October 27, 2009

Updates Turned into SYTYCD Rant

Hi hi hi :) Sorry I've been so MIA lately. I haven't really been in the blogging mood for whatever reason. And my life is boring and I'm pretty sure that you don't want to read about Lee's new shoes. That's about the only thing we've done in the past week!

I do have a couple of updates about random things. One, my car is fixed!! It was actually ready on the Friday morning after the Monday that Lee dropped it off! I was amazed at how quickly they finished it! He dropped it off late monday afternoon, so they really only worked on it for 3 days. And they had to order parts! It makes you wonder about other places who take forever. Anyway, my car looks all pretty and you can't even tell anything happened. I have never been so happy to drive that car as I was on the Friday I picked it up! A few months back, we were looking for a new car for me and decided to wait. Well, I'm pretty sure that I don't want a new car at all now :)

And, I got my permanent crown put in last week and I couldn't be happier about it! I have felt zero pain in that tooth since they did the prep work and it is woooonderful! But, remember when I went to that other dentist and they caused that nerve damage that rendered my tongue half numb? Yep, still there. For a little while I thought it was getting better, but it hasn't progressed any more at all :( I'm kind of bummed about it, although I'm sorta used to it by now. If I don't think about it then I'm fine, but when I do, it upsets me. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it for the time being other than just wait it out.

The So You Think You Can Dance tour is going to be in Tulsa on Friday and I'm going!! I almost completely forgot about it until my friend who's going with us reminded me about it! We've had tickets since the day they went on sale :) And seeing the beginning of the new season last night got me even more excited about it :) Speaking of, I just read on Us Weekly that one of the contestants had to leave the show because he has mono and another one injured her ankle, so she gets to sit out for one week and if it's healed, she's still in and if not, then she's out! How sad for them! The one with mono is really good too, he goes to Julliard. Maybe he'll be back next season!

This has been a strange season so far, because one of the girls they picked for top 20 turned them down to be in a movie. Not that it's weird she picked a movie ofer the show, but she waited to hear that she made it and was like, "Ohhh, I can't accept." Haha, I thought it was weird. And now this girl Ashleigh went in her place and I don't really like her. Her husband is also on the show and she is sooo awkward about it! Anytime anyone says something about him, she's like, "He's MINE" Duh lady, we are aware. And she makes weird faces, and she's soo not as good as the other female latin dancer. I mean, I really know a ton about dance so not only should I be making these judgements, but they should also ask me to be a judge on the show. ;)

And I'm sad that Mia Michaels is gone. And that surprised me because I used to not like her. But I am really sad. Okay, I'm done. Well, you know, for now :)

I can't believe it's the last week of October!!

October 21, 2009

This is why Wednesdays are the second best day of the week :)

THE Earrings

In case you were wondering (and you know you were!) I ended up getting my earrings at Dillards. I actually found these first but they were more expensive than what I wanted to pay. I think it was worth it!

The Other Stories

Okay, I should've just told the Gap and Swarovski stories since I mentioned them. Now you probably won't think they're that great because I talked about them and now you all have high expectations and because you kinda had to be there for the Swarovski one, but I'll try.

The Gap Story
After Banana this weekend, we went into the Gap. We moseyed on over to the jeans when a very awkward male teenage sales person approached us. He asked if he could help us find anything. we told him we were just browsing. We really were just browsing. Then he went on to tell us about the jeans. He said "Well, we have some jeans laying out here on this table (right in front of my face) and then we have some on this wall and over there (both places flanking the table in front of us)." Thank you Captain Obvious.

He kept talking about the jeans like we'd never been into a Gap before. My two friends were bitches and started laughing and left me with him. He told us that their jeans "are kind of confusing because they have both the waist size (27) and the 'real' size (6) listed on the label. (not really confusing to me, i actually kind of like it, but thanks anyway) And if you want to know about the style of the jeans, there are descriptions on the boxes next to them (points to obvious LARGE black boxes next to all the jeans)"

Wow, I almost lost it. Seriously dude? Well, I thanked him and went on about my business. Then about 15 minutes later, I made the poor decision to wander up to the front while waiting on a friend to check out. I overheard the same awkward teen talking to a woman customer. She asked "I'm not sure what the difference is between these two pairs of jeans." His response? "Neither do I, I'm not the designer." Bahahahaha!!!!! Say what?!?! I thought he'd just tell her to look on those magical boxes that describe the style. I had to leave the store immediately.

