November 18, 2009

Jeans: My Worst Nightmare

Shopping for a new pair of jeans is the bane of my existence. I often cry. No kidding. My body was not made for jeans. It was made for dresses and skirts. My hip/thigh/butt area is rather large, my waist is very small in comparison, and I'm really picky about how jeans make that whole h/t/b area look (mostly my thighs, it can be scary). To put it in real terms, I have 2 pairs of jeans that I will wear, only one of which I actually like. So, yes, I'm picky.

I mentioned a few days ago that I ordered some maternity jeans from the Gap online. The one pair of jeans I have that I like are from Gap. I bought a pair of work pants at the mall here and I wore them earlier this week. They have the hidden band, so it's kind of like their kids' jeans where you can pull the elastic band out from the inside and it has button holes to secure it. (Those are so awesome for kids, btw) I like it, but since I'm obviously in the very early stages, I have to pull it so much that my waistband gathers and it looks funny. But, not too bad since I wear longer tops. The only complaint that I really have is that the (maternity) work pants from Gap only come in regular length, and I need long so I will have to have them let out a little which always looks funny because the crease stays and you can obviously tell that I had to have them lengthened. Whatever.

Fast forward to yesterday. My Gap order was waiting on my doorstep when I got home!!! Yay! I immediately pulled everything out. I was kind of nervous for the above reasons. I got these 2 pairs of maternity jeans, without seeing them or trying them on in real life:
Bootcut jean with a demi panel (a like 3 or 4 inch elastic waistband) (the picture doesn't do them justice, they look much better irl)

Skinny jeans with a full panel (stretchy stuff goes all the way over your tummy to your bra) (this is my very first pair of skinny jeans ever in my life, and they are maternity, haha)

OMGEEEEEEEE I LOVE them both!!! I was shocked at how much I liked them. They fit me so much better than any pair of regular jeans I've ever tried on!! And I'm not talking about in the waist, I'm talking in my 'problem' h/t/b area. That being said, let's go ahead and talk about the waist.! Elastic waistbands are amazing!!! Can I just always wear maternity jeans from now on? Please? Because that would be awesome! I am wearing the skinny jeans today and I love the full panel. It's still a little big for me so I wore the bella band with the jeans and it is working out great. The bella band works a lot better with these jeans that with regular jeans that you have to unbutton and all that fun stuff that makes you feel like a heifer. And I like that maternity pants kind of accentuate your belly. I only have a little pooch right now but it does look bigger when I wear maternity stuff. That might seem weird, but I love big baby bellies and I want to have one! I mean, I'm not doing all this for nothing, I want to have something to show for it, right? :)

Okay, that ends my psa on Gap and their maternity jeans. I should probably contact them to see about paying me for all of the endorsement.

November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

- I heard on the news this morning that Six Flags in Texas is spending $10 million to renovate the Texas Giant ride. I also read online that they are about to file bankruptcy. I also know that we are in a recession. And an amusement park is spending $10 MILLION on a freaking ride!! That is absurd to me. I don't usually (ever) get worked up about things like this but this time it really got my panties in a wad.

- Who goes to Six Flags anymore? Maybe it's just because we don't have one around here (or because amusement parks don't thrill me) but I didn't think it was a popular place to go these days.

- I love that my office has packets of hot chocolate mix for us. A ton. And the replenish it daily. Score!

- That is the only time you will ever hear me say (read?) that I love anything about my office.

- Speaking of, last week was my one year anniversary of starting here. That matters only because it means that I can move departments/leave the company all together without any monetary penalty. However, I'm pregnant now. So the reality of finding a new job is really pointless and switching departments is a dream above all dreams because jobs in the depts I like rarely come available. So for the last year I was counting down to Nov. 11. Now I am counting down until June 11.

- Thanksgiving is next week!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

- Heartburn is a bitch. I have acid reflux in normal life (as opposed to pregnant life) and I thought it ws bad, but it's nothing compared to this.

