September 15, 2009

A puppy and baby post, can it get any better than that?

Do you ever wish you were in charge of everything? I sure do. Shit would get done and people would actually go to things because they would actually know about them. Just sayin.

Let's see, what have we been up to since my last post? Lots, actually!

Ummm, last Thursday my dad sent me a picture of a dog. Wait, I'm going to preface this story with another novel story. When I was 10 years old, we had a miniature schnauzer. She died at 1 year old while being spayed :( Very sad. Anyway, the weekend after that happened, my parents bought a tiny teacup Yorkie, Abbey. She has always been super teeny, like 3-5lbs. Do the math, she is now 17 years old. Her health is not so great, but she's still kicking. I have two Yorkies (duh). They were a graduation gift from my parents (actually one was supposed to be theirs but she loves me more :) ) One of them (Zoe) is a normal Yorkie size and look and all that, we see dogs that look like her all the time.

Isabelle, on the other hand, looks so much different. She is a lot bigger than most Yorkies generally are (she's 10+ lbs, and most are around 7ish. 3lbs makes a difference when you're that small!) and her face is just different looking. She also walks like a bulldog, with her front legs really far apart, it's hilarious.

It's so weird because she and Zoe are sisters, they came from the same litter. Anyway, ever since we got Isabelle, my dad has really wanted a Yorkie just like her. Mostly size-wise, but also face-wise. But we can never find one that's similar, so he was thinking about getting a miniature schnauzer, like our first dog. (this is all hypothetical and only IF Abbey were to pass)

Fast forward to Thursday, when I got this picture from my dad:

Ummm, who does she look JUST LIKE?! Apparently, some lady found her wondering around, and proceeded to know on every door in my parents' neighborhood until someone answered. My dad was the first that answered and she wanted to know if he could take her and find her owners because she couldn't take care of her. Of course he took her. My parents have posted flyers and adds all over the place, but no one has claimed her. It's so totally weird that she looks just like Isabelle and she was just dropped off like this. Of course, if they find her owner they will give her back. She is basically the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever. She doesn't bark or beg for food. She is house broken. She loved to be petted. And she lays in my parents closets! Like, all the time. It's hilarious, I guess she feels really safe in there or something. I have no idea how she got away from her home because she doesn't seem like the running type. My dad said when she got dropped off she had lots of burrs stuck in her hair so who knows where she has been.

We went to see her this weekend and look at these two pictures! They are like mirror images of each other! Even their tongues do the same thing! Here Isabelle is on the left, and "Maggie" (yes, they named her even though I was against naming her already) is on the right. Excuse the devil eyes in all of the pictures, I can't figure that out.

And here they are in the same places, but now Maggie is looking at the camera with her tongue out!

We tried to get a picture with all 3 of the girls, but Zoe ran away. She ran over Maggie, just like she does to Isabelle all the time.

Anyway, I just think the whole situation is crazy. Isabelle and Zoe even get along with her, and they never get along with other dogs. They are brats. I just can't get over how sweet she is either!

On Sunday, Lee had his first flag football game with some work friends and came home with an injured pinkie finger. Something happened and it was basically turned sideways (i know, sick) and someone popped it back in for him. We got a splint and tape from a drug store and he seemed okay with it. But when he woke up on Monday morning, it was huge and swollen and completely blue. Seriously I dry heaved when I saw it (sorry TMI). Anyway, he went to the dr and apparently broke his finger down to the joint and he has to go see a specialist tomorrow to find out if he needs surgery to fix it. Chances are good that he will have to have the surgery :( He was being a typical man about it at first ("Well, I'm not having surgery on it, I don't care what they say") but he is doing better now and we are just waiting to see what they say tomorrow.

AND, you know how my tongue was still numb like 24 hours after my dental appointment? Um it was still numb the next day. Well, not so much numb as burning/tingling/felt like an electrical shock/hurting like hell so after some googling (because of course the dentist was not in the office on Thursday OR Friday, that would be silly to work a 5 day week) I have nerve damage from when they injected the novocain or whatever. MmmHmm. It takes 6 months to 2 years to repair itself, IF it's not permanent. It's still burning and all that good stuff as I write this. I am really angry about it and probably won't go back to that dentist, even though the rational part of me knows that this could happen anywhere.

That's pretty much all of my "exciting" news :)

Also this weekend, I make fabulously cute cupcakes for an adorable baby shower I went to, which was a super lot of fun. Yes, I just said super lot. Whatever. I ended up volunteering to be the note-taker, which was hilarious, because I was one of few there that doesn't have a baby, and sitting in between 2 girls that don't have babies, so I ended up shouting to everyone to figure out what things were. I love babies and like to think that I know more about them than I actually do, so I was like, ohhh so that's what breast milk bags look like, who knew?! Haha, it was pretty funny.

All in all, I had a great weekend and I'm sad to be back at work. I an so tired of UW stuff. Never thought I'd say that, but I am. Why can't people just agree to do stuff that I ask them?! Ohhh, so now I'm actually in charge of something and I'm complaining too!! (see first sentence of this post!) Lol, it's over for me next Wednesday, so that will be nice.

OH. I am so sad that Patrick Swayze died :( It's always sad when someone passes, but I loved Patrick Swayze, and he fought such a hard battle with cancer. My very favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Dirty Dancing. My dad texted me yesterday "your favorite dirty dancer died today". I knew all the words to it when I was little. I have no idea why my parents let me watch it at such a young age, but they did and I watched it all.the.time. I can still recite the words. The dance at the end was my favorite. That was the last song played at my wedding reception too. I will probably force Lee to watch Dirty Dancing at least one time this weekend.

Sorry for the long winded post. I was never good at telling stories "in a nutshell" :)


Ashley Paige said...

aw, i love how maggie already feels like a part of the family! (and boo to your tongue still burning/hurting from the dentist.. i LOATHE the dentist!) i hope it gets better real soon! :)

{lauryl} said...

OH dear, sorry about Lee's finger- OUCH! And your cupcakes from B's baby shower were seriously adorable. Seriously! ;-)

Meredith said...

That is messed up with the dentist! Who did you end up going to? I will keep my fingers crossed that Maggie becomes a permanent part of your parents family. :)

And thanks for the necklace comment--bought it at Target! I buy pretty much all of my jewelry either there or Forever 21!

Jennifer said...

Nobody puts Baby in the corner :(

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have a yorkie and it is so refreshing to hear you have one that is 17 years old. I don't know what I am going to do when she gets old, but I pray she gets that long of a life. The new puppy looks so similar ... funny how that worked out. Love your puppy story!

s a r a h said...

The cupcakes were precious! And it was really nice meeting you on Saturday. Now I plan to stalk your blog.

Jax said...

Awww! I love Maggie! I hope they get to keep her! I read this yesterday but for some reason forgot to comment.. sheesh. Anyway, sorry about Lee's finger. BOO! I hope you're tasting things again soon.. I met a girl who'd had back surgery and it messed up her nerves so bad that one foot is cold and one is hot.. all the time.. AGH!

Kaitlin said...

Those cupcakes you made looked amazing!! I hope Lee's finger is alright and doesn't need surgery- Steve said it looked pretty funky on Monday. And, who was your dentist?? I'm about to get a new one and would like to avoid that guy, yeesh.

brooke knight said...

what an awesome story about the dogs! got some sweet creepy dog eye in those photos too! don't you wish there were a "green eye function" in photoshop or something?

aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway you are FANTASTIC and i could never thank you enough for all your help at the shower!!!!!!!! the cupcakes are fantastic (i am still eating them) and you have awesome handwriting and spelled names right even though i was a space cadet and didnt think to hand you the cards. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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