August 31, 2009

It's mostly about the dogs

Look at this little cuddlebug :) She and her sister were 2 reasons that it was so hard for me to wake up this morning!! They were both just wanting to cuddle and kept burrowing under the covers right next to me! And this is what I found when I got out of the shower! She always sleeps on my side of the bed when I'm not in it :)
We had a pretty good weekend. The weather, especially on Sunday, was AMAZING!!! Yay fall! On Saturday, we did, in fact, go to the amateur golf championship. When we got there, we watched the two guys, who were set to play in the first round, practice. That was a terrible sentence, sorry! Anyway, I immediately chose a favorite. I cannot watch a sporting event unless I have a favorite, so obviously I picked the guy that was 1) better looking, 2) seemed MUCH nicer, and 3) knew when it was time to get a haircut. Then we learned that the other guy, not my favorite, was from The University of Texas! BOOOO!! We are Sooners. We ended up only staying through the first 9 holes. But it was awesome, because apparently the UT guy was supposed to be way better, but he was playing terribly! So for us OU fans, it was hilarious to see all of these old UT men banging their chairs on the ground, banging their fists on trees (i'm not kidding) and yelling and saying how "it's just not his day". I kept a smile on my face the entire time :) My favorite guy (Ben something from Clemson) won the round and went to the finals! I'm not sure if he won the whole championship or not. Even though I am definitely not a sports fan, golf is one thing that I can actually watch and enjoy it, I have no idea why. But, I told Lee that any sport where it's acceptable, and even encouraged, to yell "Get in the hole!!" is alright with me :)
The rest of Saturday was spent napping (me), working in the yard (duh, Lee), and shopping for a tv stand for the living room. More on that later this week. We also watched Australia. With Nicole Kidm@n and Hugh J@ckman. I was not excited because I don't really like her much and I didn't get what the movie was about. I wanted to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. But Lee really wanted to watch it. Personally, I think it was because of the new tv and he wanted to see all of the scenery and action on it. It ended up being really good! Albeit really long, 2 hours and 45 minutes! Zoe wanted to play pretty much the entire time. Here she is with Mr. Squirrel :) When she wants to play, she will stand right in front of you, or ON you if she can (which she was here because i was laying down) and stare at you. And I mean stare at you, no blinking, nothing, until you pay attention to her. Nicole's face looks scary in the background.
Yesterday we just did lots of stuff around the house. While I was cleaning, Isabelle laid on this blanket I had just taken out of the dryer. She loves to lay on top of clean laundry. I though Zoe looked cute here, like the flash hurt her eyes :)And Lee played golf. He was tired when he got home and after we ate dinner, I found this in the living room:
And a few minutes later, I saw this:Hehe :) I love my little babies! And my big baby :)

August 28, 2009


That is me squealing with annoying delight! Here is the sign I ordered from Angela at Design Your Space Vinyl. You can also find her on Etsy here. I ordered it just this morning, and she has already gotten back to me with 4 different ideas! Super fast! I just love the one we decided on!

Chocolate cake and diet dr pepper

That, ladies, is what I had for breakfast this morning! And it was so good! I love love LOVE to bake, and up until last night, I didn't realize how long it's been since I have actually baked something! This week has been rough for me, but I really don't know why. Wednesday and Thursday I was probably in the worst mood I've ever been in, and for absolutely no reason. I mean, we're talking I avoided even speaking to anyone so that I didn't rub off on them or expose my bad attitude. So last night, as I sat sulking on the couch, I decided that chocolate cake was the only way to solve whatever my problem was. It kinda worked :)

About 6 months ago, I had a filling in my tooth repaired. It had cracked and most of it had fallen out somewhere and I had a huge hole in my tooth. Ever since then, that tooth has been super sensitive. To only cold stuff at first, and I though no biggie, that sometimes happens right after a filling (I have had lots, so I know), but then it was sensitive to hot, and the past few weeks, I can't even chew over there. So I tried Sensodyne toothpaste, thinking it might help, and it made it worse! I couldn't believe it! So when I went in on Wednesday for my regular cleaning, I mentioned it, and was told that it was likely a tiny fracture in my tooth that was causing the nerve to be exposed. And the only way to fix it is to get a crown. BOOooo!! AND if the crown doesn't work, I'll need a root canal!! Double boooo. I am terrible, terrible with just getting a filling! They have to numb me up super extra and then it usually still hurts, so they have to numb it some more. I still go to the same dentist that I have always gone to, mostly because of the sensitivity to fillings and mouth work in general that I have, and my dentist knows, and always makes sure that he numbs me enough and all that. But, there are 2 problems. First, he isn't on my insurance. I have just been paying the extra for the last few years because it was worth it to me, but I think I have come to the decision that I need to find a dentist that my insurance covers. Also, their office is totally old school, I don't think they've upgraded anything since I started going there, oh, 20 years ago!! I worked for a dentist for a little while in college and he had the best office ever! I wish he was on my ins. My current office just doesn't have a lot of the stuff that other dentists have and with getting the crown and stuff, I'm sure I'll have more problems down the road and I just think that I want to go somewhere that is more up to date with technology and everything. Anyway, long story (not so) short, I'm trying to find a new dentist, and it's not easy, but I have gotten some suggestions so that helps.

