October 13, 2009

I do love a good Joe Pesci movie

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my husband is? Well, he is totally awesome! (i feel like that phrase is appropriate for the 80's only) Seriously, yesterday he completely took care of everything related to my accident. I thought that he'd call our insurance guy then call me and tell me what he said. But by the time I talked to him at noon yesterday, he had already talked to several insurance people, taken the car to get a repair estimate, arranged for a rental car, and was already on his way back to the collision repair center to drop off my car and have the rental car delivered to him! I thanked him about 3930 times last night. His response? "Well, you told me yesterday that you wanted me to deal with everything" Haha, okay, so maybe I forgot about that little detail. I was too embarrassed to discuss it with anyone!!

So he called when he was on his way to take my car in and get the rental. Our discussion went a little like this:

Me: So I wonder what kind of rental car I'll get. Did they tell you?
Him: No, but I was wondering that too.
Me: Maybe it'll be something cool
Him: Maybe, I doubt it!
Me: It'll probably be like a Buick or something

About 45 minutes later I get a text from him saying that I got a Buick! LOL. I asked him if it was a metallic mint green skylark convertible (please tell me you know My Cousin Vinny...the two yout's? lol) Luckily it was not a metallic mint green skylark convertible. It was this:
A 2010 Buick LaCrosse. It looks pretty good, right? I was impressed, especially with what I was expecting. Um, it is terrible to drive!! I drove it to work this afternoon (hubby took me this morning because i wasn't feeling well :) ) and I was like, okay this is not the car to give to a girl who has just caused a wreck! There are like a million blind spots. The windows are tiny, you feel really enclosed! Oh well, it's only for 5 days, hopefully!

Okay I have a meeting but I just wanted to share my new death trap with you all. I'm not feeling 100% today so I might go home after the meeting. Maybe it's swine flu! haha, kidding....sorta :)


Jax said...

"I wanted to share my new death trap with you" hahahaha.. Awesome. And Lee gets bonus points. I get like that all the time when something happens. I just want someone else to handle it b/c it upsets me.. Lee=major points. :)

Suzanne said...

What a great hubs! I got hit in my month old car, 3 days before my wedding, on my way to my bridal portraits (long story on why it took so long to do them). I ended up getting two rentals b/c the first was a Chevy Monte Carlo that didn't fit on my side of the garage. The second was a PT Cruiser. Needless to say, my rental experiences have not been the best.

Short Southern Momma said...

you have a great hubby girl! I love my cousin vinny!! That was too funny! Hope your having a great day! = )

Hailey {HRH} said...

OMG my inlaws drive a buick. i dont understand - the older people get - the bigger cars they get. and yes those things are awful to drive. its like trying to get around in a boat on the road! at least you only have 5 days of it.

and what a super sweet hubby!

brooke knight said...

aww, yay for sweet husbands. i was going to tell you earlier that i'm so sorry about your wreck! i have been in a few, one with kids in the car. it really sucks and there's nothing wrong with moping for an entire day or so to make up for it. hang in there!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am super impressed!!! It actually looks really nice but too bad it doesn't drive well! I just had a rental for FOUR months waiting for my new car to arrive.

katandkarl said...

(what i mean is FEEL BETTER!)

katandkarl said...


Kaitlin said...

PS- not that there's anything wrong with a Ford Focus, just a wee bit small for me :)

Kaitlin said...

So sorry about your wreck! That rental car does look much better than the usual- I think I received a Ford Focus the last time my co. car was hit and I had to beg for an upgrade! Kudos to Lee for handling it all for you :)