The Swarovski Story
I cannot explain in human words how long it took me to find earrings for my wedding. All I can guestimate is hours upon hours. I went to places I'd never heard of, never been to, and will never go again. One of them being Swarovski. Oookay. My bff Mary went to help me look after I called her likely in a complete meltdown about the impossibility of finding appropriate earrings. How can something so simple be so hard?!?! We had literally gone into every.single.store. in our mall that had even the remote possibility of carrying earrings. We went into a stripper-esque store. I'm completely serious.

So we finally went into Swarovski. It's a small store. I do believe that Mary and I were both wearing different shades of purple shirts. I actually think that I was wearing a purple t-shirt and shorts and she was wearing a dress or something. We sometimes accidentally wear similar colors. But never the same style. I am a jeans and t-shirts girl and she is way more stylish. Sorry, I digress.

We had just left the Gap (unrelated to the above story) where I believe several people told us that we matched. Um, no. We did not match. We were wearing similar colors. It was annoying. So, we walked into Swarovski. As I said, very small store. I could tell almost immediately that a)I wouldn't find anything, and b)very bad things were about to happen. We were greeted by a very bubbly albeit very flighty 20-something girl. He first comment? "Oh my gosh you're both wearing purple!!!!!!!" By this time in the search, I had taken to being silent and letting Mary speak for me. She's nicer than I am. So Mary was like, "oh, yeah I guess we are" or something like that. She and I exchanged a look. The sales girls replies, "That's okay, purple's a good color." Excuse me? Well, thank you for validating our preference for purple on this particular day. She asks what we're looking for. Again, Mary speaks for me, "She's looking for earrings for her wedding." At this point in the day, I was literally cringing at hearing the word 'wedding' because of the response it elicited. (Now I have to tell you the Limited story). The sales girls says to me "Oh my gosh, are you nervous?!?!" What? This was not the usual first response when someone heard I was getting married. I, as politely as I could, said "Not really". By this time, I had pretty much looked at the whole store and was ready to leave. The sales girl said "Do you want me to get a mirror and just start pulling out tons of earrings?" I said "No, I don't really see anything that I like, thank you." And we left.

The Limited
I love The Limited. Love. You know how the sales girls in there are always so cute and dressed up and usually in clothing from the store? Well, I think that this girl missed the memo. We were in there on the same day as the Swarovski incident (pre-Swarovski), so we were on the hunt for earrings. We would go into a store, look at nothing else, and leave. In our Limited, the earrings are in the very back of the store. We didn't see anything so we were leaving. We were about 2/3 of the way to the front, when a strangely-dressed girl who was at the front turned to our general direction, opened her arms out to the side as W-I-D-E as she could and called (yelled, really) out to us "SO WHAT DO WE THINK?!?!?!?!" Huh?! Mary and I were half laughing, half confused as to who she was speaking to. We were also super confused at to whether or not she really worked there. She was wearing this really weird outfit that looked like it came from the Bargain Basement. (to clarify, I have no problem with clothes from the Bargain Basement, but you just don't expect to see employees at The Limited wearing that at work, I'm pretty sure that they are supposed to wear clothes from the store) Turns out that, yes, she was talking to us. Lucky us! We were like what do we think about what? So of course, Mary gave her the dreaded response, we were looking for wedding earrings. Oh.My.Gosh. I thought the girl was going to eat me alive. She was like, "OHHH!!!! Give me a HUG!!!" *pause, pause, then extremely awkward hug* She proceeded to tell us that she had just finished planning her best friend's boyfriend's wedding. What? Isn't that your best friend's wedding?? I didn't get it, and still don't to this day. She kept talking about how she had planned this wedding and telling us stuff and saying how she could give us names of some great stores for earrings. Her great suggestions? Claires and The Icing. hahahahaha!!! Seriously, I think this girl wanted to leave her shift at The Limited and come with us to look for earrings. And then she wanted to plan my wedding. Or, maybe she wanted to plan my fiance's wedding ;) I think we stood there for a GOOD 8-10 minutes listening to her talk. It was so weird. You sorta had to be there for that one, but if I ever ask Mary "So what do we think?!" we both crack up.

