November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

- I heard on the news this morning that Six Flags in Texas is spending $10 million to renovate the Texas Giant ride. I also read online that they are about to file bankruptcy. I also know that we are in a recession. And an amusement park is spending $10 MILLION on a freaking ride!! That is absurd to me. I don't usually (ever) get worked up about things like this but this time it really got my panties in a wad.

- Who goes to Six Flags anymore? Maybe it's just because we don't have one around here (or because amusement parks don't thrill me) but I didn't think it was a popular place to go these days.

- I love that my office has packets of hot chocolate mix for us. A ton. And the replenish it daily. Score!

- That is the only time you will ever hear me say (read?) that I love anything about my office.

- Speaking of, last week was my one year anniversary of starting here. That matters only because it means that I can move departments/leave the company all together without any monetary penalty. However, I'm pregnant now. So the reality of finding a new job is really pointless and switching departments is a dream above all dreams because jobs in the depts I like rarely come available. So for the last year I was counting down to Nov. 11. Now I am counting down until June 11.

- Thanksgiving is next week!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

- Heartburn is a bitch. I have acid reflux in normal life (as opposed to pregnant life) and I thought it ws bad, but it's nothing compared to this.

- This morning Lee asked me something that made my heart skip a beat. He asked if we could go to Garden Ridge this weekend. Areyoufreakingkiddingme?! YES!! EEEEE!!!!!!!!

- I am going to a conference on Thursday that doesn't start until 9am!! I get to sleep in 2 HOURS!! I have been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks. I'm lame :)

- Proof that my in-laws can never do anything right by me: They are going to Alaska for Christmas to visit Lee's sister and her baby. I assumed that Lee would want to spend Thanksgiving with them but he said that the was the 'off' year and Thanksgiving wouldn't be at his parents house (it is every other year) and he didn't want to go to the other place. Fine by me. So, I asked him if he wanted to invite them up here (I even surprise myself sometimes by how nice I am ;) ). Well, when he asked, they said no!! Why not? They won't see their son at Christmas. That's weird to me that they didn't want to come up here and at least see him for Thanksgiving. Holidays and family are important to me so I didn't understand. So then he asked again and now they're coming and I was like, noooo!! Why are they coming?! Hahaha. I wish I could blame my irrationalities on the pregnancy but I cannot.

- Did I mention that Thanksgiving is next week?! I'm soooo excited!! I hope I am excited for food that day, not likely, but I can hope!

- I hope that I'm feeling well on Black Friday because I love to get out with all the crazies even though I'm usually not shopping for anything in particular that day :)

- Lee is getting the Christmas decorations out for me tonight :) I'm going to start setting up the tree!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Meredith said...

Haha, I believe Michael and I are the only people above the age of 12 who still love Six Flags. That is a little ridiculous that they're dropping that much money on one ride.

In-laws are tricky. You think you're beginning to understand them and then they throw a curve ball your way.

I will keep my fingers crossed you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner--no one should have to miss out on that!

Kaitlin said...

Got to love the in-law drama :) Hope they're pleasant when they come. Thanksgiving dinner has so many different dishes that hopefully you'll be able to enjoy a few! I'm already craving turkey- that may be all I eat!

Jax said...

haha.. your in law stuff amuses me. And you also crack me up about workie stuff. Six Flags.. oh dont even get me started. Stuff like that annoys me to no end, too.. People are starving adn you're building a rollercoaster. Awesome. Way to be a team player. Sheesh

katandkarl said...

OH I SO hope you can enjoy turkey day! :)

Lindsey said...

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week, it's coming so fast! So excited too!!

Annie said...

ugh, i can't believe they are spending that kinda money on a ride! ridiculous.
i'm so excited for turkey day and to decorate for christmas!! i can't wait :)
sounds like you have some nice in-laws, ha!
sorry to hear you don't care for your job, glad you at least have hot chocolate to look forward to! you are too cute!!
hope you are having a great day hun!!

Jennifer said...

Um clearly this is the very very very BEST time of year. Thanksgiving, Jenny's Birthday, Christmas. I am very happy to see that you are as excited as I am. I am very disappointed that you are putting your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving as this is strictly forbidden and you are now on double secret probation in my book. I may or may not be forced to end our friendship. On the other hand I was quite happy to see your comment on Kat's blog regarding fake trees. Perhaps I'll keep you around.