Wednesday night, Lee and I went to a Drillers game. My company got everyone in my dept. who wanted to go box tickets and 10 "Driller Dollars" for their whole family! It was a good time :) I took a picture of us with Lee's iPhone and emailed it to myself, but I don't get how to save it from the email! Ugh, technology. Whatever.

Our new tv is being delivered and set up this afternoon, so that is exciting. Hopefully we can lay around and watch it a lot this weekend! :) We are supposed to go see the amateur golf championship or something at Southern Hills, but I don't know if it's going to happen. One of my bosses has tickets for it, and anyone who wanted could use them for a day of the event. I asked for Saturday because Lee loves golf so much. I'm supposed to arrange to get them from the person who used them today, but I totally forgot to ask, and clearly he's not here today because he's there! Don't tell anyone, but I secretly hope it doesn't work out because I have things I would rather do on Saturday. Like shop or something :)

Oh, I ordered that name sign from Etsy this morning :) I'm really excited about it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

August 27, 2009


Here is a current list of things I desperately need want.

This honeycomb vase from West Elm. The big one in back with the flowers. It is "no longer available" :(
This sign I found while aimlessly browsing Etsy. It would read The Lansford's with "all because two people fell in love" :)

This lamp from Potterybarn would look amazing in our bedroom! Too bad the small one is $180!! I will never have it, unless I win the lottery.
These Lee Gallery Frames also from Potterybarn. I have this design in my head of a wall collage of pictures of Lee and myself, beginning when we met all the way to the wedding.
Now, this really is a need because my black pumps are ready for the trash! The nail is out on both heels and it hurts my teeth to walk on a hard surface in them.
And while I was trying to find the picture of those pumps, I came across these beauties. I should probably get them too :)

The New Mrs posted about these Naughty Monkey suede boots a while back, and I have been drooling over this gray pair ever since!

I also found this on Etsy. I love decorating for any holiday, and I really need to accumulate so much more Halloween decor!

I have also stared at this Banana Republic dress every time I go in that store. I wouldn't mind those shoes either. Just sayin.

Ummm, I think that's it. Off the top of my head anyway. Too bad my birthday's already over and Christmas is so far away!! :) I am actually purchasing the Etsy items, and the pumps probably. And probably the boots in about a month or so. And And And...
It's Thursday!!!!!!!

August 26, 2009

Way Back Wednesday!

This pic is from one of the best vacations ever! Please ignore the red wine lips. Mary (purple shirt in the back), Casey (navy jacket in the front), and I went to Charleston, South Carolina during spring break in March 2006. I had to think really hard about when it was. Actually, this was only about a month before Lee and I met. If you have never been to Charleston, you are soo missing out!! If I hadn't met Lee, I was going to move out there after grad school!

This particular picture was taken the night we got there. Every time we all get together, it seems that we go crazy and have way too much fun on the first night, and then end up having to lay low for the next few days to recover. This trip was no different! We just wanted to go to a wine tasting for a couple of hours. Well, we ended up drinking so much that this man in the picture, the manager of the restaurant (Mike, if my memory serves), gave us a HUGE plate of appetizers for free, and by the end of the night, we were taking shots at the bar with our waiter and ended up closing the place down. (and then went to another bar but whatever)

Oh to be young again!! I could never do that now.

Oh yay, I'm so glad I did WBW today. I am having a terrible day, for no reason really, and this made me smile for a little while!

August 25, 2009

Weekend Update!

Is it only Tuesday? I feel like it's at least Wednesday! Lee and I were busy little bees around the house this weekend, and yesterday was also eventful.

So, you know that we got our new bedroom furniture last week, right? Well, once it was time to put the tv on the dresser, I was like NO! We can't put that huge, old, tv up there (the screen is only probably 24 inches, but the entire tv itself is so big!) What if it scratches the wood? Lee got annoyed and said that he can't not have a tv in there. (Mostly because that's where he goes when I'm watching Lifetime movies in the living room :) ) Anyway, we ended up putting a towel down on the dresser and then putting the tv on the towel. Very classy and upscale design technique, if you ask me. Then on Friday night, we were eating dinner, and discussing, like we do all the time, how we really want a new tv for the bedroom and one for the living room (and one for the man room, but let's not kid ourselves that we would actually be able to afford 3 flat screens at one time). Long story short, we went to Best Buy just to "look" and left several hours later with 2 tv's! Kind of an impulse buy, but not really because we talk about it all the time. Technically we didn't really leave with both. We took the small one for the bedroom, and the larger one is being delivered this Friday. Why do we have to wait so long? Lee wanted to just take it then, but the guy freaked me out when he explained how the tv has to be held just so or the gasses will mix and blah blah, lots of bad things. So it's being delivered. Yay!! We've been mostly watching tv in the bedroom because the picture is way better!

Over the weekend, we also changed out a ceiling fan. Both of our first times to do that, and it was successful! I told Lee that he can now replace the living room light, and maybe we can find a chandelier for the entryway! He was not excited about the chandelier. Why can't I just do everything I want? ;) We also cleaned out the guest bedroom, which looks so much better now, and we cleaned out and organized the shed in the backyard! AND I CLEANED THE BATHROOM!!!!!! We won't discuss how long it had been since I cleaned it last.

