September 30, 2009

Remember these bad boys?

Um, yeah, well...they still look like that!! LOL. We have not done ONE THING to them!! At the very least we really need to get the cabinet doors for the bottom shelves, which are supposed to actually be cabinets, although you wouldn't know it from the picture!!
I have this problem with accessorizing. I like too many things that are not similar in style, ya know? I like all styles of decoration, but mostly my taste is contemporary casual. I learned that from a quiz on :) I long ago decided that I wanted to do a white/silver/gray/glass theme for our house after we painted, but I soon learned that I needed something to warm it up because it was looking a little cold, so I decided to include some dark wood tones. But the problem is that when I go to stores to shop for accessories, I tend to get overwhelmed and forget about my "theme"! So today I made this, with all of my favorite ideas. I'm going to print it out and carry it around in my purse so that I'll always have it when accessory shopping!
As you can see, I'm very busy at work today! :)

A Tragedy

Yesterday I was at the gym, running on the treadmill. I had just moved some hair out of my face and when i let my arm down, it hit the cord of my iPod (which was resting on the front of the treadmill, i know, it shouldn't have been) and it dropped, hit the treadmill and rolled off onto the floor. Fine, that has happened to me a million times. I stopped the treadmill and picked it up. Nothing. It wouldn't do anything no matter what I did, it wouldn't turn off or unpause or change songs. Seriously, it is still stuck on pause on that song. Ugh!!!!! What do I do?! I tried plugging it into the computer and then just into the charger on the wall. Still the same. I need to come to terms that she is gone :( I've had that iPod since 2005, I got her as a graduation gift. She was a good iPod and helped me through tons of workouts and studying sessions throughout grad school. I have often felt like I've neglected her since entering the work force and now she's gone. Forever :( WHY?!?!?!?!

Once I picked it up and realized it was dead, I kept the earbuds in my ears and acted like it still worked, because when it fell, of course everyone stared. Haha. And then when I picked up all of my stuff to leave, my phone fell out of my bag!! This man asked if I was alright. It was kinda embarrassing. On a similar note, once when I was at the gym in college, a guy literally fell on the treadmill and he slid down it with the belt. He got right back up and started running. Wouldn't you have just died? I still laugh a little to this day, but yesterday I just kept thinking about how, if he could get back up and run, then so could I :)

So, now here's a huge dilemma. My iPod is dead (may she rest in peace) and my cell phone sucks. Royally. Seriously Lee probably hates me because I bitch about it 24/7. AND I really want an iPhone, as Lee has one and (Scrabble, anyone? Yes, please!) So the smart thing to do here is bite the bullet and get the iPhone, they are really not as expensive as they used to be, but the voice and data plans are a bit more expensive than they once were. AND if I want to get one, I'm going to have to wait like, one month, if I were being bank account-conscious. Fine, I could wait a month, but in the meantime what am I supposed to do while working out? I canNOT do this couch to the 5k things without music. I don't think anyway. Booooo I don't know what to do :(

Uh, did anyone watch the Biggest Loser last night? OMGeeeee, I hate Tracy!!!!! What a biotch, and seriously, why does she think that making enemies is good for her "game"? I enjoyed Jillian's rant to Tracy before the weigh-in, she deserved to hear that. I kind of feel bad for Mo since he's her partner and will therefore go home when she does, except that last night he didn't understand why people weren't happy that she lost so much weight. Duh, Mo, they pretty much hate her!!! It just goes to show that she's not there for the right reasons. I pretty much sobbed for the entire remainder of the episode from the weigh-in to the end. How awesome are Antoine and Sean?! The complete antithesis of Tracy, that's for sure!! She'll get whats coming to her, did you see the preview for next week? I laughed when they said "coincidence....or karma"

September 25, 2009

On a scale of 1 to gay

Spoiler Alert: Don't read this if you haven't watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy!!

The following is an article copied and pasted from on the best moments of the Grey's premiere. I love it and wanted to share it with you all. My favorite are the one-liners, the best being the "scale of 1 to gay" I think I'm finally starting to love Lexie, because for a while I didn't like her at all. AND who can totally tell that Meredith was pregnant IRL during the tapings? Yes, it was pretty obvious by her puffy face (I'm not judging the pregnancy puffiness, just saying!), but they did a great job of inconspicuously hiding it!