I hope you got a giggle out of those :)

p.s. is it politically correct to call retail employees "sales people"? My hunch is probably not.

October 20, 2009

True Story

I went to Banana Republic over the weekend with two friends. This is seriously the course of events, in order, and practically word for word:

On the windows, there were HUGE signs talking about how you could get a $25 "Shop Card" when you spent $100. Okay. We walked in. A girl greeted us and said "For every $100 you spend, you will get a $25 shop card good for Nov 2 - 11." We thanked her. We saw a table of ribbed tank tops, you know the kind that look like they are for an infant because they stretch out so much? Always the sarcastic ones, we held up and extra small and joked "oh I don't think this will fit, I'm going to need an XXS". The same girl piped up, in a completely serious voice "We don't have XXS in those, XS is the smallest we have". We were confused, giggled a little and said "Oh, yeah, we were just making fun of how small the top was". The girl was silent. She didn't get it. We tried to stifle the screams of laughter and moved on.

We made it approximately 20 steps when another sales girl (she might have actually been the manager) approached us "For every $100 you spend, you will get a $25 shop card good for Nov 2 - 11." We politely thanked her and were slightly annoyed. There is no way she didn't hear the first girl. We made it about 15 more steps when yet another sales girl stopped us and said....wait for it....."For every $100 you spend, you will get a $25 shop card good for Nov 2 - 11." Bahahaha!! We talked some crap.

Mary liked a jacket and tried on a medium which was surprisingly snug. She then tried on a large which wasn't much better, with really long sleeves. She switched back and forth, spending a good 15 minutes trying them both on. Neither one looked good, they fit weird. A fourth sales girl spots her from across the store and runs over to tell Mary how much she loved the jacket and how well it fit her. Liar. That was a completely false statement.

Disappointed, we turn to leave when we run into the second sales girl/manager. She seemed confused that we weren't buying anything. She told us again about the shop card. We said that we didn't really find anything. She proceeded to tell us that the promotion would be going on for the next several days so we could come back and buy something so that we could get the card and then went on to tell us their store hours for the next three days!!!

WTF, Banana?

If you liked this story, you should ask me about what happened at the Gap after that, and also ask about the Swarovski incident while we were shopping for wedding jewelery. That one's a doozie.

October 15, 2009

My dream fan

Have you seen this? Dyson came out with a bladeless fan and it is awesome!!! Lee and I sleep with a fan every single night. We need the noise. But we have had so many issues with fans over the years. The smallish round oscillating fans that sit on the floor take up too much room in our already-packed bedroom. We got a tall, slim fan as a wedding gift, which is a great size, but it makes weird noises and it's more distracting that sleep-inducing. The Dyson fan is the answer to it all! The only issue is the $300 price tag! That's right, it's a three with TWO zeros after it! Still so awesome. I mean, if we can pay $500 for the best vacuum I've ever had, we can surely afford this, right? :)

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Yippee! Oh, and Glee was so freaking good last night. It's my favorite show ever!

October 13, 2009

I do love a good Joe Pesci movie

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my husband is? Well, he is totally awesome! (i feel like that phrase is appropriate for the 80's only) Seriously, yesterday he completely took care of everything related to my accident. I thought that he'd call our insurance guy then call me and tell me what he said. But by the time I talked to him at noon yesterday, he had already talked to several insurance people, taken the car to get a repair estimate, arranged for a rental car, and was already on his way back to the collision repair center to drop off my car and have the rental car delivered to him! I thanked him about 3930 times last night. His response? "Well, you told me yesterday that you wanted me to deal with everything" Haha, okay, so maybe I forgot about that little detail. I was too embarrassed to discuss it with anyone!!