- This morning Lee asked me something that made my heart skip a beat. He asked if we could go to Garden Ridge this weekend. Areyoufreakingkiddingme?! YES!! EEEEE!!!!!!!!

- I am going to a conference on Thursday that doesn't start until 9am!! I get to sleep in 2 HOURS!! I have been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks. I'm lame :)

- Proof that my in-laws can never do anything right by me: They are going to Alaska for Christmas to visit Lee's sister and her baby. I assumed that Lee would want to spend Thanksgiving with them but he said that the was the 'off' year and Thanksgiving wouldn't be at his parents house (it is every other year) and he didn't want to go to the other place. Fine by me. So, I asked him if he wanted to invite them up here (I even surprise myself sometimes by how nice I am ;) ). Well, when he asked, they said no!! Why not? They won't see their son at Christmas. That's weird to me that they didn't want to come up here and at least see him for Thanksgiving. Holidays and family are important to me so I didn't understand. So then he asked again and now they're coming and I was like, noooo!! Why are they coming?! Hahaha. I wish I could blame my irrationalities on the pregnancy but I cannot.

- Did I mention that Thanksgiving is next week?! I'm soooo excited!! I hope I am excited for food that day, not likely, but I can hope!

- I hope that I'm feeling well on Black Friday because I love to get out with all the crazies even though I'm usually not shopping for anything in particular that day :)

- Lee is getting the Christmas decorations out for me tonight :) I'm going to start setting up the tree!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

November 16, 2009

Happy Monday!!

I just love Mondays! Did that sound sincere? I hope so :) Even Isabelle has a rough morning on mondays. She was very tired this morning :)

Over the weekend, I actually cleaned my house! Something that hasn't been done in forever. Ummm, it really needed it. Seriously, when I finished vacuuming just the main living areas, the vacuum was filled to the top with dust bunnies!! Sad, very very sad, but true. I am usually very on top of cleaning but with my current status, other things have more importance. Like sleep.

Okay, so I've always wanted to be all 'green' and clean my house with vinegar and baking soda and all that good stuff. So I figured, what better time to try it than when pregnant? So I did. (BTW, I have always cleaned our wood floors with vinegar and water, nothing works better and I love it.) But, I've never tackled the bathroom with these eco-friendly household recipes because, well, I am sort of a freak about disinfecting and I need the heavy stuff for disgusting places like bathrooms. I attempted a recommended combo of vinegar and baking soda for the bathroom. I used it on the counter, sink, tub and tile surround. Have you ever done this? What did/do you think? My verdict? Never again. The baking soda left a terrible reside when I could actually get it all off! I ended up cleaning the whole bathroom twice because of the gross residue the baking soda left. And I never even got it all cleaned up because this morning I spied a spot on the wall that I missed! No, I will be using regular cleaning products from now on! Not only was the clean up process/leftover residue annoying, but when I was finished cleaning the actual bathroom itself, I looked around and had the biggest mess from all of the household things I had used. Boo to that. Our floors look nice though :)

Annnnd, while I was scrubbing away in the bathtub, I was leaning on the soap holder thingy (that's the technical term in case you didn't know) on the wall and it came out of the wall!!! Haha. I was really startled by it, and then I didn't want to pull it all of the way out because who knows what's back there. Animals and bugs and lord knows what else. (our house is pretty old, like 60 years or so) Lee wasn't home so I had to be brave and I pulled it out. No animals! or bugs! Haha, I'm a big baby, we all know this. There was just some cement backer board back there. Exactly what's supposed to be! That is one thing about old homes like ours, they knew how to make them. And they didn't cut corners. We have the original bathroom and that backer board looked practically brand new. Crazy. And! When we were making the bookcases, every single time we went to make sure the wall was plumb or the corners were square, they were perfect, every single time. It's the little things. But, we don't have an indoor utility room. So there you go.