Top 10 Moments of Grey's Anatomy:

Grey’s Anatomy kicked off season 6 with a two-hour episode that picked up where the finale’s cliffhanger left off. In between the crying fits (which came fast and furious for 120 minutes), we compiled the top 10 OMG (as in ‘Oh My Grey’s‘) moments as the doctors of Seattle Grace tried to survive losing one of their own. –Carrie Bell

Audacity of Hope: For a brief moment, George fans wondered if a goodbye was necessary when Lexie claimed the body was too tall and the others questioned Meredith’s finger-writing interpretation skills. But Callie checked for his Texas-shaped freckle and confirmed the end of 007. Unless, of course, Izzie starts hallucinating again. (We bet George would be up for some ghost sex.)

Four Residents and a Funeral: When the remaining four original interns stepped away from the burial unable to control their snickers, it had the authenticity, emotion and humor of season 1, and reminded us of why we started TiVo-ing the show in the first place.

She’s Alive: Izzie has been brought back from the brink of death and is showing improvement. (Notice she’s not cured, so the Katherine Heigl exit rumors can continue.) Her recovery left her new hubby distant and constantly worried about her fragility. “You made me let you in. You made me love you. If I lose you, I won’t survive,” he cried in one of the most poignant scenes.

Mister Skin: Whoever came up with the idea that Deredith should sleep their way through their grief in every room of their house and get caught by Izzie and Alex should get a raise. If the same person is responsible for showing off Sloan’s body (with conveniently placed steam) in the shower and a shirtless Hunt, it should be a big one. McDreamy’s abs should be featured as much as his hair.

Blast From the Past: Grey’s has a history of hiring big names and turning them into character actors (Eric Stoltz, Christina Ricci, Tyne Daly and Chris O’Donnell) and the tradition continued with Martha Plimpton as a mom desperate to get help for her son who proved hard to diagnose. Bet that Goonies line “Never say die” came in handy.

Bailey Breakdown: Seattle Grace’s tough cookie started to unravel after George’s death. Bailey told Derek of her plan to be detached and cold in the future: “I have to stop caring so much. I have to save it for my son. I can’t keep giving it away here.”

Dang, Yang: Owen’s shrink instructed him to abstain from sex with Cristina, saying, “To heal, he’s going to have to start talking. If you get lost in lust, he won’t start.” No sex made Cristina grumpy. She made one inappropriate comment after another (including one about cancer patients unfairly getting the good popsicles), nicknamed a boat-accident “patient ceviche” and butted in on Bailey’s case.

These Lines: “He was kind of a dorky little dude. Was he hung?” and “Yeah, I played the cancer card. I’m gross. Whatever,” and “If you know a way to sugarcoat a colostomy bag, I would like to hear it,” and “How gay are you on a scale from 1 to gay?”

Group Think: The duty of narrating fell on all the regulars this time and it was a nice and unexpected touch, especially as the voiceover dealt with the stages of grief and how they look different depending on whose wearing them. Bravo.

Ripped from the Headlines: Like hospitals across the U.S., Seattle Grace is facing budget cuts and layoffs. The Chief made Arizona cry when he denied her MRI request and Torres jumped ship when he couldn’t give her a promotion. The board was breathing down his neck, offering his position to Der and eventually came up with a plan to merge with their biggest competitor, Mercy West. The Chief announced, “I wish I could tell you all you will survive.” As fear spread across everyone’s faces, you couldn’t help but think things are going to get ugly.

Yay!!! I had had several dirty martinis at happy hour before I watched, so I don't think I got the full effect and I'll likely watch it again this weekend! My two favorite tear-jerker moments were when Bailey broke down in the elevator and when Alex yelled at Izzie. If you didn't cry during those, then you are just not human! I was shocked at the end when the chief announced the merger. Well, shocked is a strong word, more like surprised. I'm interested to see how that works out, although I really don't want anyone to leave the show!! AND I'm pretty sure that I'll dislike anyone that comes from Mercy West, just sayin.

What did YOU think of the premiere???

