October 9, 2009

Friday and a birthday!!

Yay for Fridays! Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week, even though I work on Fridays. It's just such a great day, knowing that you'll have two whole days off and so many possibilities and plans for what to do with the weekend! Saturdays are great, but I'm always thinking, great, tomorrow is Sunday and Sundays are the worst because you're dreading Monday! haha, maybe it's just me, but I seriously love Fridays!

Today is a very special day, Lee's birthday!!! He made me laugh the other day because I was getting all excited and asking him if he was excited and he said he wasn't. What? I didn't get it, and then he said he was not excited because he's getting old!! LOL, and I seriously did laugh out loud. He's 28 today for crying out loud!! That is certainly not old! I told him that when he turns 60, then he can say he's getting old. And in my opinion, you should be happy to grow old, because that means you're living a long time! Anyway, sorry for the tangent. We aren't doing a whole lot this year, for any holidays really. Mostly because we just had the wedding and we're both tired of feeling like we have to plan so much and basically hemorrhage money! So we're just going out to dinner tonight with my parents and hanging out. Then tomorrow he's going to Norman for the OU game, his first of this season. And he's staying there to celebrate with his friends. Part of me was secretly happy that he didn't even invite me, and part of me was like, uh, you don't want me to go?! Haha. But, I think it's because he's only going because someone has an extra ticket, and when he made the plans, he didn't even think about it being his birthday weekend! I know, right?! Boys are SO weird.

For his birthday, he didn't want anything! What?! Uh, it's your birthday. I think I already said that my parents and I are getting him a spray-in bed liner for his truck. He has really been wanting one ever since he bought the truck, so he will be really excited, and he has no idea. He seriously thinks we're not getting him anything! A bed liner sounds really boring and blah to me, but that's what he really wants, and I guess that maybe he thought the same thing about me wanting a purse for my birthday! Oh, and the girls are getting him that poster that I talked about before. (yes, the dogs give gifts) I finally went to a local framing store and said I wanted to spend less than $100 so she worked with me and it ended up being a little over, but at that point, I just wanted to get the thing framed! Bust sadly it won't be ready until next Friday :( I'm just going to keep it a surprise until then. And, how perfect is this. We are making his man room/office and he has had this huge hideous framed picture of a golf bag since before we met. I have had it hiding in a closet since we moved into our house and he pulled it out a month ago and said that he wanted to hang it in there. I said nothing except for "okay". It's his room and he can have what he wants. (this is a large step for me!) So the other day he started talking about how he didn't know if he wanted it in there anymore because it doesn't really mean anything to him and blah blah. And he started talking about how he maybe wanted to find something else to hang in there! Perfect! I almost squealed about the OU pic but I said nothing! I am really bad about keeping secrets.

AND today is his day off from work and it's totally gross and rainy and cold outside and he offered to take me to work this morning!! Isn't he the sweetest? I totally don't deserve him! I would never have offered to get out in the cold and rain at 7am to drive him to work! And now he's here so that we can go to lunch!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ha. Good for you saying "okay" to the picture he wanted. I have learned the "okay" answer and I think I have it down now. what is the man room for?? watching TV and stuff? I gave my husband a shed out back for his "man room" haha. I m so nice :)
I love Fridays too. I have since I was in 1st grade becuase on Fridays you got to bring home all your artwork and papers from the week! ha, seriously. I loved bringing that stuff home!
I think the same way about Sundays!

Jax said...

Aw! You and Lee are cute! :) I love that I feel so in on the secret here..haha! :) He's gonna dig that poster! Eric started rambling about how cool the apple tv's are and I acted so confused like "wait, what's that? a real tv?" when all the while it was sitting at my apt wrapped for his bday! I was so excited he affirmed that he wanted one!

Your analysis of Friday is PERFECT! I used to loathe Saturdays actually b/c at the firm I had to work on most Sundays so the "YIPPEE Friday!" mentality stuck with me!

Happy weekend, lovely! And O fest is coming up! We need to plan to go together or something!

Suzanne said...

Welcome to the joys of married life when you realize that men never tell you what they want. Umm...ya I'm planning to spend like $500 on Bryan's 30th bday present next year (Boudoir pics) - totally ridiculous, but oh the things you do for love. Have a fab weekend and enjoy your alone time. Bryan has class every Thursday night until around 9 and - as much as I miss him - I love those few hours I have alone.

Tatiana said...

I love fridays! ... as long as I don't have to work in the weekend! Happy birthday to Lee! And that's too funny that the dogs get to give him presents too! I will tell my husband that, so maybe I can get more stuff too :-) haha. That is soo cool that you're having this little surprise for him! Can't wait to hear about how he felt! Happy Friday!

{lauryl} said...

Haha, I'm totally with you on the weird man crap. Sammy had some really FUGLY posters and "art," but the man also fortunately has taste, so he didn't suggest hanging any of it in our home. He's kept a couple pieces that hang above his music set-up in our garage. And that's fine by me. Happy birthday to Lee, I kind of understand where he's coming from with the lack of bday excitement... I turned 28 this year too, and it was definitely my least exciting bday ever. But 30 should be cool, right? We have a birthday to look forward to? ;-)

Short Southern Momma said...

Hope Lee has a great birthday! I love that he is going to be surprised! I love Fridays too! Hope you have a great weekend! = )

jv726 said...

Thats funny that Lee said he is getting old, 28 is so not old!! Don said he wants to sit in the house with the curtains closed and watch tv on his birthday in April b/c he is turning 30 and feels old. Geez...little does he know I am trying to plan a trip to NY! :)
I hope you guys had a great time this weekend celebrating Lees birthday and that he liked his bed liner ;)