Yesterday, after I signed up for the gym (!) I went out to my car and it wouldn't start! I hate car things. It had been acting a little funny all day yesterday, but I thought it was just me so I didn't say anything. Turned out that I just needed a new battery. Lee came and got me and then we had to go buy jumper cables and a battery. So I learned how to jump a car. It was kind of fun. I'm so thankful for Lee because I would have had no idea what to do. Even though I can always just call my dad who lives in the same town, it's not the same as having Lee there to take care of stuff for me. He learned how to change a battery :) Lots of learning the past couple of days!

Work has been super slow, so I have been working on my blurb book again. I changed the size and decided to just use blurb since I've heard from several people that it's just so much better than any other place. I'm excited to send it in!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

August 21, 2009

Just a little blurb

Have you ever heard of I just came across it the other day. You can design a photo album and they make it for you. I personally think this is so freaking awesome! A friend of ours got an Italian Wedding Album made after her wedding, and it is incredibly gorgeous! But, it cost an arm and a leg, and I though that this blurb place is a great substitute! And you get to design it yourself which is the best part (for me anyway)!

The only thing I don't like is the size of the albums. I want an 11 x 14 portrait album, and the biggest portrait size is 8 x 10, so I think I'm going to look around for some other similar websites, I think there are others. If anyone out there knows about anything like this, please let me know :)

So, that's what I've been doing all day, yes, while at work! Haha. No one is here since it's Friday and I have pretty much nothing to do.

I have zero plans for the weekend and I'm looking forward to being lazy and doing nothing!

That's about all I've got for today. I'm boring. Have a great weekend!!

August 20, 2009

Thursday Randoms

Can you believe that it's already Thursday?! I sure can't. I thought it was Wednesday all morning! Haha!

I am mad at myself because I just bought maple nut fudge and the hugest pecan turtle (I'm talking this thing is the size of my hand!) from this chocolate store that is set up in our building for a fair. Ugh!! Every time someone in the building has one of these fairs (think lots of local businesses, candle people, a lady that makes bags, jewelry people, pampered chef, etc.) this chocolate store is right there when I get off the escalator, and I always really want something. Today I have been having a crappy morning so I gave in! Not a good idea when I am now +1 due to my birthday weekend festivities. Oh well, this fudge is amazing!!

Guess what? We now have our bedroom furniture! Yes, we ordered it almost 8 weeks ago and just got it! It was supposed to be here at the end of July, but they just kept pushing it back. Finally yesterday I called, and the girl said "oh, yeah, it's all in" No one even called us to let us know! So last night we picked it up and set it up! It's a little big for our bedroom, but I love it! We have so much storage that I have empty spaces! I should probably buy more clothes so that I don't have any empty spaces. I'll take and post pictures sometime soon, I'm sure.

Okay, so now that I'm married, I think I need new personal stationery. I LOVE stationery, and I like it to be personalized. There are lots and lots of websites you can go to. My two favorites are Expressionery and Vista Print. But, this time I'm wanting something a little more, well, personal. Have you all ever heard of Ashley Brooke Designs? I believe that a total of 3 blogs I follow have had her create something for them, and they are all so amazing! And if you go to her website, you will see that she does her own custom artwork! So I'm thinking I want to order something, but I don't know what I want to do. I do know that I just want flat cards, no fold over stuff. But then I get stuck. The way I see it, I have 3 choices. I could have her draw just me, I could have her draw me, Lee, Isabelle and Zoe (yes, she can even draw dogs!), or I could have her do a monogram of my initials. Ugh! It's so hard!! I really like the family one, but usually when I send notes, it's just from me, Lee isn't included. And it's not like he's over there sending his own notes to people, so he wouldn't even be using them! So now I'm thinking that maybe I'll have her do one of just me, and then once we start having kids, I can have her do something else of the whole family, baby included. Yes, I think I've made up my mind. Thank you for listening :)

Happy Thursday!!

August 19, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Even I'm surprised that I'm actually doing this 2 weeks in a row! Yay for WBW!

This is the very first night that Lee and I met. We had probably only known each other for about 1 hour at the most. :)
We met on Thursday, April 20, 2006 at Gray Snail, a bar in Tulsa. Oh, what's that? You want to hear the whole story of our meeting and how we started dating? Well, okay then.

I was in grad school, and I had recently (like 2 months before) broken up with someone and was seriously having the best time of my life doing whatever I wanted and going out pretty much every night with my friend Casey (You can see her in the picture, with her arm in the air :) ) I was absolutely not looking to date anyone. The very first time I saw Lee, he walked into the bar, and I thought wow, he's tall. He also had big arm muscles, although you can't tell here ;) I'm not much of a muscle-lover, but I do like big arm muscles. So anyway, I noticed that he was hanging out with casey's boyfriend (at the time) and his friends, so basically, I went over there and was talking to all of them, and soon it was just me and Lee. I also found out that he worked/was friends with a guy that I went to college with, David, who also showed up at the bar that night.