September 24, 2009

Priorities Priorities

Oh my gosh, I am so overwhelmed with this evening!! There are approximately 58392 things that I need to do tonight! I need to go to the gym, i have a happy hour that I invited people to so I have to go, i need to go to Old Navy and buy everything in the store pick up a sweater or two, i need to go to the store because my hairdryer broke this morning (yes, it was a tragic day for the hair), i need to pick up my wedding dress from being preserved or whatever, i need to clean the bathroom, and MOST importantly, I need to watch tv for hours, there are WAY too many good television shows on Thursday nights!!

Ummmm, let's just look at the evidence:
7:00 pm - Flash Forward and Survivor
8:00 pm - Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Fringe, AND The Office
8:30 pm - Community

WTF am I supposed to DO?! I am incredible distraught about the 8:00 hour in particular. I mean, I can only record two shows at once, and there are 4 here that I want to watch (5 if you count Community)! My life is terrible. I actually told Lee the other night that we need another DVR for the bedroom because this having only one DVR things is just not working out at all. He told me it's about $20 more a month just to get it in there. I am contemplating the importance.

Moving on. Do you want to see pictures from the Day of Celebration? Okay!! I only have pics of the set-up because we were running around like crazy during the actual event. Oh, first some background info. Our company's entire UW campaign had a Dr. Seuss theme. The "Kickoff" was based on The Cat in the Hat. So, The day of Celebration (basically the end of the campaign where we give them a check for all the moolah we raised) was based on Horton Hears a Who. The event was from 11-1 and we had food from a local BBQ place and then a short skit (which we wrote) and then check presentation and several drawings for campaign involvement. Whew. That's it. Here are pics!

The cute table decor up close. I have 2 of these at my desk now :)
A terrible picture of me with one of the upstairs tables.
A view of the stage from upstairs. Crazy lady is down there. OH the stories I could tell you!!
Yay! The day went REALLY well and we got lots of compliments, and most importantly, we raised over $1.7 million for UW!! It's a 30% increase from last year, which is amazing in this economy! We are already wondering how we are going to be able to beat that next year. Of course, for the sake of my sanity, hopefully I won't be anywhere near this building in a year :)
Okay enough blabbing. I'm very happy that tomorrow is Friday. I feel like Monday was light years ago!

September 22, 2009

Happy First Day of Fall!

Busy busy day today! Not with actual work, but with the UW day of celebration that we are having tomorrow. I'm the co-chair of the committee and it is WAY more work than I ever thought it would be, but it's fun so I'm cool. But, there's always time for blogging :)

Today is the first official day of fall, well today at 4pm, central time. And boy oh boy is it cold outside! I really should have worn a jacket today, no kidding. Yesterday it stormed from about 2 something all through the night, and it was pouring rain out! And I really mean pouring! The poor dogs wouldn't even go outside to go to the bathroom. I opened the door for Isabelle and she did this funny look out and the really fast turn around and then sit thing and she just stared at me like, you think I'm gonna go out in that?! She doesn't like getting wet. Ummmm, okay, I will admit that we took them outside with an umbrella and followed them around so that they would go to the bathroom. Yes it is ridiculous. And they were still soaking wet because they only stand a couple inches off the ground!

I feel like I had a lot to say but now I can't remember any of it, so I'll just leave you with the pupcake recipe because I know that everyone wants to make some delicious doggie treats!

1 large apple
1½ cups whole wheat flour
¼ cup oatmeal
2 teaspoons of baking powder
½ teaspoon of baking soda
½ cup plain yogurt
½ cup water
¼ cup vegetable oil
2 tablespoons of honey
2 eggs
1 cup grated cheese

18oz lowfat cream cheese
2 tablespoons plain yogurt
2 tablespoons of honey

Preheat oven at 375 degrees.

Grease muffin tins. Core, slice and mince the apple. Set aside. In a large bowl, mix flour, oatmeal, baking powder and baking soda together. In a medium bowl, blend the yogurt, water, oil, honey and eggs together. Then stir in the apple and cheese. Add to the flour mixture and stir until mixed.

Spoon into the muffin tins, filling each cup about three quarters full. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of a muffin comes out clean. Let rest in the muffin tins for a few minutes, then remove and set aside.

