April 4, 2010

Cooper in 4D

So the other night I wrote this huge post about new things going on with Cooper and all about our visit when we went to see him in 4D, and I saved it because I hadn't downloaded the pictures to my computer yet. Then I got on tonight to add the pictures and the post was gone!

So, in a nutshell, we had a 4D ultrasound last week! Well, one 2 weeks ago and another last week. At the first appointment we learned that he was head down and facing my back, which is great in my opinion because that's how he needs to be to be born, so he can just stay put if he likes! Buuut, it's not such a great position for getting his picture taken! Not to mention he was asleep the entire time, and he is NEVER asleep, trust me! I thought we got some good pictures, considering, but the tech wanted us to come back the following week to see if he had flipped over. When we went back, he hadn't flipped (which I could have told you) and we got even less of a look because he kept covering his face the entire time!

Between the two visits, we got to see his chubby little cheeks (he has some seriously pinchable cheeks!), his legs and a foot, and lots and lots of his hands and arms! He has these huge lips, from whom I have NO idea, and he has my nose, unfortunately for him! I was really hoping that he didn't have my nose! Of course, since he was laying on his face, his nose was squished, so it might not really look like that :) Both Lee and I thought that he looked quite a but like me! I was surprised because I think babies always look so much like their daddies :) The tech also showed us that he has quite a bit of hair, so that was fun!

Okay, enough of that, here he is!

He gave us lots of smiles on the first visit!

These are from the second visit. This is about the only face shot we got! After that he yawned a LOT and covered his face up.
Annnnd here is what we saw the rest of the time, his hand over his face!
I already couldn't wait to meet him, but after we got to see him in these pictures, I am anticipating it even more! Only 9 more weeks! I can't believe we are in the single digits already, I feel like the whole pregnancy has gone by SUPER fast.


Jax said...

I love the last one! ha! "No paparazzi, please" haha.. Those pics are SO cool! Crazy how clear they are!

Jennifer said...

He's so adorable. I can't wait to meet him!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

YAY!!!!! adorable!

Jenny DB said...

what the heck is 4-D? haha very adorable though, found your blog via miss ash at kiwis and cocktails. hope you have a fab weekend :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

whoa. That is crazy how much you can see. I didnt know what 4D was!
And I have no idea how Jenny found your new blog before I did! haha.
So exciting!