March 30, 2010

New Blog!

Okay, basically, I was having some issues with unwanted readers on my last blog. Some people were reading my blog and taking my pictures and then posting them on Facebook without telling me or even asking me if they could, and they were pictures of ME.

I struggled with what to do. The way I saw it, I had 3 options: make my blog private (which I don't like), stop blogging altogether, or make a new blog and NOT link it on my old one like I had with my second one. So, as annoying as it is, I just went with creating a new blog.

I tried to import all of my old posts into this blog, and I got most of them, but the comments are weird and if you try to leave a comment on any old posts, you get a weird error message. Really, I'm not concerned about that and I have no idea how to fix it, so I'm just going to go with it!

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