I also did something else over the weekend that I haven't done in forever. I went to the grocery store!! Haha, I have been to the grocery store exactly 2 times since I found out I was pregnant. Both times I raced through grabbing only what I 'needed', feeling like I was going to puke the entire time. What I purchased those 2 times deserves a whole other post! I should have taken a picture and titled it 'reasons pregnant women shouldn't go to the grocery store'. I have never been embarrassed to check out but I was those times! Little Debbie cakes, Pringles (my savior), ice cream, goldfish, twix....I could go on but I won't. It was like a 10 year old stole his mom's purse and bought food. The second time the cashier made comments about my food choices.

I also made dinner last night. I mean, boiling water and pouring pasta in it counts right? I also put bread in the oven. Yes, it counts.

November 13, 2009

Why can't I just keep my mouth shut?

I knew that I shouldn't have talked about it so much. But it was a common first question from anyone that knew. And it's not that I was bragging, because I really wasn't. Not at all. I was actually really surprised, especially given my [digestive] history. So I should have known it was coming. And it did. In full force this week. Yes, my friends, the vomiting has ensued. Bleh. Everything I eat just comes right back up. And in a very violent way. I did not expect this to start in week 10 but here we are, and it's okay. Obviously all for a very good cause. I had heard some nonsense that the vomiting doesn't actually make you feel better when pregnant, but that was a lie. I actually have welcomed it because it does make me feel better. So, um...thank you?There. I talked about vomit for a whole paragraph. And that was the first and perhaps, but not likely, the last time I do it.

I'm wearing a bella band today. Uh, I don't like it. Sorry but wearing something that is sorta tight around your stomach when you're already not feeling well doesn't really feel that comfortable. I keep messing with it. And it lands at a weird place that is very unflattering to my hips and thighs. And I don't need any help making that area look unflattering :) Oh well. It is better than the rubber band thing so I'll deal. And I don't feel like I have to pee 24/7 because I've pushed my tight waistband down to where it presses on my bladder, so that's good. I bought maternity pants last night, and I'm buying a few more things today online. Not that I necessarily need them yet (well yes, I do need the work pants actually) but I have that 30% off Gap coupon that I'm sure everyone and their mom has. Even Lee got one and he never shops at the Gap. Anyway, I'm going to take advantage of the 30% off while I can. And it's an excuse to buy stuff :)

Today is my mom's birthday! Yes, Friday the 13th! Actually it's on a Friday fairly often. I mean, at least once every 7 years, right? Anyway. We are randomly going to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar. My dad picked it, haha. Whatever I don't care. The menu is weird though. Or maybe it's not and I just didn't see anything I liked and thought that was weird. Anyway, Lee is really excited and he's been talking about it for like 3 days about how he's excited to go there. We're simple people.

Other than that, I don't know what we're doing this weekend. Lee's friend is in town so he will be with the guys pretty much all day Saturday. I want to put up the Christmas tree but I am almost 100% sure that will not happen. I keep telling myself that I will sweep and mop the floors and clean my neglected bathroom, but in reality I'm not sure it will happen. When we told my parents that I was pregnant, we started talking about how it was hard on Lee because I couldn't cook anymore. Hell, I couldn't even go in the kitchen. I still can't open the fridge. Anyway, I pretty much (used to) cook dinner every single night so poor Lee. He was confused! Haha. The man cannot cook to save his life. Well, I should say he will not cook. So in an effort to keep him from eating hamburger helper and frozen corn dogs every night (yes, that's what he will eat when there is nothing presented to him) my dad said that he would make some stuff and bring it over for Lee (he is spoiled in my opinion). AND, my dad also mentioned cleaning the house for me. Uh, yes please!! Well, he has been bringing Lee a casserole of some sort once a week, but he hasn't made one more mention of cleaning the house for me!!! What's the problem?! I'm growing a human being in my body and Lee's just living his normal life and he's the one that gets special treatment? That is very unfair! ;)

I hope today goes by fast! This week has lasted 100 years!