So he called when he was on his way to take my car in and get the rental. Our discussion went a little like this:

Me: So I wonder what kind of rental car I'll get. Did they tell you?
Him: No, but I was wondering that too.
Me: Maybe it'll be something cool
Him: Maybe, I doubt it!
Me: It'll probably be like a Buick or something

About 45 minutes later I get a text from him saying that I got a Buick! LOL. I asked him if it was a metallic mint green skylark convertible (please tell me you know My Cousin Vinny...the two yout's? lol) Luckily it was not a metallic mint green skylark convertible. It was this:
A 2010 Buick LaCrosse. It looks pretty good, right? I was impressed, especially with what I was expecting. Um, it is terrible to drive!! I drove it to work this afternoon (hubby took me this morning because i wasn't feeling well :) ) and I was like, okay this is not the car to give to a girl who has just caused a wreck! There are like a million blind spots. The windows are tiny, you feel really enclosed! Oh well, it's only for 5 days, hopefully!

Okay I have a meeting but I just wanted to share my new death trap with you all. I'm not feeling 100% today so I might go home after the meeting. Maybe it's swine flu! haha, kidding....sorta :)

October 12, 2009

Monday Funday!

I'm having a pretty good Monday, and that's awesome because this weekend was not so fantastic!

Friday night Lee's birthday was a success. Dinner was good (they even had my most favorite soup EVER! and they never have it!) and he was very surprised with/enjoyed his gifts. Nothing too exciting, but here are some pictures from the evening:

Then on Saturday, Lee went to Norman for the OU game. While he was gone, I went to the mall for a couple things, and as I was leaving, I totally slammed into another car while trying to turn left across 4 lanes of traffic :( I have never been in a car accident before so it really shook me up. And the car I hit, I hit on the back passenger side and two little girls were in the car!! It was everything I could do not to cry. The girls were just fine, thank God, and the man was SUPER nice. A lot nicer than I probably would have been. I felt soooo stupid. Like I was the only person in the world who has ever caused a wreck. The man was driving a company car so we had to call the police, so I knew that I would probably get a ticket. When the cop got there, he was soooo nice too, he kept apologizing to me that he had to give me a ticket. He was so nice that I started crying, but tried to pretend like I wasn't. Anyway, everyone was just fine so that is the important thing, but it's just embarrassing to admit to people. I mean, I just absolutely did not see him at all! My car has pretty bad blind spots in the front and back so I have always been extra cautious, but I guess this time I should have looked once more. I pretty much cried off and on all day on Saturday. And it was worse because Lee wasn't here. He kept asking if I wanted him to come home but I wanted him to have fun with his friends so I said no. Well, he ended up not really having a great time and said he would rather have come home!

Here's what my car looks like :( Ugh, I could cry just looking at it! I love my car! I didn't take a picture of it, but behind the headlight, on the side panel, it's all dented in there too. I'm very lucky that I didn't do any damage to the engine or radiator or anything.
And to make matters worse, we had JUST changed out car insurance to a higher deductible, because we never get into accidents! We did that on Oct.1! I am so mad at myself. And just as I was trying to figure out how to pay for the damage, I checked the mail and we had gotten a check from my old homeowner's insurance for the amount we had overpaid when we switched to the new company (we moved homeowners and cars all into one). It was almost the exact amount of our deductible! Seriously that was a gift from God because I was stressing out! Lee has the day off work today so he called the insurance guy and he has gotten it all taken care of :) My car is in the shop as we speak and I'm getting a rental.
I feel much better about the whole situation today, but Lee said that the insurance claims adjuster is going to call me for a statement! I have yet to be able to talk about it without crying, so I really hope that I can hold it together because that would be really embarrassing!

Lee got back from Norman yesterday around noon, and I'm not lying when I say that we laid on the couch all day long!! We never do that, but we were both exhausted from our Saturday events. The house was a mess when I left this morning, I mean, really bad! haha, oh well.
I just got some really exciting news at work, my supervisor is getting switched to someone that I'm good friends with and who is a lot better than my previous supervisor and I am SO excited!! I mean, seriously people, this is the best news I've gotten since the day I started here!
Okay, we've got a meeting (likely about the supervisor change, since she told me right when she found out!) so I've gotta run, but I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

October 9, 2009

Friday and a birthday!!

Yay for Fridays! Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week, even though I work on Fridays. It's just such a great day, knowing that you'll have two whole days off and so many possibilities and plans for what to do with the weekend! Saturdays are great, but I'm always thinking, great, tomorrow is Sunday and Sundays are the worst because you're dreading Monday! haha, maybe it's just me, but I seriously love Fridays!

