October 2, 2009

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!

It's 1:45pm here and so far today, I've watched the following:

2 episodes of Drop Dead Diva
1 episode of Project Runway
Last night's Flash Forward

I'm now preparing to watch as many episodes of Models of the Runway necessary to get me to the end of my work day. Yes, I have been at work all day. I just discovered the online world of television yesterday and it helps with my boredom at work! Although people walking by HAVE to be suspicious of me staring straight ahead with earphones in for 5 straight hours. Yes, one would think. One would also think that someone at work would have noticed that I cut 5 inches of hair off too. I mean, not that I care or anything :)

I'm sooooo ready for the weekend!! Who isn't really? Tonight I will be drinking heavily which I might regret tomorrow, as I plan to paint and organize the "man room." With the way my body has reacted to drinking lately, I seriously doubt that my current Saturday plans will hold up! Saturday night, we are watching the OU game (well Lee will be watching, I'll probably sneak into the bedroom and watch a Lifetime movie) and we are getting Chili's to go, yes, we have already discussed and planned this. Yesterday, Lee emailed me to say how excited he is for Chili's to go! Haha, we are lame and I don't really care :)

Okay, Models of the Runway is calling my name! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


G said...

This made me laugh out loud that no one is noticing any of this.. haha.. I was so shocked at PR btw! I thought the stuff they hated was actually really cute!!! I guess I have no taste or something. haha!-Jackie :)

Tatiana said...

That's too funny!!! I can't believe they didn't see you at all!!! And this falls tv is insanely addictive!!!!
So happy it's the weekend!!!!! I hope you get to have lots of fun :-)

jv726 said...

Can I just say that I LOVE that you are watching tv at work?!?! My computer faces the aisle, otherwise I would do that too!!
And as far as your comment on my blog...I dont think he can get free T.P. bummer huh?!!?! but if he does maybe I will send you some;)
and as far as babies, both sets of our neighbors we hang out with are trying for kids, and most of our friends too and it makes me feel like we are being left behind..haha, i guess i just dont like to come in last :)
have a great weekend!!

jv726 said...

oh--and you should post a picture of your new hair do!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I have watched tv on my computer at work before when I was bored. NOT in a long time because I got paranoid, but ya, I hear you on that!

Jill said...

So funny that you watched TV on the computer at work. Great idea! Hope you had a great weekend.