You were not yourself for so many weeks, your dad and I felt so bad for you :( I’m glad that we trusted our instincts and took you to the doctor so many times, because we caught the pneumonia very early.  After a few days on antibiotics, you were back to your normal, happy self.Picture 049

Cooper, you have no fear.  Absolutely none.  You are curious about everything, and won’t hesitate to check things out.  While this does give me small heart attacks on a weekly basis, it also makes me smile.  Your curiosity reminds me of your dad, who is always asking questions about everything.

You are not walking on your own quite yet, although I am pretty sure you are capable.  I think you are a little unsure of yourself.  You are able to stand on your own, but once you notice, you drop to the floor and usually let me know that you don’t appreciate me letting go of you.Picture 066

At your doctor’s visit, you weighed 21 lbs, 14 oz, and you were 31 inches long.  I believe your weight is in the 3oth-ish percentile, and your height is in the 80th-ish percentile.  I think you’ve actually lost weight since the last time you were weighed (while you were sick)  You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes right now, although I do put you in some 18 month stuff, because we have it.  Rompers, though, you must wear 18 months, as the 12 months ones are so short and no longer snap.  You’re wearing a size 4 diaper and 4.5 shoe.  You also have 3 bottom teeth, and your top left tooth is coming through right now.

Picture 018

You eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.  You have always loved anything we’ve given you, but I’ve noticed that you’re becoming just a little picky.  As in, you will actually refuse some foods some times now.  Your absolute favorites, things you will never turn down are: cheese, yogurt, peaches, nutrigrain bars, cinnamon toast waffles, bananas, carrots, peas, and club crackers.  You will eat chicken, but usually only if it has just been grilled.  You also love grilled cheese sandwiches.

Picture 060

You weaned yourself of your pacifier this month, as well as formula.  You just stopped taking both of them.  You’ve been on whole milk for a few weeks, and you love it.  You love your sippy cups also, and you’re now a pro at using them.  Picture 071

You go to sleep now around 6:30-7, and wake up around 5.  The past few days, you’ve been sleeping in until 6, and I am really hoping you continue that! I can’t believe that I now think of 6am as sleeping in!  You still take 2 naps, for about an hour each.  You love to sleep on your tummy with your little booty up in the air. And you always have to hold on to your blanket.  In fact, you now sleep with two blankets.  One to cover up with, and one to hold on to.  You are definitely my child there.  Picture 068

You aren’t really saying any words as of yet.  You do say “dah” when you see the dogs, and you love them so much.  You get excited to let them out of their cage.  You are slowly learning to throw, and you’ve been throwing Zoe’s ball for her, which you find absolutely hilarious.

I have noticed that you don’t just love our dogs, but dogs in general.  Whenever you see a dog, you get so excited, and you have to go and pet it.  So funny.  You definitely got your love of dogs from your dad and me.Picture 020

You’re current favorite thing to do is blow raspberries.  You’ll also stick your tongue out, and imitate pretty much anything anyone shows you.  You also love peek-a-boo, and you crack yourself up several times a day.  You are so funny!Picture 106

Tonight you were playing in the living room, crawling all over, sometimes holding on to the wall and “walking”, and talking up a storm.  I just sat and watched you, thinking back over the past year.  It has been the best year ever.  And, while I am a little sad that our first year together is over, I truly cannot wait for the year to come, to watch you grow and develop your budding little personality.  I can’t wait to watch you grow into a little boy.

I love love love you Buddy,


June 6, 2011

Closing Day

Today, we should have been closing on the sale of our old house and the purchase of our new one.  I should be off work, all stressed out trying to get everything organized and making sure everything happens in the right order (moving out and in, on the same day, with a closing in the middle, is a logistical nightmare)


But, instead I’m sitting in my office writing this.  Stressed out, sure.  But not for nearly the same (good) reasons.


Last week, five days before we were set to close, our buyer gave notice that she wanted to back out of her contract with us.  She didn’t want to buy the house.  Long story short, her family lives out east, and she had the opportunity to move out there to be with them.  And, I totally understand that.  Totally.  Hello, we live 20 minutes from my parents and we wanted to move closer, haha.  So, yeah, I totally get it. 


But, I mean, really?  Really?! Five days, lady.  FIVE.days. Our house was half packed.  We had all of the utilities, cable, etc. set to transfer.  We had hired movers.  We’d scheduled to take time off work.  My dad was counting down the days until he didn’t have to pick up Cooper in the morning, instead we would be dropping him off J


Not to mention the fact that the buyer was under contract to buy our house.  Clearly, a good thing for us.  She couldn’t just say “oh, I changed my mind, sorry!”  We had several options as to how we wanted to proceed.  The most extreme being taking her to court.  Obviously we didn’t want to do that.  In the end, we agreed upon a settlement with her. 


The most frustrating part of this is that our house was off the market for six weeks during the time we were under contract.  That is 2 weeks longer than it was on the market before we received her offer.  I am positive we would have gotten at least one offer during that time.  So she cost us a lot in that regard.


The good news in all of this is that we are still moving into the new house.  Due to her pending divorce, the contract on both houses set closing on or before June 30, which turned out to be a huge blessing for us.  It gives us some time to get things in order so that we don’t lose the house.


Needless to say, the past few days have been a whirlwind.  We found out about this about 10am on Wednesday.  By noon, we had met with our realtor, talked to a lawyer, and had a plan of action.  Our house went back on the market Wednesday night/Thursday morning at midnight.  We had a showing Friday, one Saturday, and an open house on Sunday.  We had to clean our entire house on Thursday night, because it looked like a tornado when through it, with boxes EVERywhere, and Cooper’s birthday party crap ALL over the place. 


So, right now, I feel pretty good about everything working out.  No, this situation isn’t ideal, and certainly not what we expected, but what can you do?  I’m a little nervous to take on two mortgages, but that was the main reason for the settlement, so we should be fine for a few months.  Our house sold quickly the first time around, and while I don’t think it will sell in less than 30 days this time, I don’t think it will be more than 3 months.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.