November 10, 2009

Lee's Other Birthday Present

When I was little, I liked presents. Uh, I still like presents by the way. So, on my brother's birthday, I would always get a little something too. And on my birthday, he would get a little something. I honestly don't remember if this was something my parents did, or if it was my grandparents. I'm thinking my grandparents, because they spoiled us, but I'm not positive. So, how much did it suck when that finally stopped? A lot.

So this year, on Lee's birthday, I was so excited that we BOTH got a present. And no, i'm not talking about this. (Although he was really surprised and he did love it!) (this thing is huge by the way, it's almost as tall as i am!)This is what I'm talking about people! We found out that I am pregnant!!!!
It was a complete surprise, although it wasn't necessarily unplanned. I stopped taking my birth control the last week in August. We wanted to try and get pregnant in December (or at least that's when we were going to start trying), and I wanted to stop taking my bc a little earlier so that my body could go back to it's natural cycle and so that we could do all of the fun charting stuff! I'm weird, I like to make charts and graphs, whatever. I even printed off an ovulation chart and had it waiting by my bed for as soon as I started my period. Well, it never started. (clearly) About a month after I stopped the bc, Lee asked me when I was supposed to start again and I was like, hmmm, actually right around now, come to think of it. So we waited. Nothing. Quite honestly, I didn't think much of it. I had heard that it can take a couple of months for your body to get back to normal after quitting bc, so I just thought it would take a couple months. (hence my wanting to stop taking it a little earlier than when we wanted to get pregnant) Then I started getting really bad cramps. Like really bad. So I thought, oh, I'll start any day now. Nothing for like 2 weeks. I seriously didn't think anything of it!

So on Lee's birthday, we were laying around waiting to meet my parents for dinner. I was talking to my friend Jenny, who has a baby, and she brought it up because I had mentioned to her that my period was taking it's sweet time returning. I told her about the cramps and that I was sure it would happen any time now. Her exact words were "Uh, you're pregnant!" Haha, I was like, huh? How? Apparently there is a little-known pregnancy symptom of "phantom menstrual cramps" She explained to me that it happens for like the first month or so of pregnancy. I thought she was crazy. There was no way that I could already be pregnant. But still.... So when I got off the phone, Lee, who had been sitting right by me, said "does she think you're pregnant?" (I will say here that Lee seriously thought I was pregnant the entire time, so he was like, see, I told you!) I told him what she said and we decided that I would take a test that day or over the weekend. Well, obviously I couldn't wait a minute, let alone until after dinner or the next day!! So we ran to the store and got a test. I would just like to say, that for the record, I felt like a teenage girl sneaking alcohol (or a pregnancy test!) when we went in to buy it. Like I was doing something wrong! Funny how even as a married woman who has every right to be pregnant, and even wants to be pregnant, you can still feel like that!

We got the one that had 3 tests in it, just in case. And, sorry if this is tmi (or if all this talk about cramps and periods is tmi), but I hadn't even finished peeing on the thing before the "pregnant" line appeared. But then the control line was really faint, so I wasn't sure. I called Lee into the bathroom and made him look. I said "I can't tell if I'm reading it right!" He said "You're pregnant" And we sat there staring at the little stick and then the instructions. Haha, we were completely in shock! I can tell you right now that was never how I envisioned finding out I was pregnant, or how I envisioned telling Lee! I thought I'd be all happy and crying and all that. But, no, I was freaking out. How could this have happened so soon?! Were we really ready for this?! I took the other two tests and they were the same. I was freaking out. I told Lee that we should have gotten the digital test that said the word pregnant or not pregnant on it because how was anyone supposed to read these stupid little plus and minus signs?! I really wanted to go get one of the digital ones, but Lee told me that I was crazy and that I was obviously pregnant and there was no need to go get a fourth test.