The next day was Friday, and a group of us girls usually went to the Mazzio's pizza buffet for lunch on Fridays. So we were all talking about going the next day. David and Lee said that they would come too. So we're in line at Mazzio's, and sure enough, there come Lee and David walking in! I was like crap, I totally forgot / didn't think that they would even come. Mary (my bff) of course started making fun of me and calling him my boyfriend (no we were not 12, just acting like it!), so I tried not to be awkward, but Lee still to this day says that I was kind of rude to him. Oops. That night, Casey's roommate had a party, and she and I were needing to get out of there (not exactly our crowd). So, we went to hang with her boyfriend and his friends. They just happened to be at the house Lee shared with 2 roommates! So we hung out that night, and every single night after that for like 5 months! We seriously saw each other every single day for a long time. So, that's the story. Nothing too exciting, just funny how things really do happen when you least expect them to. :)

August 18, 2009

Catching Up

I hate taking a hiatus from blogging. The longer I wait to post again, the more difficult it gets because I have an overload of things I want to say. It's hard for me to pick certain things to talk about. I prefer to just blab on about every single little thing in my life, but I can't do that when it's been almost a week since my last real post! :)

So, first things first, I had an awesome birthday. We celebrated 3 times, once with my family, and twice with just me and Lee! On Wednesday, which was my actual bday, as if you didn't already know, we just went to my parents' house for dinner. I requested the most random meal ever, at least for me. Barbecue (in the form of smoked sausage which I have only really had like twice in my life), potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and BEER since I hadn't had a drink in like 6 weeks because of my healthier eating habits. Oh, and of course, the traditional BR ice cream cake. Chocolate ice cream, white cake, and lots and lots of icing!!!
I suppose that it is also now a tradition for me to get cotton candy on my birthday, since this is the 2nd year in a row I have received it from my parents. Long story short, I LOVE sugar, especially cotton candy! Last year my parents found out that you can buy it at Sam's Club, so now I get it for my birthday. And this year Lee put it up really high so that I have to have him get it down for me! Rude!! (don't tell him, but yesterday after work, I got a huge serving fork and pulled down a tub of it and ate it all before he got home :) )

I'm usually not a huge fan of cards, they never say the right thing, or they are too cheesy for me, but I got some good ones this year. This is from my parents. It has this cute dog on the front, just sitting there, covered in mud. And inside it says "It started out to be a nice, quiet party. I don't know what happened!" haha, and the dog was so cute. Reminds me of Stephen and Kaitlin's dog George.

I hinted to Lee a long time ago that I wanted a particular Coach purse. Then when it go to my birthday and he and my parents kept asking what I wanted, I refused to answer because I wanted that purse! So when we walked in and I saw that box I was like, ooh what's in that box?!

So here I am kind of fake smiling because I had only seen the purse online and I hadn't looked at it since I told Lee about it, so I thought it was the wrong one! I am not good at hiding things, so everyone was mad at me for maybe not liking it! Haha, it turned out to be the right one and I love it. It is my first and last Coach purse, I cannot believe I wanted them to spend that much money on a freaking purse, but I do love love it! It has lots of compartments to keep me organized!

We won't be getting BR ice cream cake anymore. My dad was pissed because they didn't put enough icing on it and when he complained, they didn't care, so he said he's not going there anymore! lol, my dad does know the most important thing about cake is icing :) But the cake wasn't even good this time, so I agreed, no more BR.

On Friday, we went shopping all morning, and I didn't get ONE THING!!! Lee got 3 pairs of shorts!! I don't know what's wrong with me, but every time I've been shopping lately, I can't find anything I want enough to actually make a purchase. I complained to Lee about it and he just said "that's a good thing!"

On Saturday night, we went to Sonoma, which I used to love. They changed their freaking menu!! We actually still ordered what we usually get, but it was not good! They must have gotten a new chef or something. I won't be going back at all unless it's a group thing where other people want to go. I was SO disappointed.

Other than all of that, we didn't do much over the weekend. Oh, well I DID finish painting the house, and I'll have to take some pictures to show you. All in all, I'm happy with the color, although sometimes it looks blue, and sometimes it looks purple (I actually like it when it looks purple). But, I'm never painting the house again. That makes time #3 in 3 years, and I'm done! I was so exhausted!

I also got to hang out with Jenny and Maddox for a little while! I hadn't seen that little guy since he was born and I can't believe how big he is now! I love hanging out with Jenny, I'm pretty sure I didn't stop laughing the entire time I was over there :) Oh and we did this ring thing to see how many kids I'm going to have and what gender they'll be. The result was boy, girl, girl. I'm going to remember that when I'm having kids to see if it's right!

Whew, okay, I feel better now that I'm caught up! I'm back to my regular schedule at work (i.e. no half day fridays) which is a GOOD thing, so I only have 45 minutes left! Woohoo!!!

August 17, 2009

2 funnies just for you!

Hi friends!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm super busy at work today, but I wanted to quickly share these 2 funny stories from the weekend.

