November 16, 2009

Happy Monday!!

I just love Mondays! Did that sound sincere? I hope so :) Even Isabelle has a rough morning on mondays. She was very tired this morning :)

Over the weekend, I actually cleaned my house! Something that hasn't been done in forever. Ummm, it really needed it. Seriously, when I finished vacuuming just the main living areas, the vacuum was filled to the top with dust bunnies!! Sad, very very sad, but true. I am usually very on top of cleaning but with my current status, other things have more importance. Like sleep.

Okay, so I've always wanted to be all 'green' and clean my house with vinegar and baking soda and all that good stuff. So I figured, what better time to try it than when pregnant? So I did. (BTW, I have always cleaned our wood floors with vinegar and water, nothing works better and I love it.) But, I've never tackled the bathroom with these eco-friendly household recipes because, well, I am sort of a freak about disinfecting and I need the heavy stuff for disgusting places like bathrooms. I attempted a recommended combo of vinegar and baking soda for the bathroom. I used it on the counter, sink, tub and tile surround. Have you ever done this? What did/do you think? My verdict? Never again. The baking soda left a terrible reside when I could actually get it all off! I ended up cleaning the whole bathroom twice because of the gross residue the baking soda left. And I never even got it all cleaned up because this morning I spied a spot on the wall that I missed! No, I will be using regular cleaning products from now on! Not only was the clean up process/leftover residue annoying, but when I was finished cleaning the actual bathroom itself, I looked around and had the biggest mess from all of the household things I had used. Boo to that. Our floors look nice though :)

Annnnd, while I was scrubbing away in the bathtub, I was leaning on the soap holder thingy (that's the technical term in case you didn't know) on the wall and it came out of the wall!!! Haha. I was really startled by it, and then I didn't want to pull it all of the way out because who knows what's back there. Animals and bugs and lord knows what else. (our house is pretty old, like 60 years or so) Lee wasn't home so I had to be brave and I pulled it out. No animals! or bugs! Haha, I'm a big baby, we all know this. There was just some cement backer board back there. Exactly what's supposed to be! That is one thing about old homes like ours, they knew how to make them. And they didn't cut corners. We have the original bathroom and that backer board looked practically brand new. Crazy. And! When we were making the bookcases, every single time we went to make sure the wall was plumb or the corners were square, they were perfect, every single time. It's the little things. But, we don't have an indoor utility room. So there you go.

I also did something else over the weekend that I haven't done in forever. I went to the grocery store!! Haha, I have been to the grocery store exactly 2 times since I found out I was pregnant. Both times I raced through grabbing only what I 'needed', feeling like I was going to puke the entire time. What I purchased those 2 times deserves a whole other post! I should have taken a picture and titled it 'reasons pregnant women shouldn't go to the grocery store'. I have never been embarrassed to check out but I was those times! Little Debbie cakes, Pringles (my savior), ice cream, goldfish, twix....I could go on but I won't. It was like a 10 year old stole his mom's purse and bought food. The second time the cashier made comments about my food choices.

I also made dinner last night. I mean, boiling water and pouring pasta in it counts right? I also put bread in the oven. Yes, it counts.


Jennifer said...

Your post makes me very very happy because they sound very familiar. Love you

Jax said...

hahaha.. your grocery store encounters are funny.. twix, pringles.. mm... :) and note to self on not trying to clean the "green" way.. Icks. I hate Comet b/c it leaves a residue let alone baking soda.. Jackie=not patient with things like that. Good for you on the cleaning, girly! I feel like all you preggos get the cleaning urge and it amuses me to read about your "nesting" stuff.. XOXO!