Today is a very special day, Lee's birthday!!! He made me laugh the other day because I was getting all excited and asking him if he was excited and he said he wasn't. What? I didn't get it, and then he said he was not excited because he's getting old!! LOL, and I seriously did laugh out loud. He's 28 today for crying out loud!! That is certainly not old! I told him that when he turns 60, then he can say he's getting old. And in my opinion, you should be happy to grow old, because that means you're living a long time! Anyway, sorry for the tangent. We aren't doing a whole lot this year, for any holidays really. Mostly because we just had the wedding and we're both tired of feeling like we have to plan so much and basically hemorrhage money! So we're just going out to dinner tonight with my parents and hanging out. Then tomorrow he's going to Norman for the OU game, his first of this season. And he's staying there to celebrate with his friends. Part of me was secretly happy that he didn't even invite me, and part of me was like, uh, you don't want me to go?! Haha. But, I think it's because he's only going because someone has an extra ticket, and when he made the plans, he didn't even think about it being his birthday weekend! I know, right?! Boys are SO weird.

For his birthday, he didn't want anything! What?! Uh, it's your birthday. I think I already said that my parents and I are getting him a spray-in bed liner for his truck. He has really been wanting one ever since he bought the truck, so he will be really excited, and he has no idea. He seriously thinks we're not getting him anything! A bed liner sounds really boring and blah to me, but that's what he really wants, and I guess that maybe he thought the same thing about me wanting a purse for my birthday! Oh, and the girls are getting him that poster that I talked about before. (yes, the dogs give gifts) I finally went to a local framing store and said I wanted to spend less than $100 so she worked with me and it ended up being a little over, but at that point, I just wanted to get the thing framed! Bust sadly it won't be ready until next Friday :( I'm just going to keep it a surprise until then. And, how perfect is this. We are making his man room/office and he has had this huge hideous framed picture of a golf bag since before we met. I have had it hiding in a closet since we moved into our house and he pulled it out a month ago and said that he wanted to hang it in there. I said nothing except for "okay". It's his room and he can have what he wants. (this is a large step for me!) So the other day he started talking about how he didn't know if he wanted it in there anymore because it doesn't really mean anything to him and blah blah. And he started talking about how he maybe wanted to find something else to hang in there! Perfect! I almost squealed about the OU pic but I said nothing! I am really bad about keeping secrets.

AND today is his day off from work and it's totally gross and rainy and cold outside and he offered to take me to work this morning!! Isn't he the sweetest? I totally don't deserve him! I would never have offered to get out in the cold and rain at 7am to drive him to work! And now he's here so that we can go to lunch!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

October 8, 2009

Catching Up

Do you ever feel like you're in a rush to catch up with all of your bloggie buddies? That's how I feel today, and I only missed one day!! Most days, when I'm sitting at work, bored out of my mind, checking any and every blog I can, I am screaming inside my head "someone update!!" Lol, I promise I'm not a crazy stalker.

Yesterday I was out of commission. I feel like I should be today too, but really the world does not stop because my mouth is hurting. I know, weird huh? :)

I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get my (temporary for now) crown. I was SUPER nervous for some reason! All my life I've dealt with getting fillings. And I've been okay. I was blessed with teeth that get cavities very easily (there's a name I've been told but I don't remember...dense? something like that) plus I'm pretty much a sugar-aholic, so that doesn't help. The point is that I'm no stranger to the little drill or novocaine needle.

So why, oh why, was I sitting in the dentist's chair on Tuesday, 27 years old, with the hard part already over with (the needle) and I started crying?! Seriously, a couple of tears fell before I could snap myself out of it. Luckily no one was around to see. They did all the drilling and although my hands were clenched together as tight as possible and I was sweating like nobody's business expecting the worst, I did not feel ANY pain at all, I was completely numb (yes, as one should be and I always am, but I still can't get over the fear). I was told it would take 30 minutes. No, that was a LIE, I was there for over an hour. Anyway, the point of all this is that they had me biting down a lot and doing all of this grinding my teeth crap which is fine. But, they had me bite down one time for, literally, 13 minutes. I stared at the clock because whatever it was tasted disgusting, and he said it would only be 10 minutes, and it was 13!!! During those 13 minutes, I'm 99.9% positive that my numb tongue was stuck in my bite because it looks like I bit a chunk out of my tongue. I've never bitten on my tongue when it was numb, and I can't believe how excruciating the pain is! It's terrible. Never do it. I was hysterically crying yesterday after I brushed my teeth. I was a mess. All I wanted to do was take some of Lee's pain pills from when he hurt his finger and sleep, because that's the only time it doesn't hurt. And I talk, well, like Corky from Life Goes On. I'm trying to be a little PC here, but you get the idea. Lee called me Corky yesterday and I cried. Even though I know it's totally true and I totally would have made even more fun of him had the situation been reversed. The good news is that I can't eat. The bad news is that I can't NOT eat, so I do it anyway and then it hurts like a bitch.

