October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap!

In list form because well, I like lists!!


  • I left work and sat in terrible traffic. Stupid Tulsa State Fair, I live right by it and it's horrible every year
  • Made cookies and headed over to Jenny's for dinner with a couple people
  • Had lotsa fun over there visiting and holding babies
  • uhhh, drank too much. let's just say that I owe Lee :)


  • got up around 8ish thinking that i might feel well enough to paint the man room
  • although I could have painted, I chose to lay in bed or on the couch all day long and watched movies and E! reality shows
  • have you ever seen Maneater on Lifetime, it's like a 4 hour movie, and really good :)
  • we had Chili's for dinner and mourned the performance of OU :(


  • got up around 8ish thinking i had lots of energy and i should paint the man room
  • sat on the couch for a long time thinking about how i should be painting
  • finally got around to painting and i was so lazy that i tried to do just one thick coat instead of 2 coats, if you paint as much as i do, you know 2 costs is far superior
  • whatever, it looks pretty good for 2 hours of lazy painting :)
  • i started getting everything organized, and we decided to pull my old desk out of the shed and use it in there since we really do need some desk space somewhere in the house.
  • we aren't finished yet, but i'll post pictures when we are, i'm hoping it looks as good as i am envisioning, which really isn't all that spectacular, but still!! haha
  • folded lots of laundry
  • made stuffed shells for dinner which were really good AND from the weight watchers cookbook!

Today I woke up before the alarm, weird! I cuddled with Zoe for a while, she is the best morning-time cuddle puppy ever. You can bet that I tell her that every morning, because she is! Here's a random funny story about her in the morning. Several, several months back, both Isabelle and Zoe were on medicine that they each had to take in the morning. Whenever we give them meds we put it in a piece of cheese. Well, they LOVE cheese now. They know when you're opening a piece, they know what the word means, and they even know when we spell it because we had to start spelling it out since they got so excited about it! We now have to call it "you know what" haha. Anywho, Lee feeds them every single morning, I never do it anymore. Mostly because Isabelle gets up really early for breakfast and Lee will get up with her and I refuse to. And also because Lee can go back to sleep and I can't. Well, they still get a piece of cheese in the morning! No, they don't take their meds anymore, but Lee still gives it to them because he's a sucker. haha :) Zoe is more like me and doesn't like to get up in the mornings as much as Lee and Isabelle do. She usually curls up with me under the covers :) So, now when Lee gets up to fix the girls' breakfast, Zoe will lay or sit on the edge of the bed waiting for her cheese because she knows that Lee will bring it to her! haha, she used to at least get up and go in the kitchen, but now she doesn't even do that! Uh, yeah, they are spoiled beyond words.

I was up so early this morning that I did the dishes and folded a basket of towels! I really wanted to stay home and do some housework since apparently I was in the mood, but sadly I am at work.

Tomorrow I am getting my crown put on :( I think they put on a temporary one first, then you have to go back for the real one. I am not excited about the appointment, except that I get to leave work early and then I will have an excuse to go home and do nothing.

AND, Lee's birthday is on FRIDAY!!! Yay!!!


Tatiana said...

oh that's too funny! I've never heard of any dogs eating cheese! Your dogs must be really smart to even know how to spell! haha! Happy monday to you!

Jennifer said...

Henry is addicted to Kraft singles. We're having an intervention.

emotional diva said...

you are so funny! i am with you on the at least getting to leave work early thing. only i work from home so it's just waiting for me when i get back...LOL

dogs eating cheese? does this happen? =)

happy early birthday to lee! =)

Jax said...

haha.. Gracie looooves cheese! Thats hilarious! Icks about the crown tomorrow. Good luck, lovely! Speaking of the fair, I totally cant decide if I even want to attempt it this year.. haha.. I dont really DO anything except eat horrible foods (by horrible I mean delicious but might as well be taped to my ass). I had an I want to stay at home today day too.. but alas I had a meeting in Glenpool at 7am. The face you made is likely the face I made at 6am this morning. haha! Weekends are not long enough! Hooray for Lee's bday coming up!

Lindsey said...

How funny that your dog likes cheese, hahaha!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Hhaha. That is too funny that the dogs like cheese THAT MUCH! My dog was on medication a couple months ago and I COULD Not get her to swallow the pill. I fought with her and tried to "trick" her. I held her down and squirted water down her throat after I popped the pill in...When My husband came home I told him what a hard time I was having. He went to the fridge- got a slice of cheese and wrapped the pill in half a slice. He popped it the dog's mouth- and VOILA! She didn’t even chew that sh*t!
Now, I give her fish oil pills daily (I guess they are good for allergies and inflammation that she was getting from an allergy). I wrap one of those big fish oil pills every day up in cheese and the dog lOVES IT! I just hope she never bites down, because when one of those fish oil capsules break- EW! The smell is nasty!