Story number 1:
When we were over at my parents' house for my bday, I realized my camera battery was dead, so my mom took pics with her camera. She got on her computer to email them to me. She asked which email to send them to and I said I didn't care. She seemed like she was having a hard time (my parent's are computer teachers, so she is not challenged in this area), so I said send it to my gmail. She still couldn't get it to work, so I spelled the address out for her, every single letter. Still nothing. So then I said send it to my work email. Nothing. I spelled it. Nothing. I was frustrated. So was she. She said "it can't find your email address". I sighed heavily and informed her that I do, in fact, know how to spell my own name. So she read me what was on the screen. "Internet explorer cannot find www.abdent*n@gma!l.c*m." She was typing my email address into the address bar of Internet Explorer, like it was a website!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! Everyone (except for my mom) was laughing hystarically! I mean HYSterically!!!!!! Tears in my eyes, rolling on the floor, it's still funny 5 days later, laughing!! My mom didn't think it was funny. :)

Story number 2:
Last night Lee and I were watching tv (big brother, which was totally awesome! :) ) and our doorbell rang. This rarely happens out of the blue. It's usually our neighbor Bob, who is approximately 85 years old and very sweet to us. He also is obsessed with loves OU football, as does Lee. So we get to the door and sure enough, it's Bob. Lee is standing behind me and Bob hands me a magazine, upside down with an advertisement for a new Batman movie, and he said "I don't know if you'll want to see this but I know Lee will want it". Huh? Lee likes Batman or something? How would Bob even know that, i didn't know that. And I had no idea there was even a new Batman movie coming out. So I turned it over and saw that it was the current issue of Playboy!! The Heidi Montag one! Lol! I've never even seen a Playboy in real life. I was like, uhhh... So Bob's like, "it's the fall football preview issue! I get it every year!" And he opens it to a marked page, and it does have college football stuff, specifically the rankings, where OU was no. 1. Haha!! I mean, nothing about the fact that it's a magazine with naked women in it! It might as well have been Martha Stewart Living for the way he acted about it. We thanked him and closed the door and laughed for a while about it. I told Lee that he should give it to me so that I could rip out the football stuff for him and get rid of the magazine :) Obviously, I had to look at Heidi Montag's photos. I thought she didn't pose nude! She was definitely nude in one! It was from the side, but still, she was not wearing one stitch of clothing! And the interview? Ugh it was terrible. But, I supposed that magazine is not exactly purchased for it's award-winning writing. And that's the story of my first peek at a Playboy. (And my last peek, I flipped through some of it and was so disgusted that I threw it down. Then I immediately though, oh no, what if someone sees a Playboy in our house! Like my parents were going to catch us or something!)

August 13, 2009

Today is my Friday, as it so often is :)

Happy Thursday! Thank you all so much for the bday wishes!! I had an awesome birthday! And it's going to continue tomorrow when Lee and I go around and do whatever I want!! Woohoo!!

I have been super busy today at work, so I will fill you in on my birthday events next week. I know! You are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about it, but you're just going to have to wait :)

For now, I will leave you to ponder this:

August 11, 2009

Way Back Wednesday, and a little something else

I know, I know, I can't believe that I'm actually participating in a WBW! I always talk about it but never do it. This is a picture of Isabelle and Zoe (shocking that it would be of them!) on their very first road trip to Grandma and Grandpa Lansford's house for Thanksgiving 2006. They were only 2 1/2 months old here! This was the first and last time that they rode in the car without freaking out and panting heavily and whining like they do now. I think it's because they learned that when we go "bye bye", they are going to get to see people, and they get really excited about it. They love to go and visit my parents, and if you ask them if the want to go and see grandma and grandpa, they start running all over the house and try to lick you a lot :)

Annnnd, I finally decided on which pictures to order. Perhaps I should have included Lee in the decision? Oh whatever. Thank you all so so much for your input, it really helped me a lot. And, I did technically include Lee. After I decided, I showed him the pictures I selected and he said he liked them. See? Okay, I know that this is very important to you, so here is what I decided on:

This one will be the 11x14, cropped of course.

These two will be 8x10's

And these two will be the 5x6's
It was a tough call among the top 3, but I chose the chapel shot for the biggest one because I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing myself that close up in that large of a photo :) 8x10's I feel are big enough for the face shots!
Guess what? Today is my birthday!!! Yay!! I feel like the world should stop for me and I should get to do whatever I want, but here I am at work. One of my sweet co-workers did come over and sing to me this morning, and I liked that :) I'm not really doing anything this year. I had thought about a couple of things we could do, but in the end, I didn't feel like messing with anything. So tonight we are going to my parents' house for my specially requested birthday dinner (a random assortment of things I have been craving since I stopped eating whatever I want) and my annual ice cream cake!! (I freaking love ice cream cake!) Then this weekend, Lee is going to go around with me and we are going to do whatever I want :) I think that we are going to eat breakfast at our favorite little diner, Tally's, and maybe go to the mall (Lee's favorite place ever) and do some shopping. Maybe see a movie, I've been wanting to see The Proposal. And he and I are going to go to dinner one night this weekend, maybe at Sonoma, which I am obsessed with and haven't been to in forever.
What's your favorite thing to do on your birthday?