For the frosting, combine the cream cheese (at room temperature), honey and yogurt until smooth. Spread on the pupcakes.

Makes about 16 pupcakes. If you prefer a single-layer cake, spoon the batter into a sheet pan and bake for an extra 10 minutes. Let cool before serving. Keep in airtight container.


September 21, 2009

BIIIIG Weekend!

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of things you want to blog about? Or you had a great day and just don't feel that you can ever convey just how great it was via the blog? Well, I'm feeling both of those right now!

Friday I worked on skit decorations for five hours it was exhausting. And there was not enough beer. Just sayin. Then I made pupcakes for the girls' birthday on Saturday. Then I meet Jackie and Eric and some other people at White Owl for drinks and food and a delicious cake.

Saturday was the girls birthday!!!! We ran some errands in the morning and my parents' were just going to come over whenever, but ended up coming as we were making lunch, so we all had lunch and celebrated birthday number 3! The girls had the best day as far as dog days go! I'm going to apologize for the amount of pictures here. They might be obnoxious. Whatever, it's my blog! :)

This was taken on Friday, and has nothing to do with her birthday, but this is how Zoe sleeps, with a stuffed animal in her mouth! She has always done it and it's hilarious! I like her one eye open :)
Hi, I'm Isabelle and I'm 3 years old today!
Hi, I'm Zoe and I'm 3 years old today too! (so can you throw my ball since it's my birthday? thanks)
The Food!
These plus jalapenos

Equals these delicious snacks! I don't normally like stuffed jalapenos, but the addition of the little smokie was amazing!! I ate so many of these!
Corn Dip! I opted for a recipe that had cream cheese, but it was nowhere nearly as good as Kat's corn dip!
Here are the pupcakes I made! They were a HUGE hit!
Zoe had a hard time waiting to open presents :) You can see her tongue and it cracks me up! Like she's salivating over those cookies.
Opening giftsThey got a ton of toys
This green guy was an immediate favorite of Zoe's
I'm having a great birthday!
Me and Maggie!
Time for pupcakes! They destroyed these in seconds.
Please notice that they shoved the entire thing into their tiny mouths

She had frosting in her beard!
They played with their new toys for a long time.

Absolutely exhausted after a big afternoon :) She's so cute
Okay, sorry even I will admit that was a little ridiculous.
Saturday evening, we went to Jenny and Jeff's for a delicious meal of homemade lasagna! And then Jenny and I ditched the men to go out for a drink. We went to LXi, a new place in Tulsa and I LOVED it! I want to go back this instant! Seriously the best dirty martini I've ever had, and I've had a lot! We might have seen the most awesome black sequin vest ever. Maybe.
Yesterday we ran lots of errands and did lots of laundry and I cleaned a little. Lee's parents are coming in town this weekend so I've got a lot more cleaning to do between now and then!
I'm sad it's Monday, and it's tornado-ey outside. Boo.

September 18, 2009

Oh, right, I'm married. Damnit!

Does anyone watch Fringe? OMG, when it premiered last year, I was in heaven!!! I love shows about freaky unexplainable phenomenon so this show is right up my alley. The second season premiered last night and I just don't know how I lived without it during the hiatus between seasons. Mostly I don't know how I survived my whole life those months without Peter Bishop.

Now, I'm not they type of girl that crushes on movie stars. I mean, I see guys in the media who I think are attractive or whatever, but I've never been like, oh my gosh, if we could just MEET and TALK, then he would see we are meant to be together! Haha, I know lots of people that have crushes on movie/tv stars and they crack me up :)

*Ahem*, that was all true before Peter Bishop came into my life. I'm not even talking about Joshua Jackson playing Peter Bishop; I mean, we all love a good Pacey, but it's just not the same. I am talking about the real (fictional?) Peter., seriously, if we could just MEET and TALK, then I know he would see!! How is he so hot? How does he know so much about all of this fringe stuff?? And don't even get me started on when he wears that black pea coat!! I can't handle it. Please excuse me while I regain my composure......

Last night I swear that he almost kissed Olivia and I about lost it!! Not because I don't want him to, because as much as I love him (and I do, it really is love), I want him to be with Olivia, yes, yes, yes, I hope this season they at least get in one good make out session!

