August 5, 2009

Defying Gravity

Last night before Wicked, we went to dinner at a new location of one of our favorite restaurants. We have terrible luck with eating out, so we were kind of bracing ourselves for a disaster. But, everything was great! Although our waiter was a, well, out there. While having a conversation about how the restaurant was doing so far (they've only been open for one week) he proceeded to tell us that it was easy for us to say that business would start picking up because if it doesn't we wouldn't be the ones without a job! What? Haha, he was nice though so whatever. I also found out that a girl that was in my sorority is the manager of the restaurant! She is quite a bit younger though, so I doubt that anyone who reads this would know her.

Anyway. I don't know why I rambled on about that for so long! I absolutely looooooooved Wicked!!!! I want to go and see it again right now!! We were told that last night's show was sold out! I though that was pretty impressive for a random Tuesday night performance! I was kind of bummed when we saw a little card in our programs that told us Glinda would be played by one of the understudies. Boo. I had just finished reading all about the regular actress. I'm wondering, for those of you that have seen it, who was your favorite performer? Ours was the actress who played Elpheba. Her voice was amazing!! Defying Gravity was definitely my favorite song! I'm just curious as to who everyone else liked, because I wonder what we would have though if the regular actress had been playing Glinda. The understudy we watched didn't have an amazing voice, and I was king of surprised. I'm going to be perfectly honest and admit that the first act was kind of slow and my mind kept wondering. But the second act was awesome! I loved getting to see the origin of the tin man, scarecrow, and cowardly lion! That was so fun :) I also thought it was hilarious when they would use the wrong words, like saying braverism instead of bravery! It sure makes you think differently about the movie now, doesn't it? I feel the need to watch The Wizard of Oz this weekend! Wouldn't you just love to see Wicked on broadway with Kristin Chenoweth?! She is adorable :)

I left work a little early yesterday to beat the rush hour traffic so that I could get changed for the show. After Isabelle had been licking my face for approximately 30 seconds, I realized that her breath smelled grossly familiar. I went to check her cage and sure enough, she had thrown up. :( Noooo!!! Not only did I have vomit saliva on my cheek, I felt sad for my doggie. Why does this keep happening? I took her to a new vet (who I absolutely LOVE) and he recommended that we give her some de-worming medication, because one of the 3 things he thought it might be was worms. He said that if the de-wormer didn't work, then she would have to have the scope down her stomach and they would take a biopsy, which would be the last step, and hopefully determine exactly what's causing this. We gave her the de-wormer, along with the other 2 medications she was already on, for 3 days. Then we were told to take her off of all medications, which we did. I was sure that she would start throwing up all the time again since she wasn't taking anything, but she was perfectly fine for about 9 days! Until yesterday. I think that we are just going to see how often she gets sick and then take her back for the scope if she continues vomiting. Poor baby. And just because we all feel sorry for her, here she is in the car after her haircut last week!

And because you can't show one without the other, here is Zoe too :)

Speaking of dogs, while we were in Wicked, Lee and I both got calls from my mom. My parents don't usually call us right in a row, so we though something was wrong. They are in OKC for a work conference, and ended up boarding their dog at the vet's office. Abbey is a 16 year old yorkie. She has been in bad health for a while now, and recently it has gotten really bad. My dad even called about 4 months ago saying that she wasn't going to make it through the weekend. Which she obviously did. She also is never away from my parents, or her home, and she is very nervous by nature so it was hard for them to board her. I though the worst when we got the calls. After talking to my mom, Abbey's body temp had gotten very low and there is fluid in her lungs and she can't walk (which, she couldn't really walk before but still), and they wanted to know if my parents wanted x-rays. My mom said that they told the vet not to do the x-rays. I knew what that meant, they are going to let her go if that's what's meant to happen. The thing is, that the second my parents get back (hopefully today) she could bounce back and be perfectly fine just because she is with them again! She has done it before, I swear that dog has "almost died" about 4 times. Not that I think that's necessarily going to happen. It's really just a waiting game at this point. That's a pretty sad phone call to get right in the middle of Wicked.

Sorry about the depressing story. In order to uplift you, I will just mention that my birthday is in ONE WEEK from today!!!!!!!!!!! I love birthdays, I don't know why, I just do. Mine, yours, other friends', friends of friends, people I know, people I don't know, I love them all!!!


Jax said...

YAY Birthday coming up!!! Are you planning anything fun?!!!

So sad about Isabelle. :( They gave Gracie de worming stuff too yesterday.. 3 days worth.. I'm hoping they're right. *sigh* It's a miserable feeling knowing your baby is sick, right? :( And your poor little parents' doggie!! I actually think about that too much to be healthy.. the thought of "if G gets sick later when she's old, I dont want her to suffer lots.." I'm a morbid person apparently.. haha.. Well, my thoughts are with both pups!!

This comment is too long already. Lordy. Whatever. My fav character was also Elpheba!! I did love Glinda b/c of her personality she added to the role. Her voice was pretty amazing, too, but I would have been more devastated to hear that Elpheba was being replaced than Glinda. Glad you had such an awesome time!!!!!!! :)

Katie said...

oh my goodnesssssss! your pup's look like my puppy, Mac!!

So cute :) I love yorkies.