We had to rush around to get to dinner and it was silent in the car. We were both in shock. You know, like this-is-too-good-to-be-true and i-sure-as-hell-hope-we're-as-ready-for-this-as-we-thought-we-were shock. That's pretty much what it was like for the next 24 hours. I didn't want to let myself get excited about it because I wasn't sure. (yes, even though it was obvious from the tests) I just always felt like I would know if I was pregnant. And I didn't have a clue! And I never in a million years would have thought that it would happen so fast. I also always thought that it would take a long time for me to get pregnant. I have no reason for thinking that, it was just a feeling I always had. And then I started worrying about everything in the world. My weight, money, the house, how we wouldn't have a guest room anymore, could we really raise a baby?! And then I did the math. We will have a baby and our first wedding anniversary in the same month!!!

Lol, I was a crazy basket case for the next several days, but it did finally sink in! And obviously we are (and were when we found out!) so so excited! I have wanted to have a baby since I knew what a baby was!

As far as morning sickness goes, I have had it but it really hasn't been unbearable. Yes, I am nauseous pretty much 24/7, but I have only gotten sick once, and I'm pretty sure that it was because my stomach was growling all night and I was too tired to eat. (I have found that a can of pringles before bed works wonders to fix that :) ) Really, the hardest part for me has been how incredibly exhausted I've been. That was really surprising to me. For a while there, I would take a nap during lunch, sleep for a couple hours after work, then be awake for like an hour and then go to bed at a ridiculously early hour (like 7:30 or 8) and sleep until my alarm went off in the morning. I am really glad that the fatigue has gotten considerably better in the last week or 2.

We went to the doctor today for our first "real" appointment. We had an ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat! Dr says everything looks great which was a relief to me. For some reason I have been such a worry wart about everything being okay. I am not usually a worrier so that was hard for me. We had originally thought that I was due June 4, but the ultrasound showed me at 9 weeks and 4 days (as opposed to 10 weeks and 4 days as we originally thought) so my official due date is June 11! That's only 9 days before out wedding anniversary :)

I do have a few belly pics. We started taking them in week 8 because it was so obvious to me that I was showing. And I really was, even it it was the tiniest bit.
This was from week 9
And this was on Monday, week 10. Yes I was in my pajamas. A huge difference and no, none of my pants fit. Jeans I can get to button while I'm standing up, but work pants, no way. I guess that means I have to go shopping!

November 6, 2009

Random Friday

Happy Friday!! We all know that this is my favorite day of the week!

Lee left this morning for Lincoln, Nebraska to go to the OU game up there. He is gone until Sunday :( While I will admit that I like my "me" time, I will also admit that I am a HUGE baby and I am scared to stay alone at the house. When he is gone, I don't sleep a wink. And the dogs freak out at every tiny noise because they are waiting for him to come home. It's so annoying. I was seriously going to pack it up and go stay with my parents, but my bff Mary is coming to save the day! Haha, why having her here makes me feel safer I don't know but it does!

I got my phone yesterday :) I know that I will become obsessed with it in time, but for right now all of the things you can do just baffles me so I am just ignoring all of the cool capabilities. Umm, except for facebook and words with friends. And shazam. I added those last night :) For now I'm just enjoying having a phone that I'm not embarrassed for people to see. I want to get a new email address with my new last name but I'm not sure about it. Not only because of my new married name, but also because my current email gets so much spam from various websites I have visited over the years. I use gmail and I must say that I do not like the set up it has. I've been thinking about going with Yahoo or something just because it's easier to organize things there. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am so excited because I started seeing Christmas commercials last week! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my FAVORITE times of the year! And as excited as I am, it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is going to be here in less than 3 weeks! That means only 2 more full weeks of work then a 5 day weekend! I've been saving up a lot of vacation to use over the holidays :) And I've been listening to Christmas music at work! Haha, I know it's a little early for that business but I don't care, it puts me in a good mood! Annnd, I've been thinking about putting up the Christmas tree!! I have never put up the tree before Thanksgiving, I usually do it the Friday or Saturday after, but this year I'm thinking it will go up earlier, mostly because I didn't decorate at all for Halloween or Thanksgiving and I usually do for both of those. We will have a dilemma this year as to where to put the tree since we installed the built ins in the living room, that's usually where the tree went, and there's really not another good place for it so we will just have to move some furniture around I think. We bought tickets to the Christmas Train yesterday. If you live around Tulsa and you haven't been to the Christmas Train, you should go!!! I have honestly never been before but I have heard it is amazing and they sell out of tickets early every year! We are going on the 19th of December.