These pictures do not do him justice, really.

September 17, 2009

Ramdom Ramblings

I am super bored at work so this is going to be a jumble of my current thoughts. Just a warning.

Lee and I went to lunch today. We went to Smashburger and it was really good!! They have onion strings, like onion rings, but really really thin. Those are my all time favorite! It was so nice out so we got to sit outside and talk, it was fun. We never have lunch together even though we work 5 blocks from each other. We actually went to lunch because afterwards we got all of our car and homeowners insurance squared away. We were both still on our parents insurance and wanted to finally get on our own plan and since we were doing that, I decided that I wanted to move the homeowners insurance over too so that it's all there together. I feel a lot better now, more streamlined or something :)

Does anyone watch Big Brother? I watch it every year, and I got Lee obsessed with it too! The season finale was on Tuesday and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy with the outcome!! My favorite person won and she is so sweet, I was happy that a good guy (er, girl?) won!

Isabelle and Zoe will be 3 years old on Saturday! We are having a family get together (complete with Maggie!) and I am making pupcakes :) Did you know that I make homemade dog treats? I sure do, and we make the girls' dog food too! I have no idea why, I just started doing it when they were babies and I never stopped. It's really just a combo of brown rice, ground turkey, veggies, and vegetable oil (really good for their coats, which are very shiny as you can tell in Isabelle's picture in the previous post). They know when we are making it, even though I'm not sure how because we cook dinner every night, but somehow they know when we are making something especially for them. :) I actually don't make their treats much anymore. Mostly because the last few times I made the peanut butter bones I got really sick from the peanut butter smell (I don't really like peanut butter, except for a few items) so Lee said I should just stop. But I used to make all kinds of different flavors and shapes, I have lots of cutsie doggie cookie cutters!

It has been nice and quiet in the office today because people are out in an accounting conference. I could have gone, but frankly I will go ahead and say that I just do not care, so I didn't go. I will be glad when we get back into return season and all I'm doing is tax returns. I can handle that. It's this other shit I can't deal with. Sorry for the bluntness, but really this is me putting on a happy face about work! lol. The company I used to work for is looking for a couple of people, and for one split second I thought that it would be fun to go back. Mostly because I was totally spoiled with my co-workers there. Then Lee got mad at me and reminded me of how much that job took out of me. True. Very true. That job made me have to start taking lots of anti-anxiety meds, for serious! But somehow, I only remember the good things, funny how that works.

Oh! Speaking of my wonderful hubby, he went to a hand specialist (I know, right? Who knew there were hand specialists?!) and good news, he doesn't need surgery!!!! Yippee!! (I mean, we all know that he wasn't going to get the surgery anyway, right? Riiiiight :) ) He broke his knuckle and tore a tendon at the top of the finger, like where it bends at the top. We have to wrap it up in this special way and poor Lee has to bend the top of his finger so that I can tape it to the splint and I swear I thought I would pass out because I think it really hurt him :( I could never be a doctor. What will I do when we have kids?! Probably just throw up and pass out a lot when they are injured!

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm only working until noon because in the afternoon I have to make a million props for the skit we're having next week to wrap up our UW campaign! Yay for the end of long arduous things! :)

September 15, 2009

A puppy and baby post, can it get any better than that?

Do you ever wish you were in charge of everything? I sure do. Shit would get done and people would actually go to things because they would actually know about them. Just sayin.

Let's see, what have we been up to since my last post? Lots, actually!

Ummm, last Thursday my dad sent me a picture of a dog. Wait, I'm going to preface this story with another novel story. When I was 10 years old, we had a miniature schnauzer. She died at 1 year old while being spayed :( Very sad. Anyway, the weekend after that happened, my parents bought a tiny teacup Yorkie, Abbey. She has always been super teeny, like 3-5lbs. Do the math, she is now 17 years old. Her health is not so great, but she's still kicking. I have two Yorkies (duh). They were a graduation gift from my parents (actually one was supposed to be theirs but she loves me more :) ) One of them (Zoe) is a normal Yorkie size and look and all that, we see dogs that look like her all the time.

