April 15, 2010

Just for Fun!

Taylor over at The Undomestic Mama posted this several days ago and I thought it would be fun!

The Game of Tag about your MAN:

Who is your man? Lee

How long have you been together? Hmmm, we just talked about this the other night. I think we decided 4 years (on the 20
th!!) We couldn’t remember if it was 4 or 5, but I think it is 4. It feels like forever, but in the GOOD way! :)

How long did you date? 19 months before we got engaged (Too long if you ask me, I asked for my ring all the time :) Yes, I was one of those girls, but when you know, you know! *
ahem* and I wanted a baby! Ha)

How old is your man? 28

Who eats more? Him, although that’s questionable these days

Who said "I love you" first? Technically, I did, but he said I barely beat him to it

Who is taller? Him

Who sings better? He never sings so I couldn’t tell you. I am TERRIBLE, but I do it all the time. Only in front of him though, no one else! He is so lucky.

Who is smarter? Him. We discussed this the other night also, lol, we have really interesting conversations, huh? He asked what grades I got in high school, I said I never did anything and got A’s and B’s and his response was that he never did anything and got A’s and A+’s. Well, excuse me!! Nerd.

Whose temper is worse? I get angry easier, but you don’t want to be around him when he’s mad!

Who does the laundry? He washes, I fold and put away. I know this is NOT normal and I never take it for granted!

Who takes out the garbage? Ew, he does

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When you’re looking at the bed, I sleep on the right side. You know, they say that’s the “power” side :) I’M THE BOSS!

Who pays the bills? Like most things, this is also teamwork. He has a couple things, I have a couple things, and the rest is auto drafted. But I’m controlling and tell him when and how much to pay on his stuff because I’m obsessed with balancing the checkbook (like I do it every day. I can tell you to the penny how much moolah we have, uh, or DON’T have :) )

Who is better with the computer? Definitely me when it comes to PC’s! I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but…well my parents taught computers when I was growing up so there’s that. And I guess Mac’s now too, since I have one, although I wouldn’t say I’m good that them. Not one bit. I couldn’t figure out how to bookmark websites for like 2 weeks! I seriously need Mac for Dummies.

Who mows the lawn? Him! He’s so good with the lawn. People compliment it all the time :)

Who cooks dinner? I cook. Once when we first lived together I asked him to cook a piece of chicken, like sauté it on the stove, and he was like, what do I do? Lol, I had no idea he couldn’t cook. He does the dishes (we are so good at teamwork! Lol)

Who drives when you are together? Him, ALWAYS. He never lets me drive. I think he thinks I can’t drive.

Who pays when you go out? Uh, usually him I guess. It all comes from the same place though, haha

Who is most stubborn? DEFINITELY ME!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? NEVER ME! (in my defense, I am rarely wrong ;) )

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine because they live here and they don’t make us want to institutionalize ourselves.

Who asked who out? Um, him I guess? We met when we were out, then hung out pretty much every night after that because of mutual friends. I know that we did have a date in there somewhere though.

Who proposed? Him, duh!

Who wears the pants in the family? LOL. I would like to say me, but I think he’s just good at letting me think I wear the pants :)

April 13, 2010

Ahhh Productivity!!

If there's one word I would NOT use to describe the majority of this pregnancy, it would be productive! However, I have turned the corner (somewhat) in the past few weeks. Hooray!!

We picked out carpet last month, and it was installed last week. I cannot explain to you how happy the carpet makes me, it's kind of sad really. Our house was built in the 50's, and in our neck of the woods, that means that it (most likely) has original hardwood floors. When we moved in, there was carpet in the bedrooms. I didn't understand why anyone would cover up hardwoods! Even if they did need to be refinished, I was okay with that. Lee was NOT in agreement with me. He didn't want to pull the carpet up at all. He was convinced that the hardwoods would be in poor condition. Have I ever mentioned how stubborn and hard headed I am? Um, yeah. I am REALLY stubborn and hard headed. So one day after about a year of being in the house, I decided to pull up the carpet in the office. The floors were not a complete disaster, but they definitely could have been better. So, I moved on to the master bedroom, still against Lee's will. Well, in the words of my dear friend Jackie, WHOA em gee. The hardwoods were terrible to say the least!! Lesson learned. Sometimes Lee is right. (I mean, not often, but sometimes) That put a halt to my carpet pulling up and I left the guest bedroom alone. Last week I found out that that was a MARVELOUS decision, I'll show you why!

So for the past 18 months or so, I have hated living with these disastrous hardwoods and we kept going back and forth between carpet or refinishing. I cursed them everyday. So lsat Thursday was a WONDERFUL day!! I have never been a fan of carpeting, but I LOVE this carpet. LOVE IT!! I feel like we moved to a different house, and it makes the rooms look a lot bigger, so that's a fun bonus.

Here are some before and afters:

Master Bedroom Before, not the best picture (we do have a real bed, but this is what we slept on the night before bc they were supposed to come at 8am to install. What time they actually came is a different story)

Office Before:
Office After:
Guest Room/now Cooper's Room. That is lime green and cream LINOLEUM!!! SO glad I didn't pull the carpet up in there!!
Cooper's Room After:

In addition to the carpet, we have been cleaning out closets and rooms and organizing our hearts out. I'm not sure if this is nesting, because I used to do this stuff pre-pregnancy all the time, but I sure am happy that I have my motivation back! We have also been working on getting the bookcases we built a year ago finished. We are having cabinet doors made for them right now, so we're just waiting for those to come in and then we can wrap up that project!

Cooper's bedding comes in tomorrow and I am so excited to see it!! I ordered it from a place online that does custom bedding so I have yet to see it in person. I hope it turned out like what I have envisioned. I plan on doing a post about his room when it's all finished. And at the rate we're going, that will be approximately 7 weeks after he is born :)

April 4, 2010

Cooper in 4D

So the other night I wrote this huge post about new things going on with Cooper and all about our visit when we went to see him in 4D, and I saved it because I hadn't downloaded the pictures to my computer yet. Then I got on tonight to add the pictures and the post was gone!

So, in a nutshell, we had a 4D ultrasound last week! Well, one 2 weeks ago and another last week. At the first appointment we learned that he was head down and facing my back, which is great in my opinion because that's how he needs to be to be born, so he can just stay put if he likes! Buuut, it's not such a great position for getting his picture taken! Not to mention he was asleep the entire time, and he is NEVER asleep, trust me! I thought we got some good pictures, considering, but the tech wanted us to come back the following week to see if he had flipped over. When we went back, he hadn't flipped (which I could have told you) and we got even less of a look because he kept covering his face the entire time!

Between the two visits, we got to see his chubby little cheeks (he has some seriously pinchable cheeks!), his legs and a foot, and lots and lots of his hands and arms! He has these huge lips, from whom I have NO idea, and he has my nose, unfortunately for him! I was really hoping that he didn't have my nose! Of course, since he was laying on his face, his nose was squished, so it might not really look like that :) Both Lee and I thought that he looked quite a but like me! I was surprised because I think babies always look so much like their daddies :) The tech also showed us that he has quite a bit of hair, so that was fun!

Okay, enough of that, here he is!

He gave us lots of smiles on the first visit!

These are from the second visit. This is about the only face shot we got! After that he yawned a LOT and covered his face up.
Annnnd here is what we saw the rest of the time, his hand over his face!
I already couldn't wait to meet him, but after we got to see him in these pictures, I am anticipating it even more! Only 9 more weeks! I can't believe we are in the single digits already, I feel like the whole pregnancy has gone by SUPER fast.