August 4, 2009

Publice Service Announcement and Wicked!!!

In case you hadn't heard the recent news on how harmful tanning beds are, you should read this article that came out last week and was featured on the Today's Show. If you don't want to read the article, it basically say that the use of tanning beds could increase the risk of cancer by 75%, especially if you start tanning at a young age, aka before 30 years old. I have used tanning beds off and on since high school, and this was enough to scare me away from them from now on.

In totally unrelated news, I am going to see Wicked tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!! We are eating dinner at the new downtown location of Ti Amo's, only one of my very favorite restaurants!! I think I might be more excited about dinner :) We haven't eaten out since the night we returned from the honeymoon. And that was Whataburger. It doesn't even count!


Jax said...

Dude! That article is what scared me, too! I mean.. I'd been stearing away from tanning anyway, but when I saw that, I was like "that's it. no more, jackie." And I haven't been again. So sad you're at the TCC gym!! But I can see why for it being THAT cheap!! I love my gym, but with not tannning, I have been contemplating joining St. John's b/c they have a TON more classes. Does TCC have a lot of classes? *raised eyebrow* Do I have be enrolled at all? See.. now I'm getting curious! LOL!

Were you tanning At The Be*ch? Those bastards are horrrrrible with contract stuff. My friend actually faked an address (used a Stillwater addy of a house his parents own) and was able to get out of the contract since it's not within so many miles of an At the Be*ch.

You'll have SO much fun at Wicked!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to hear what you thought!!! And side note Legally Blonde is coming in January... we should SO go! We could get a group or just us go!! :)

have fun at Ti Amos!!Yum!

The New Mrs said...

I read that article last week and it opened my eyes completely. Lets just say that I have invested in some good self tanner :)