Isabelle, on the other hand, looks so much different. She is a lot bigger than most Yorkies generally are (she's 10+ lbs, and most are around 7ish. 3lbs makes a difference when you're that small!) and her face is just different looking. She also walks like a bulldog, with her front legs really far apart, it's hilarious.

It's so weird because she and Zoe are sisters, they came from the same litter. Anyway, ever since we got Isabelle, my dad has really wanted a Yorkie just like her. Mostly size-wise, but also face-wise. But we can never find one that's similar, so he was thinking about getting a miniature schnauzer, like our first dog. (this is all hypothetical and only IF Abbey were to pass)

Fast forward to Thursday, when I got this picture from my dad:

Ummm, who does she look JUST LIKE?! Apparently, some lady found her wondering around, and proceeded to know on every door in my parents' neighborhood until someone answered. My dad was the first that answered and she wanted to know if he could take her and find her owners because she couldn't take care of her. Of course he took her. My parents have posted flyers and adds all over the place, but no one has claimed her. It's so totally weird that she looks just like Isabelle and she was just dropped off like this. Of course, if they find her owner they will give her back. She is basically the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever. She doesn't bark or beg for food. She is house broken. She loved to be petted. And she lays in my parents closets! Like, all the time. It's hilarious, I guess she feels really safe in there or something. I have no idea how she got away from her home because she doesn't seem like the running type. My dad said when she got dropped off she had lots of burrs stuck in her hair so who knows where she has been.

We went to see her this weekend and look at these two pictures! They are like mirror images of each other! Even their tongues do the same thing! Here Isabelle is on the left, and "Maggie" (yes, they named her even though I was against naming her already) is on the right. Excuse the devil eyes in all of the pictures, I can't figure that out.

And here they are in the same places, but now Maggie is looking at the camera with her tongue out!

We tried to get a picture with all 3 of the girls, but Zoe ran away. She ran over Maggie, just like she does to Isabelle all the time.

Anyway, I just think the whole situation is crazy. Isabelle and Zoe even get along with her, and they never get along with other dogs. They are brats. I just can't get over how sweet she is either!

On Sunday, Lee had his first flag football game with some work friends and came home with an injured pinkie finger. Something happened and it was basically turned sideways (i know, sick) and someone popped it back in for him. We got a splint and tape from a drug store and he seemed okay with it. But when he woke up on Monday morning, it was huge and swollen and completely blue. Seriously I dry heaved when I saw it (sorry TMI). Anyway, he went to the dr and apparently broke his finger down to the joint and he has to go see a specialist tomorrow to find out if he needs surgery to fix it. Chances are good that he will have to have the surgery :( He was being a typical man about it at first ("Well, I'm not having surgery on it, I don't care what they say") but he is doing better now and we are just waiting to see what they say tomorrow.

AND, you know how my tongue was still numb like 24 hours after my dental appointment? Um it was still numb the next day. Well, not so much numb as burning/tingling/felt like an electrical shock/hurting like hell so after some googling (because of course the dentist was not in the office on Thursday OR Friday, that would be silly to work a 5 day week) I have nerve damage from when they injected the novocain or whatever. MmmHmm. It takes 6 months to 2 years to repair itself, IF it's not permanent. It's still burning and all that good stuff as I write this. I am really angry about it and probably won't go back to that dentist, even though the rational part of me knows that this could happen anywhere.

That's pretty much all of my "exciting" news :)

Also this weekend, I make fabulously cute cupcakes for an adorable baby shower I went to, which was a super lot of fun. Yes, I just said super lot. Whatever. I ended up volunteering to be the note-taker, which was hilarious, because I was one of few there that doesn't have a baby, and sitting in between 2 girls that don't have babies, so I ended up shouting to everyone to figure out what things were. I love babies and like to think that I know more about them than I actually do, so I was like, ohhh so that's what breast milk bags look like, who knew?! Haha, it was pretty funny.

All in all, I had a great weekend and I'm sad to be back at work. I an so tired of UW stuff. Never thought I'd say that, but I am. Why can't people just agree to do stuff that I ask them?! Ohhh, so now I'm actually in charge of something and I'm complaining too!! (see first sentence of this post!) Lol, it's over for me next Wednesday, so that will be nice.