I also want to get tickets for the TransSiberian Orchestra. I love them. We had tickets a couple of years ago, when we had to travel to Oklahoma City to see shows. Well, Lee's friends also had an engagement party later that night in Lawton, his hometown. So our plan was to go see the show (it must have been an afternoon showing) and then continue on to Lawton afterwards to go to the party. (OKC is exactly halfway between Tulsa and Lawton). But, as we were on the road, it started snowing like crazy! And then we missed the exit because Lee thought that he could be one of those drivers and sneak into the front of a huge line waiting to exit (probably all people trying to get to the same show). And because of the snow, we were already late and we weren't even off the highway yet. I hate being late for anything. And since we were already running so late it was ruined for me and we were stressed so we decided to just go on and skip the show and continue on to Lawton. Boo. We were obviously bummed. I was really bummed because I had been looking forward to it for a long time. And to make matters worse, Lee's mom kept bringing it up and talking about how sad it was that we missed it. YES WE KNOW LADY!! I shut myself in the bedroom because she was talking about it so much. Anyway, that was really long winded and we always said we would make a point of going again and now is our chance! But we need to actually make the decision and get the tickets.

Okay, I think that is all of the random useless information I have! Happy Friday and have a great weekend everybody!

November 4, 2009

I love surprises!

Yesterday evening, lee texted me that he was running late at work. This was not news to me, he has been working a little later the past week or so. (for the record I do not like it but no one asked my opinion) So I was like, okay whatever, and didn't even respond. Then he got home and was playing with the dogs for a while. Then he was like, "oh, I brought you something" and he threw a white square at me. I though tit was some stupid something he won at work or whatever. On the front it said "Ring.Ring.Ring" And this was on the inside!!

It's a gift card for an iPhone!!!! (I got the image from google, obviously my name is not emily) Yayayayay!!! I have been whining maturely asking for one for a loooong time. :) I bought him one when they very first came out! I currently have a MotoQ9h which was a corporate phone for my previous job and I will tell you that that phone is terrible!! And ever since I lost my charger over my wedding weekend, it has not charged the same with the new one.

We really never get each other surprises for no reason so this was really unexpected! I am going to pick it up tomorrow and then I will join this century!

Wahoo!! Now I can get personal email at work! And read my messages on facebook! I am very popular with the messages on facebook. And I can join Twitter! Yes, I have been wanting to do the twitter thing but I only want to write things while I'm on the go and my current piece of crap doesn't do so well with the internet. And I can play Scrabble with my friend! And! And! And!

November 3, 2009

I need advice!

Does anyone subscribe to Netflix? I go back and forth about wanting it. We definitely don't watch a ton of movies. Lee gets bored. But I like movies. And now Netflix has television shows and I really want to watch True Blood. I've even considered getting HBO just so I can watch True Blood. As it is, we usually purchase an On Demand movie about once a month and those things are around $6 each (for the HD ones) and that seems like a lot to me. And I figure if we got Netflix, it might be a little more but we'd get to watch more than one movie a month! How long does it take to get a new DVD when you send one back? My life is hard and this is the most pressing matter. Well, that and whether or not it's too early to put up the Christmas tree! :)

