November 2, 2009

November already?!

Has anyone seen this?!?! Hahahaha!!! Heidi and Spencer dressed up as Jon and Kate for Halloween! I think it's completely hilarious!
I know lots of people have their opinions about Heidi and Spencer. I, for one, used to despise them!! I check about 3930 times a day and there are always crazy interviews with them on there. So much so that I've come to a new conclusion about this couple. I am almost 100% positive that everything they say/do in the public eye is strictly for show. They play it up to get a reaction from everyone. I mean, there is no way that the way they are portrayed in the media is really their relationship because that would never work out. And some of the statements they make are so outrageous that they cannot possibly be serious!! (for example, Spencer said that the spirit of Michael Jackson now lives on in Heidi. Seriously, here's the link!) And who can forget that Playboy interview they did! Ridiculousness at it's finest!

I am convinced that the joke's on us and they are actually a very normal, happy couple who laugh every night that people think they really are the idiots we think they are. Yes, I spend my days contemplating the lives of people on scripted reality shows.

We went to dinner and SYTYCD with some friends on Friday. We had floor seats and we were about 1/4 of the way back so we were pretty close! We were all excited because we seemed to have really good seats! But then once the show started, it was soooo difficult to see because the stage was really low so we could only see like the top half of the dancers, even though we were so close! That was kind of a bummer. I think from now on, no more floor seats for me at the BOK center. I would rather be in the real seats and actually be able to see than be a little closer and not able to see at all. The whole show was 3 hours long. The only thing I was disappointed about was that they didn't do many dances that were my favorites from the show! I didn't understand why they picked the dances they did. They also showed mostly Kayla's dances. I mean, I know that she was the judge's favorite, and in reality, probably the best dancer on the show that season, but I didn't like her. And I was sad that she kept coming out on stage. Blah. And she didn't freaking win!! Jeanine barely did any of her dances! I seriously think she did like 2, maybe 3, dances out of all of them, not including the group dances they featured. Don't get me wrong, they did lots of great dances, just not all of the ones that I would have picked.

There were 2 parts that were my favorite, well actually 3. The first was when Phillip did his solo. Oh my gosh, I forgot how much I love him! He seriously could have his own show and just stand up there and dance the whole time! He got a standing ovation! And then, remember on the show when Phillip and Jeanine had to do the Russian Folk dance? Haha, and Nigel talked some crap about how they wouldn't have that on the show anymore? Well, they kept having the two of them come out in their costumes, really excited to do the dance, and then the announcers would tell them to get of the stage. Well, finally towards the end, they came out and really did start doing the dance, and then everyone else came out and did a modified version (modified=waaaay better) and it was great! Here's a You Tube link to the one from the tour. And my third favorite was when they did one of the group dances to I Know You Want Me. That was the best one they did all night! Another awesome part of the night was when this guy behind us screamed out "I LOVE YOU JASON!!!" when it was almost silent and Jason was on stage! And I really mean that he screamed! That was hilarious and everyone was laughing.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

haha. I saw pictures of Heidi and Spencer dressed up like that. Last year, didnt they go as Plumber Joe and Sarah Palin? or soemthing along those lines. Ya, I agree, they can't REALLY be like that!

Mrs. Dew said...

I saw this earlier and thought it was HILARIOUS!

Jax said...

My fav routine was the I know you Want Me one!! And I so agree with you about floor seats at the BOK.. I prefer ones a few rows up beside te stage.. and that's where I plan to get seats for Bon Jovi!! Ps.. any desire to go to that? I think they go on sale next week sometime! I know some peeps aren't as pumped as me, but just sayin.. I love him.

And I SO agree about Heidi and Spencer. I do think they're dumb...but I think they're so freaking smart about the way they market themselves...and make themselves look as ridiculous as possible.. Quite comical actually. And do you watch Brothers and Sisters? Roxy, from The City is ON the show. Yeah. So much for the The Hills and the City "not being actors" (I act like someone just told me Santa wasn't real when it's obvi they're actors anyway.. haha).

What else has been going on, lovely?! Missing your bloggage!

Meredith said...

So the real question is--did Jason and Jeanine do the Jason Mraz heart dance that I rewound and watched 4 times (SO HOT)? I'm sure it was a great show! :)