OH. I am so sad that Patrick Swayze died :( It's always sad when someone passes, but I loved Patrick Swayze, and he fought such a hard battle with cancer. My very favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Dirty Dancing. My dad texted me yesterday "your favorite dirty dancer died today". I knew all the words to it when I was little. I have no idea why my parents let me watch it at such a young age, but they did and I watched it all.the.time. I can still recite the words. The dance at the end was my favorite. That was the last song played at my wedding reception too. I will probably force Lee to watch Dirty Dancing at least one time this weekend.

Sorry for the long winded post. I was never good at telling stories "in a nutshell" :)

September 10, 2009

Hi Friends!

I feel like it has been forever since I've blogged, but I just looked and it has only been a few days! I feel like I have nothing exciting to share lately.

Yesterday I got a cavity fixed. It was over 24 hours ago. My tongue is STILL numb on that side! WTF? Not normal at all. It really takes the fun out of eating, so weird.

Ummm, did you watch Glee last night?? Did you?! O.M.G! I loved it. Maybe way too much! I love singing and dancing and all that jazz. I wish I could do it. Anyway, I saw the sneak preview episode several months back, and I thought it was awesome, but you know how sometimes the first episode is so great and then the rest just fall flat? I thought it would be like that, but I LOVED last night. Lee even watched it! hehe :)

Oh and SYTYCD? Yep, this is definitely going to be the best season yet! I can't wait until the auditions are over and we get to the good stuff. I love me some Cat Deely.

Work is blah. Lots of meeting lately. Boo. I wish it was acceptable to just say "I don't care and I don't want to do that" Wouldn't that be fun? Haha.

Oh! Oh!! I started a real estate class! Woohoo! Finally! It's online and has classroom sessions that you can attend if you want, which I probably will, at least the first one anyway. I am really excited about starting this. It is something I've wanted to do for the last 2+ years, and I'm finally getting to!! Ummm, I have yet to actually read anything though......... :)

Speaking of meetings, we're having one now! Super fun :) This was totally boring and I apologize! Maybe I'll try and do something fun in the next few days so I can blab about it!

September 7, 2009

Just a few things

I am now in love with Project Runway AND the Rachel Zoe Project. I just learned about both in the last couple of weeks and I am officially obsessed.

I want to cut my hair. Like right freaking now. I NEVER ever in a million bazillion years thought I would want to cut it after working so hard to grow it out so long. But I do. And right freaking now!

Why don't I ever take pictures anymore? My bff Mary was in town this weekend. Number of times we laughed = 283749 million. Number of pictures taken = zero. :(

Apparently I cannot drink 2 glasses of wine and 3 beers in the span of 5 hours and not have a hangover the next day. Hello old age.

Someone, somewhere should make it a law that best friends shouldn't live more than 45 minutes away from each other. I would actually prefer 20 minutes but I wanted to be realistic. ha.

Shopping is fun. I forgot that I like to buy things for myself as much as I like to buy things for my house. Maybe more.

Having a friend that works at the Gap makes shopping way more fun. Since she lets me use her 50% discount :)

Going to the grocery store sucks, which is why I'm procrastinating by writing this randomness right now.

September 4, 2009

Hello 3 Day Weekend!!

Jackie over at The Roaring Twenties gave me the MEME award. Woohoo! My first award :) Thanks Jax :) Oookay, the rules are to list 7 personality traits, so here it goes:

1. Determined. Once I get something in my head, I am absolutely determined to accomplish it, no matter what. And as quickly as possible. This relates to both work and personal stuff. As of late, it's mostly house things, you know, the bookcases and painting and basically re-decorating the entire house. I think it annoys Lee. Oopsie.

2. Loyal. Sometimes to a fault. I have had "friends" talk crap about me for being so loyal to others, but I really don't care. If you're my friend, I will fight for you, defend you, whatever, til the end of time.

3. Animal Lover. Is that a personality trait? I don't care, it's a huge part of who I am. I have such a soft spot for any animal. More so than for any human, it's almost not right. Those Sarah McLachlan commercials for animals kill me every time, I have to turn the channel. If it was legal, and viable, I would have a house on a huge plot of land and have at least one of every type of dog. Seriously. I talk to Lee about that dream all the time.