I really wanted to wait until I had a picture to go with this story, but I keep leaving my camera at home. Lee took 2 sweaters to the dry cleaners (Yale in case you live in the Tulsa area because I don't care talking crap about them!) last week, a black crewneck and a gray wool half zip pullover (that looks good on him too!! :) ). They were both from banana Republic, so they were not cheap. Well, on Friday he pulled out the crewneck to wear to work. It had a hole in the sleeve! He was really angry. I thought it sucked but I wasn't crying about it. Then that night, he was changing before we went out and he pulled out the gray sweater. I heard him yell and then he was cussing up a storm in the bedroom, which he doesn't cuss often. I ran in there and the sweater looked like it was a little boys size!! You would laugh if you saw it! And Lee is not a small man, so this sweater had been HUGE before! I wore it once and it went almost to my knees. I could NOT believe it! It is completely unwearable. We have often said that we shouldn't keep going to these particular cleaners because I have heard of things happening there, not to mention I'm pretty sure that they lost one of his white button downs last year. AND a girl at work told me that they once gave her outfit to some other customer on accident! What is wrong with these people?! For some reason we just kept going there! Well, obviously not anymore. What got me is that they knew that they ruined the gray sweater, there is no way that they didn't notice that! And they didn't say anything to him when he picked them up!! He was really really angry about it. I pretty much hate them now and if Lee doesn't call like he said he would, they are going to have a very irate woman storming in there demanding that they pay to replace the sweater. Boo to you Yale Cleaners. A couple of different people have already recommended somewhere else, the same place, so we're going to start going there instead.

November 2, 2009

November already?!

Has anyone seen this?!?! Hahahaha!!! Heidi and Spencer dressed up as Jon and Kate for Halloween! I think it's completely hilarious!
I know lots of people have their opinions about Heidi and Spencer. I, for one, used to despise them!! I check about 3930 times a day and there are always crazy interviews with them on there. So much so that I've come to a new conclusion about this couple. I am almost 100% positive that everything they say/do in the public eye is strictly for show. They play it up to get a reaction from everyone. I mean, there is no way that the way they are portrayed in the media is really their relationship because that would never work out. And some of the statements they make are so outrageous that they cannot possibly be serious!! (for example, Spencer said that the spirit of Michael Jackson now lives on in Heidi. Seriously, here's the link!) And who can forget that Playboy interview they did! Ridiculousness at it's finest!

I am convinced that the joke's on us and they are actually a very normal, happy couple who laugh every night that people think they really are the idiots we think they are. Yes, I spend my days contemplating the lives of people on scripted reality shows.

We went to dinner and SYTYCD with some friends on Friday. We had floor seats and we were about 1/4 of the way back so we were pretty close! We were all excited because we seemed to have really good seats! But then once the show started, it was soooo difficult to see because the stage was really low so we could only see like the top half of the dancers, even though we were so close! That was kind of a bummer. I think from now on, no more floor seats for me at the BOK center. I would rather be in the real seats and actually be able to see than be a little closer and not able to see at all. The whole show was 3 hours long. The only thing I was disappointed about was that they didn't do many dances that were my favorites from the show! I didn't understand why they picked the dances they did. They also showed mostly Kayla's dances. I mean, I know that she was the judge's favorite, and in reality, probably the best dancer on the show that season, but I didn't like her. And I was sad that she kept coming out on stage. Blah. And she didn't freaking win!! Jeanine barely did any of her dances! I seriously think she did like 2, maybe 3, dances out of all of them, not including the group dances they featured. Don't get me wrong, they did lots of great dances, just not all of the ones that I would have picked.

There were 2 parts that were my favorite, well actually 3. The first was when Phillip did his solo. Oh my gosh, I forgot how much I love him! He seriously could have his own show and just stand up there and dance the whole time! He got a standing ovation! And then, remember on the show when Phillip and Jeanine had to do the Russian Folk dance? Haha, and Nigel talked some crap about how they wouldn't have that on the show anymore? Well, they kept having the two of them come out in their costumes, really excited to do the dance, and then the announcers would tell them to get of the stage. Well, finally towards the end, they came out and really did start doing the dance, and then everyone else came out and did a modified version (modified=waaaay better) and it was great! Here's a You Tube link to the one from the tour. And my third favorite was when they did one of the group dances to I Know You Want Me. That was the best one they did all night! Another awesome part of the night was when this guy behind us screamed out "I LOVE YOU JASON!!!" when it was almost silent and Jason was on stage! And I really mean that he screamed! That was hilarious and everyone was laughing.