The OTHER good news is that I have no pain in the tooth they they were fixing!! Yay!! It's amazing to drink ice water without screaming out in pain! Yay again! The last bit of good news is that I really really like the dentist. So really, way more good news than bad, but still. (oh and you know, I got to stay home from work :) )I kind of want to take a picture of my tongue and post it, but that's gross to me so I won't.

I hope no one at work talks to me because I'm embarrassed to say anything. The S's are the worst. Ugh!!

Today is Thursday, I really like Thursdays and I have stuff to do at work today! LOL, what a great day :)

October 6, 2009

I like to see the glass as half full!

Do you know anyone with the Swine Flu? I know several, and while I don't come into close contact with any of them on a daily basis, the other night I was wondering if I would get it this year. I haven't had the regular flu since 8th grade. I had to miss the Valentine's day dance! Heartbreaking. But, my parents did move a tv into my room so score for that!

So while I was talking with Lee about it, I actually began to think it would be a good thing if I got the swine flu! Here are my arguments:

1. I would miss work. Lots and lots of work. That, my friends, is never a bad thing!
2. I would get to lay in bed and cuddle with my puppies all day long, which is wonderful this time of year!
3. I would get to watch tons of tv, and maybe watch seasons of shows I've never seen but always wanted to (like One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl)
4. I'd probably lose weight. SCORE!
5. I wouldn't have the energy to go shopping for anything, so we would save money!
6. I would have an excuse to make people wait on me and for my dad to make me triple chocolate chip cupcakes and come clean my house! Wait! Would the triple chocolate chip cupcakes ruin my weight loss? hmmm...must think on that one.
7. I'm really good at being sick and pathetic :)
8. This might be the last flu season that I don't have kids, so I should really just get it over with and out of the way for the next 14 years.

I mean, come on, those are all great reasons to wish an illness upon myself, right?! Okay, i'm going to talk to the girl whose twins have the swine flu and breath very deeply and hope she coughs on me!

October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap!

In list form because well, I like lists!!


  • I left work and sat in terrible traffic. Stupid Tulsa State Fair, I live right by it and it's horrible every year
  • Made cookies and headed over to Jenny's for dinner with a couple people
  • Had lotsa fun over there visiting and holding babies
  • uhhh, drank too much. let's just say that I owe Lee :)


  • got up around 8ish thinking that i might feel well enough to paint the man room
  • although I could have painted, I chose to lay in bed or on the couch all day long and watched movies and E! reality shows
  • have you ever seen Maneater on Lifetime, it's like a 4 hour movie, and really good :)
  • we had Chili's for dinner and mourned the performance of OU :(


  • got up around 8ish thinking i had lots of energy and i should paint the man room
  • sat on the couch for a long time thinking about how i should be painting
  • finally got around to painting and i was so lazy that i tried to do just one thick coat instead of 2 coats, if you paint as much as i do, you know 2 costs is far superior
  • whatever, it looks pretty good for 2 hours of lazy painting :)
  • i started getting everything organized, and we decided to pull my old desk out of the shed and use it in there since we really do need some desk space somewhere in the house.
  • we aren't finished yet, but i'll post pictures when we are, i'm hoping it looks as good as i am envisioning, which really isn't all that spectacular, but still!! haha
  • folded lots of laundry
  • made stuffed shells for dinner which were really good AND from the weight watchers cookbook!

