August 11, 2009

Way Back Wednesday, and a little something else

I know, I know, I can't believe that I'm actually participating in a WBW! I always talk about it but never do it. This is a picture of Isabelle and Zoe (shocking that it would be of them!) on their very first road trip to Grandma and Grandpa Lansford's house for Thanksgiving 2006. They were only 2 1/2 months old here! This was the first and last time that they rode in the car without freaking out and panting heavily and whining like they do now. I think it's because they learned that when we go "bye bye", they are going to get to see people, and they get really excited about it. They love to go and visit my parents, and if you ask them if the want to go and see grandma and grandpa, they start running all over the house and try to lick you a lot :)

Annnnd, I finally decided on which pictures to order. Perhaps I should have included Lee in the decision? Oh whatever. Thank you all so so much for your input, it really helped me a lot. And, I did technically include Lee. After I decided, I showed him the pictures I selected and he said he liked them. See? Okay, I know that this is very important to you, so here is what I decided on:

This one will be the 11x14, cropped of course.

These two will be 8x10's

And these two will be the 5x6's
It was a tough call among the top 3, but I chose the chapel shot for the biggest one because I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing myself that close up in that large of a photo :) 8x10's I feel are big enough for the face shots!
Guess what? Today is my birthday!!! Yay!! I feel like the world should stop for me and I should get to do whatever I want, but here I am at work. One of my sweet co-workers did come over and sing to me this morning, and I liked that :) I'm not really doing anything this year. I had thought about a couple of things we could do, but in the end, I didn't feel like messing with anything. So tonight we are going to my parents' house for my specially requested birthday dinner (a random assortment of things I have been craving since I stopped eating whatever I want) and my annual ice cream cake!! (I freaking love ice cream cake!) Then this weekend, Lee is going to go around with me and we are going to do whatever I want :) I think that we are going to eat breakfast at our favorite little diner, Tally's, and maybe go to the mall (Lee's favorite place ever) and do some shopping. Maybe see a movie, I've been wanting to see The Proposal. And he and I are going to go to dinner one night this weekend, maybe at Sonoma, which I am obsessed with and haven't been to in forever.
What's your favorite thing to do on your birthday?


Jax said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday!!!!! :) That sounds like an awesome bday you have planned! That's really all I wanted to-to hang with some peeps I cared about, do waht I wanted to do, eat what I wanted to eat, and not have a hangover. Perfect! :) haha! Have a fabulous day and try to leave early!

I love little Isabelle and Zoe! They look so teeny tiny! If I got another pup.. WHEN I get another pup.. I either want another Cavalier or an Isabelle or Zoe. :)

And last but not least, excellent picture selections!! :)

Since I've stopped tanning (aka a bonus at my gym), I have contemplated moving over to TCC.. it's so much cheaper! I need to look into it more. I would LOVE to go more.. but I dont. So, I'd likely get more bang for my buck there.. We'll see... Have you started going? Like it?

Hailey {HRH} said...

fabulous decisions!!!! love them all. and the puppies...too stinking cute!

Lyr said...

I found your blog some how and thought it was so cute! The pictures are absolutely lovely and your yorkies…. SO CUTE! AH… BTW – Love your blog, you got me hooked as a follower!! ;)

Annie said...

your wedding photos are gorgeous!
and your little pups,!!
my dog also gets super excited when i ask him if he wants to go see grandma and grandpa!
just happened to come across your blog ;) i love it!

{lauryl} said...

happy happy birthday!

sarah said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

Great choices on the pictures!