I am so indecisive

Along with paint colors, apparently I cannot select wedding pictures either. We're supposed to select one picture for an 11x14 enlargement. Oh the pressure!!! What if I pick one and it looks terrible that big? I've thought about it, and actually an 11x14 is not really that big. Most people I know actually got a bigger enlargement than that, but, well, we all know how I feel about my photogs :) So, here we are. I'm enlisting your expertise in making this decision. I cannot promise that I will even go with the majority vote on this one, I just want some feedback please!!

Lee and I aren't really traditional people, so I don't much care for the couple below that are posed in the chapel, or the one of us in the flower bed. People like the one in the flowers. Oh lord, that is SO not me! But maybe it would look better black and white? or sepia? I do have the option to change the coloring on them, so that might help my decision.

So, I've narrowed it down to the following pictures. I may be way off base with the ones of us dancing. I'm sad because, in most of the ones I like, we are kissing and I don't necessarily want us kissing, I would rather have us smiling, but I'm not sure that I like any of the smiling ones enough! I don't know! I don't know what to do!! There's not enough time! There's never enough time!! If you didn't get that reference, I'm not sure you should be reading my blog ;)

Five (if we did this one, we would have them crop it so the chapel doesn't take up so much space)

August 10, 2009

It's my birthday week!!!!

Hello lovelies :) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! I had planned on being lazy. Apparently, though, the months and months (18 of them to be exact) of wedding planning have left me with the inability to live life without a project. So. After work on Friday, I was determined to find a paint color for the living room and kitchen. I had the perfect shade of gray in my mind, but couldn't find it anywhere!! Everything was just too blue. Doesn't anyone make a gray that isn't really just a different shade of blue?! Up until Friday, I had tested 4 different colors of gray, and I had accumulated about 384 paint chips. All were from Lowes. I only shop at Lowes, Home Depot is not an option for me. The reason for that is a whole post in itself. Suffice it to say, Home Depot employees must hate their jobs. Sorry I got offtrack with my nail-biter of a story. The point is that I finally decided that Lowes was not going to have my color. So I traipsed all over Tulsa (and, *gasp* i even went to HD, so you know i was desperate) and came home with 3 samples and countless paint chips. Finally, finally, I settled on one from Sherwin Williams. Finally!!!!!!!! (for the record it is still not perfect and a little too blue in my opinion, but i'm so tired of looking, not to mention I could paint the white house with the amount of paint samples i have) (is the white house really huge? because that's what i meant by that last comment, that i could paint something really huge with all of the samples) Then when Lee got home, I proudly displayed the new paint color, which he liked (also for the record, he liked them all. men.) I was happy that we found a color, but to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to painting, which I usually like. I blame it on the bookcases. They took it out of me. So instead of doing anything about the paint, we watched Gran Torino. Have you seen that? Good movie, but a little depressing. Lots of crying during that movie. Lots. After the movie, we both felt sad and depressed to we decided to go and get snow cones!! We tried the new place over by Promenade mall, and it was probably the best snow cone ever! I really want to go back!

On Saturday, we ran some errands and cleaned the house a little. I finally got to try out my new space bags! Verdict? I freaking love those things! And then Lee went to go play golf. Since I was alone and bored, I decided that there were no more distractions from starting to paint. I'm pretty proud of myself for taking everything off the walls and moving the furniture all by myself. Including a huge mirror and picture frame. The old colors were really saturated, so I needed to first primer the walls. Boo. I hate using primer. But, I was able to prime everything, the kitchen, living room, hallway, and entry way. And then on Sunday, I did all of the "cutting in", aka, along the baseboards and crown molding and in the corners. So our house looks terrible right now! It's all white primer and everything is out of place. Hopefully once I start getting the color up, I will have more motivation and I won't want to just stop and lay on the couch :)

Ew, my "little" boss came over here and started asking me about all of these things that need to be done. Can't he see that I'm already busy?! I guess that means I'd better get back to work.

Oh, that reminds me of something funny. When I was looking for the Anne Taintor notepads, I saw a magnet that said "I work here, but I don't really 'work' here"! Isn't that hilarious? I told Lee that I wanted to get it for myself, but it probably wouldn't give the best impression :)

Happy Monday!!

August 7, 2009


Even though this week has been slow at work, the days have really flown by and I can't believe that it's already Friday! Fridays are, by far, my favorite day of the week! We actually aren't doing one thing this weekend and I'm so excited to be lazy! For the past 3 weekends we were working out behinds off to finish the bookcases, and although they still need work, the major stuff is done so I'm taking a break from them! Speaking of, I have pictures of the (almost) finished product! Sorry that the picture is kinda dark.

There they are! The window seat in the middle actually opens up for storage, which is something we desperately need, so that is my favorite part of the unit. We still need to fill nail holes and sand and paint a couple more times, and add baseboards and crown molding, but they are finished for the most part. We also need to get new blinds for that window. Ew, they look terrible on here! That window and the window in the master bedroom are the only ones in the house that do not have wood blinds. It's been like that since we moved in. I can't believe we've been there for over 2 years and haven't fixed that issue! Oh, and I'm repainting at some point, but I cannot find the color I have in my head. I've bought about 5 samples of paint and I don't like any of them! You should see the walls behind those bookcases, they are covered in samples of paint!