Today I woke up before the alarm, weird! I cuddled with Zoe for a while, she is the best morning-time cuddle puppy ever. You can bet that I tell her that every morning, because she is! Here's a random funny story about her in the morning. Several, several months back, both Isabelle and Zoe were on medicine that they each had to take in the morning. Whenever we give them meds we put it in a piece of cheese. Well, they LOVE cheese now. They know when you're opening a piece, they know what the word means, and they even know when we spell it because we had to start spelling it out since they got so excited about it! We now have to call it "you know what" haha. Anywho, Lee feeds them every single morning, I never do it anymore. Mostly because Isabelle gets up really early for breakfast and Lee will get up with her and I refuse to. And also because Lee can go back to sleep and I can't. Well, they still get a piece of cheese in the morning! No, they don't take their meds anymore, but Lee still gives it to them because he's a sucker. haha :) Zoe is more like me and doesn't like to get up in the mornings as much as Lee and Isabelle do. She usually curls up with me under the covers :) So, now when Lee gets up to fix the girls' breakfast, Zoe will lay or sit on the edge of the bed waiting for her cheese because she knows that Lee will bring it to her! haha, she used to at least get up and go in the kitchen, but now she doesn't even do that! Uh, yeah, they are spoiled beyond words.

I was up so early this morning that I did the dishes and folded a basket of towels! I really wanted to stay home and do some housework since apparently I was in the mood, but sadly I am at work.

Tomorrow I am getting my crown put on :( I think they put on a temporary one first, then you have to go back for the real one. I am not excited about the appointment, except that I get to leave work early and then I will have an excuse to go home and do nothing.

AND, Lee's birthday is on FRIDAY!!! Yay!!!

October 2, 2009

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!

It's 1:45pm here and so far today, I've watched the following:

2 episodes of Drop Dead Diva
1 episode of Project Runway
Last night's Flash Forward

I'm now preparing to watch as many episodes of Models of the Runway necessary to get me to the end of my work day. Yes, I have been at work all day. I just discovered the online world of television yesterday and it helps with my boredom at work! Although people walking by HAVE to be suspicious of me staring straight ahead with earphones in for 5 straight hours. Yes, one would think. One would also think that someone at work would have noticed that I cut 5 inches of hair off too. I mean, not that I care or anything :)

I'm sooooo ready for the weekend!! Who isn't really? Tonight I will be drinking heavily which I might regret tomorrow, as I plan to paint and organize the "man room." With the way my body has reacted to drinking lately, I seriously doubt that my current Saturday plans will hold up! Saturday night, we are watching the OU game (well Lee will be watching, I'll probably sneak into the bedroom and watch a Lifetime movie) and we are getting Chili's to go, yes, we have already discussed and planned this. Yesterday, Lee emailed me to say how excited he is for Chili's to go! Haha, we are lame and I don't really care :)

Okay, Models of the Runway is calling my name! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

October 1, 2009

My iPod

has been resurrected!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO idea what happened, but today I thought I'd just try one more time and it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!

AND tonight I'm making 2 desserts AND corn dip!! Could this day get any better? I think not! Well, perhaps if I was not slightly hungover from having 2 martinis last night. I guess I'm old or something......although one of my bosses did tell me today that he though I was 24! hahahaha, that was a really fun laugh!

omg, did i just get excited because someone mistakenly though i was 24? i AM old :(

Crazy dreams

Last night I had 2 very strange dreams.

In the first one, I was very pregnant, like 38 weeks. And I skipped my doctors appointment so that I could go shopping or something. And then I was freaking out because I thought that I would go into labor and I wouldn't realize what it was. I kept asking Jenny and Kat if I would know what labor was when it happened. Then I realized that I needed to reschedule my dr appt so that she could tell me my progress. It was soooo real, as most dreams are. When I woke up I was freaking out and then realized that it was a dream.

And in the second dream, I was hanging out with a friend that I used to work with. For some reason, we went over to her mom's house. In the dream she had more than 10 brothers and sisters (she has one sister in real life) and they were all physically and/or mentally challenged. All of the kids were running around in the front yard, but some were in wheelchairs. Then her mom came out of the house with a rolling pin and shoved it into one of the boys' mouth because it was supposed to "help with his bite". And all of these kids were biologically hers, not adopted, she gave birth to every single one, and there was no dad.

I think maybe I'm going crazy.