4. Sarcastic. Please don't tell me that this surprises you :)

5. Maternal. I have always been the "mom" of the group. I cook for everyone, clean for everyone, listen to anyone's problems, anything you need I'll do it. Even at my bachelorette party, I was sewing everyone's dresses when they were falling apart! And yes, two people's dresses started falling apart, so funny.

6. Stubborn. I just might be the most stubborn person you have ever met. I will NOT budge. And don't try and argue with me, because even if you DO change my mind, you'll never know it :)

7. Realistic. If you want to talk to someone who will tell you like it is, then come and talk to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for butterflies and rainbows, but if that's not how it is, then I don't pretend like it. That's not to say that sometimes I don't live with my head in the clouds. Everyone has to dream, right? :)

Okay, that's all about me. I'm supposed to tag 7 other people, but to be honest, I'm too lazy, so if you read this, consider yourself tagged! Unless you've already done this award before, then you're excluded!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to write a regular post in addition to the award, but while we're here, I thought that I'd talk about my current obsession. And it definitely is an obsession. Remember when I talked about those frames I wanted from Potterybarn to do a grouping of some sort? Well, I cannot get it out of my mind (See #1 above).

I went to PB yesterday to look around and found some other frames that I also liked, and then I was so totally confused as to what frames to use and what to do and maybe I should use some of each frame, and maybe I should do a finish other than silver, or maybe a combination of finishes and would I even like it once it was up because I HATE clutter and it might look cluttered so what should I DO????!

So, I dusted off the trusty graph paper and got to work. I found the dimensions of all of the frames I was considering, measured the wall and existing furniture and got to work. I tried so many different combinations that my head was spinning. When I got to this one, I knew I had it! Yay!! What do you think?

I ended up going with a combination of 2 types of frames. One with a thicker frame and less mat, and one with a thinner frame and a larger mat, but both in silver. As you can see, I actually got a marker out and drew the frame on each one. There were also some bronze frames, but it just didn't look good. At first I thought it might be a little too symmetrical, but I don't think I could handle anything that was more random, it would drive me nuts. Now I just need to get the frames. We'll be doing that one or two at a time because apparently you need to be a millionaire to buy a picture frame at PB.

Enough of that. I am SUPER excited because 1) this is a 3 day weekend, and 2) my BFF is coming to visit on Saturday!! Yay!! I haven't seen her since the wedding which is a really long time for us :) I am glad that we can just hang out and catch up and NOT have a conversation about the wedding, since this will be the first time in so long that we have hung out and NOT done wedding things.

I hope you all have a fab holiday weekend!!

September 1, 2009

I cannot believe that I was missing out on this valuable information!

So apparently I need to start subscribing to People magazine again. I went to a new dentist this morning for a 'consultation'. While I waited, they gave me a People and I couldn't believe the things that I did not know!! I go to all the time, but they obviously just have the big headlines, it's not the same as reading the whole mag. And this issue was all the way back in July, which means that it really came out in June. Not new news people. Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend is pregnant again! Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant! Ellen Pompeo is pregnant! (Is meredith going to be pregnant on the show? i highly doubt it, but you never know) One of the girls from Brothers and Sisters had a baby! One of the girls from Grey's had a baby! Neither even showed on the show! Brad Paisley likes pancakes and bacon! These are all things that I need to know!! There were several other things that made me almost fall out of my chair, but those are all I can remember at the moment. I tend to focus on the procreation of life. Whatever.
The new dentist was pretty good. He at least has a personality, which I appreciate. AND he told me that we need to just replace the filling in the tooth that hurts, since apparently the white fillings can create sensitivity. Huh, who knew? Why didn't my other dentist tell me that? I specifically stated that the pain and sensitivity started immediately after the filling. And to think that I almost got a crown when it could be as simple as changing the filling! Hopefully that will fix it. If not, then the crown might happen anyway :(
Oh, and afterwards, I went to Cosi to grab something for lunch (i freaking love that place). I ordered soup. I got back to the office, opened the bag, and saw that they gave me a fork and a knife. For soup. I'm using the fork. For soup. Seriously.
And I'm pretty sure that I need these boots.
That is all. :)