And when I finally do repaint, we are hoping to move the furniture around because we're bored with the layout. We are really wanting to get a sectional, but for the longest time we couldn't find exactly what we wanted. Then we were in Dillards the other day and I found the perfect one! It has a chaise on one end and I love it. But we weren't sure if it would fit, so I pulled out the floor plan that I drew when we first bought the house! Okay, I am extremely Type A, so when we tried to figure our furniture placement and stuff like that, I decided that the only way to really know what it would look like is if we drew it out. So I did just that. I even cut out little furniture pieces. I never knew that anyone else did that until I read on All things G & D that she does the same thing!! She even colors her furniture! I mean, look at that rug!! It made me feel better to know that I'm not the only one because Lee kind of looks at me like I'm crazy every time I pull out my graph paper. Here is the living room and what we are thinking of changing the furniture layout to:

Currently, the loveseat is where the sofa is on here, the sofa is where the tv is, and the tv is where the love seat is. The recliner is in the same place. I know you care deeply. The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that there are 3 windows above where the sofa is on the picture, and I'm afraid that it will cause too much glare on the tv. That's something that we're just going to have to find out by trial and error.

You can see that I drew in the french doors and added the new bookcases. The opening at the bottom left is the entry to the kitchen. That space on the left looks really empty when you see it on here. When we bought the house, that was set up as a dining room, but the kitchen has a rather large eat-in area so we us that instead of taking up space in the living room.

And since we found a sectional we like, of course I had to see if it would fit, and it does!! Here is what it would look like with the sectional. I really want to get it but it's pretty pricey, and as you know, I turned my want button off, so I'm trying not to obsess about it :)

I also drew a floor plan of the office/'man room' that is currently under construction. We wanted to see what furniture we could fit in there and if the huge living room tv would fit. Clearly the loveseat would fit perfectly in there, so really, we need to get the sectional so that the man room has enough seating, don't you think? ;)

Did you watch SYTYCD last night?! Did you?! I did and I might have screamed and then cried (a lot) when they announced the winner :)

August 6, 2009

Do not show this suggestion!

Haha! Okay, so sometimes I hate FB. Namely, the "friend suggestions". Dude, I don't care if someone and I have the same friends or if we went to the same high school, if we aren't fb friends now, then I probably don't want to be! For the past 3 or 4 weeks, a (very) old ex-boyfriend-of-mine's face has popped up every single time I log in!! NO I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HIM!!! In virtual or real life! Ugh. We ended our relationship on okay terms, it kind of just ran its course, but I don't like being friends with exes. I know a few people who are able to remain friends with their exes or whatever, and I just don't get it. I have never been the type of person to be able to do that. Especially if you then start dating someone else, I just don't think it's fair to the current significant other if you're still in contact with past whatevers. The past is the past and that's where it should stay. That's just my opinion. I know that if Lee still talked to any of his exes, even if it was back when we first met, I wouldn't appreciate it. We also wouldn't have continued dating because when I met Lee I had finally gotten to the point in my life where I was completely finished putting up with any crap from anyone, guy or girl. Anyway, the point of all of this is that this morning, I saw a little gray "x" next to his picture and hovered over it to see what it was and it said "do not show this suggestion". Lol!! Yes siree I certainly did click that "x"!!

I am excited because today we have a Un*ted W*y bowling event!! Yes! I am a terrible bowler, but I don't care! It's from noon to 3 and we don't have to come back to work! Woohoo!! Annnnd tomorrow is half day Friday so that's even better!

Last night I turned on my camera to take pictures of my bookcases and of a little project that I've been working on again, and my battery was dead! So I'm going to try it again today! You will think I'm psycho when I show you my "project", but I recently saw another blog post (which I will share with you tomorrow) that proves I'm not the only one who does this, so I don't feel like such a freak!

Yay Thursday!

P.S. Who do you think will win SYTYCD? I really want Jeanine to win, I just love her! And I think that she has grown so much during the show, and really that's what it's all about isn't it? :)

August 5, 2009

The Blind Side

Okay so I love love Sandra Bullock, and I just watched this trailer for a new movie that's coming out in November! I cried at my desk! What is with me lately?! Geez! I am going to be the first person in line for this movie!

Defying Gravity

Last night before Wicked, we went to dinner at a new location of one of our favorite restaurants. We have terrible luck with eating out, so we were kind of bracing ourselves for a disaster. But, everything was great! Although our waiter was a, well, out there. While having a conversation about how the restaurant was doing so far (they've only been open for one week) he proceeded to tell us that it was easy for us to say that business would start picking up because if it doesn't we wouldn't be the ones without a job! What? Haha, he was nice though so whatever. I also found out that a girl that was in my sorority is the manager of the restaurant! She is quite a bit younger though, so I doubt that anyone who reads this would know her.

