August 18, 2009

Catching Up

I hate taking a hiatus from blogging. The longer I wait to post again, the more difficult it gets because I have an overload of things I want to say. It's hard for me to pick certain things to talk about. I prefer to just blab on about every single little thing in my life, but I can't do that when it's been almost a week since my last real post! :)

So, first things first, I had an awesome birthday. We celebrated 3 times, once with my family, and twice with just me and Lee! On Wednesday, which was my actual bday, as if you didn't already know, we just went to my parents' house for dinner. I requested the most random meal ever, at least for me. Barbecue (in the form of smoked sausage which I have only really had like twice in my life), potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and BEER since I hadn't had a drink in like 6 weeks because of my healthier eating habits. Oh, and of course, the traditional BR ice cream cake. Chocolate ice cream, white cake, and lots and lots of icing!!!
I suppose that it is also now a tradition for me to get cotton candy on my birthday, since this is the 2nd year in a row I have received it from my parents. Long story short, I LOVE sugar, especially cotton candy! Last year my parents found out that you can buy it at Sam's Club, so now I get it for my birthday. And this year Lee put it up really high so that I have to have him get it down for me! Rude!! (don't tell him, but yesterday after work, I got a huge serving fork and pulled down a tub of it and ate it all before he got home :) )

I'm usually not a huge fan of cards, they never say the right thing, or they are too cheesy for me, but I got some good ones this year. This is from my parents. It has this cute dog on the front, just sitting there, covered in mud. And inside it says "It started out to be a nice, quiet party. I don't know what happened!" haha, and the dog was so cute. Reminds me of Stephen and Kaitlin's dog George.

I hinted to Lee a long time ago that I wanted a particular Coach purse. Then when it go to my birthday and he and my parents kept asking what I wanted, I refused to answer because I wanted that purse! So when we walked in and I saw that box I was like, ooh what's in that box?!

So here I am kind of fake smiling because I had only seen the purse online and I hadn't looked at it since I told Lee about it, so I thought it was the wrong one! I am not good at hiding things, so everyone was mad at me for maybe not liking it! Haha, it turned out to be the right one and I love it. It is my first and last Coach purse, I cannot believe I wanted them to spend that much money on a freaking purse, but I do love love it! It has lots of compartments to keep me organized!

We won't be getting BR ice cream cake anymore. My dad was pissed because they didn't put enough icing on it and when he complained, they didn't care, so he said he's not going there anymore! lol, my dad does know the most important thing about cake is icing :) But the cake wasn't even good this time, so I agreed, no more BR.

On Friday, we went shopping all morning, and I didn't get ONE THING!!! Lee got 3 pairs of shorts!! I don't know what's wrong with me, but every time I've been shopping lately, I can't find anything I want enough to actually make a purchase. I complained to Lee about it and he just said "that's a good thing!"

On Saturday night, we went to Sonoma, which I used to love. They changed their freaking menu!! We actually still ordered what we usually get, but it was not good! They must have gotten a new chef or something. I won't be going back at all unless it's a group thing where other people want to go. I was SO disappointed.

Other than all of that, we didn't do much over the weekend. Oh, well I DID finish painting the house, and I'll have to take some pictures to show you. All in all, I'm happy with the color, although sometimes it looks blue, and sometimes it looks purple (I actually like it when it looks purple). But, I'm never painting the house again. That makes time #3 in 3 years, and I'm done! I was so exhausted!

I also got to hang out with Jenny and Maddox for a little while! I hadn't seen that little guy since he was born and I can't believe how big he is now! I love hanging out with Jenny, I'm pretty sure I didn't stop laughing the entire time I was over there :) Oh and we did this ring thing to see how many kids I'm going to have and what gender they'll be. The result was boy, girl, girl. I'm going to remember that when I'm having kids to see if it's right!

Whew, okay, I feel better now that I'm caught up! I'm back to my regular schedule at work (i.e. no half day fridays) which is a GOOD thing, so I only have 45 minutes left! Woohoo!!!


Meredith said...

What a great birthday!! And I love your new purse. :) I used to be a huge fan of Tucci's and the last few times I've gone it hasn't been very good at all. They had changed up their menu as well. New menus are rarely a good thing. Oh well, sounds like for the most part it was a great day. :)

Mrs. Dew said...

Totally jealous of your Coach!!!

{lauryl} said...

Sounds like a fun birthday! And you're absolutely right, frosting is the most important part. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to bake a carrot cake today, with lots and lots of cream cheese frosting. ;-)

The New Mrs said...

What a great birthday! Love all the gifts, especially the Coach!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

What a great birthday! I recognized that beautiful coach box right away! Those are the best kind of gifts. Switch to DQ...I've had a cake from there on my bday since I was like 5. It's a time honored tradish in my family.

Jax said...

LOVE the bag!!! Your face is so cute! What I love about mine- ALL THE COMPARTMENTS! I never feel like I'm digging in there! It's awesome! I think that used to annoy Eric to no end.. me looking for: keys, lipgloss, creditcard.. Maybe that's really why he got me the bag.. haha... Anyway, yours is FABULOUS!!! :) I love it and cant wait to see it in person (Thurs?!!!!)

Sounds like you had a fun bday, chica and I was SO at Sonoma on Saturday! How did I miss you?! We got there at 8:15. Were you there? If you were and I missed you, I'm sad. We were kinda shoved off to a corner...arg. And I agree on the menu thing. And I agree with Meredith about Tucci's, too... Not a fan. I dont like change at my Italian places. haha...

Kaitlin said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday- that's a great bag!! We ate at Sonoma recently and my meal wasn't as good as usual either- highly disappointing. And, George could have been the actual dog on the cover of that card- he's been covered in mud a time or two :)

Jennifer said...

Okay I guess I will tell you one more time that the ring game is SCIENCE, okay? There's none of this let's wait and see if it happens, it just is. Maddox and I are super glad you came over and hung out with us too!