June 16, 2011

Cooper is walking!

After work today, I went to my parents' to pick up Cooper. I was giving him a hug and talking with my dad about how Mother's Day Out had gone, and I let Coop down to stand at my leg. Well, he started walking around my leg, and then, he let go and just took off! He walked clear across the entire living room before falling!

My parents and I just sat there, staring. I don't think any of us even said one word, we were all just in shock! I kept thinking that I wanted to get my phone out and video it for Lee, but I was frozen. I just couldn't believe it! It's one thing to think they are ready, which I totally thought of Cooper, and another thing to watch them actually walk their little selves across the room. It was so cute, he held his little arms straight up in the air the whole time.

Of course, we kept cheering him on, and I have videos to share. This first one, he was annoyed with us a little, so he wasn't too cooperative, but I had to share it because I was cracking up at him wanting to high-five. He also has a cute moment with my dad when Cooper tried to give him a kiss.

This one is much shorter, and shows off Cooper's new skillz much better, with my brother enticing him with car keys.

Needless to say, it was a very exciting day around here :)


Perfectly Imperfect said...

So fun! Just wait, he'll be full on running in no time!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

OH MY GOSH!! I love it. I dont have sound so I have to watch again later, bu tI was cracking up watching him keep trying and trying in the first one. He walked FAR in the 2nd. He's a little man!

brooke knight said...

he even backed up in the second video! go cooper!

Aja said...

So exciting! What a sweet little guy. I love the wobbly walk- too cute! :)