Anyway. I don't know why I rambled on about that for so long! I absolutely looooooooved Wicked!!!! I want to go and see it again right now!! We were told that last night's show was sold out! I though that was pretty impressive for a random Tuesday night performance! I was kind of bummed when we saw a little card in our programs that told us Glinda would be played by one of the understudies. Boo. I had just finished reading all about the regular actress. I'm wondering, for those of you that have seen it, who was your favorite performer? Ours was the actress who played Elpheba. Her voice was amazing!! Defying Gravity was definitely my favorite song! I'm just curious as to who everyone else liked, because I wonder what we would have though if the regular actress had been playing Glinda. The understudy we watched didn't have an amazing voice, and I was king of surprised. I'm going to be perfectly honest and admit that the first act was kind of slow and my mind kept wondering. But the second act was awesome! I loved getting to see the origin of the tin man, scarecrow, and cowardly lion! That was so fun :) I also thought it was hilarious when they would use the wrong words, like saying braverism instead of bravery! It sure makes you think differently about the movie now, doesn't it? I feel the need to watch The Wizard of Oz this weekend! Wouldn't you just love to see Wicked on broadway with Kristin Chenoweth?! She is adorable :)

I left work a little early yesterday to beat the rush hour traffic so that I could get changed for the show. After Isabelle had been licking my face for approximately 30 seconds, I realized that her breath smelled grossly familiar. I went to check her cage and sure enough, she had thrown up. :( Noooo!!! Not only did I have vomit saliva on my cheek, I felt sad for my doggie. Why does this keep happening? I took her to a new vet (who I absolutely LOVE) and he recommended that we give her some de-worming medication, because one of the 3 things he thought it might be was worms. He said that if the de-wormer didn't work, then she would have to have the scope down her stomach and they would take a biopsy, which would be the last step, and hopefully determine exactly what's causing this. We gave her the de-wormer, along with the other 2 medications she was already on, for 3 days. Then we were told to take her off of all medications, which we did. I was sure that she would start throwing up all the time again since she wasn't taking anything, but she was perfectly fine for about 9 days! Until yesterday. I think that we are just going to see how often she gets sick and then take her back for the scope if she continues vomiting. Poor baby. And just because we all feel sorry for her, here she is in the car after her haircut last week!

And because you can't show one without the other, here is Zoe too :)

Speaking of dogs, while we were in Wicked, Lee and I both got calls from my mom. My parents don't usually call us right in a row, so we though something was wrong. They are in OKC for a work conference, and ended up boarding their dog at the vet's office. Abbey is a 16 year old yorkie. She has been in bad health for a while now, and recently it has gotten really bad. My dad even called about 4 months ago saying that she wasn't going to make it through the weekend. Which she obviously did. She also is never away from my parents, or her home, and she is very nervous by nature so it was hard for them to board her. I though the worst when we got the calls. After talking to my mom, Abbey's body temp had gotten very low and there is fluid in her lungs and she can't walk (which, she couldn't really walk before but still), and they wanted to know if my parents wanted x-rays. My mom said that they told the vet not to do the x-rays. I knew what that meant, they are going to let her go if that's what's meant to happen. The thing is, that the second my parents get back (hopefully today) she could bounce back and be perfectly fine just because she is with them again! She has done it before, I swear that dog has "almost died" about 4 times. Not that I think that's necessarily going to happen. It's really just a waiting game at this point. That's a pretty sad phone call to get right in the middle of Wicked.

Sorry about the depressing story. In order to uplift you, I will just mention that my birthday is in ONE WEEK from today!!!!!!!!!!! I love birthdays, I don't know why, I just do. Mine, yours, other friends', friends of friends, people I know, people I don't know, I love them all!!!

August 4, 2009

Publice Service Announcement and Wicked!!!

In case you hadn't heard the recent news on how harmful tanning beds are, you should read this article that came out last week and was featured on the Today's Show. If you don't want to read the article, it basically say that the use of tanning beds could increase the risk of cancer by 75%, especially if you start tanning at a young age, aka before 30 years old. I have used tanning beds off and on since high school, and this was enough to scare me away from them from now on.

In totally unrelated news, I am going to see Wicked tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!! We are eating dinner at the new downtown location of Ti Amo's, only one of my very favorite restaurants!! I think I might be more excited about dinner :) We haven't eaten out since the night we returned from the honeymoon. And that was Whataburger. It doesn't even count!

August 3, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome back, Not Me Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We did not take the girls to the beauty shop on Friday. That are not the cutest things I have ever seen when they get their haircut!! I did not take approximately 15 pictures of them in the car on the way home. I was not also driving at the same time :)

We did not finish the bookcases on Sunday!!!!!!!!! Pictures later this week.

I did not watch 3 episodes of Tori and Dean on Saturday. I did not seriously cry multiple times in each episode. And I most certainly did not cry when Dean finished his race and got certified for that motorcycle racing thing or whatever. I mean, why on earth would a person cry about that?

I did not watch 16 and Pregnant on MTV. I did not also cry during that show.

I did not watch the SYTYCD episode from 2 weeks ago because we are so far behind. And oh my gosh, I did not LOVE Melissa and Ade's dance about cancer. I did not cry during that dance.

I did not wonder what the heck is wrong with me for crying at everything!

I did not watch Lifetime movies while Lee was out golfing! I most certainly did not realize how much I miss watching Lifetime movies!

I did not eat 12 chocolate chip cookies on Saturday night. I would never do that, even if they were small cookies.