October 1, 2009

My iPod

has been resurrected!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO idea what happened, but today I thought I'd just try one more time and it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!

AND tonight I'm making 2 desserts AND corn dip!! Could this day get any better? I think not! Well, perhaps if I was not slightly hungover from having 2 martinis last night. I guess I'm old or something......although one of my bosses did tell me today that he though I was 24! hahahaha, that was a really fun laugh!

omg, did i just get excited because someone mistakenly though i was 24? i AM old :(


Annie said...

YAY for your ipod working again!!
i thought i had lost my itouch over the weekend, turns out it ended up in my sisters bag. i almost cried when i thought i would never see it again.

what is corn dip? i want some! ;)

{lauryl} said...

Yeah, someone guessed my age at 22 the other day and I was insanely flattered. Yikes.

Tatiana said...

So glad that the ipod is working again! And that corn dip sounds yummy! I've never heard of it!

Jax said...

hahahahaha.. Dude. When people id me, I get pumped and then I think they're just being nice.. haha.. Whatever. So glad the ipod is working again! Eric was no help btw. I totally asked him and he was like "I'd have to see it." haha.. So, glad it's working again! So ready for the weekend b/c I plan to have some martinis..or wine.. or whatever..