September 21, 2009

BIIIIG Weekend!

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of things you want to blog about? Or you had a great day and just don't feel that you can ever convey just how great it was via the blog? Well, I'm feeling both of those right now!

Friday I worked on skit decorations for five hours it was exhausting. And there was not enough beer. Just sayin. Then I made pupcakes for the girls' birthday on Saturday. Then I meet Jackie and Eric and some other people at White Owl for drinks and food and a delicious cake.

Saturday was the girls birthday!!!! We ran some errands in the morning and my parents' were just going to come over whenever, but ended up coming as we were making lunch, so we all had lunch and celebrated birthday number 3! The girls had the best day as far as dog days go! I'm going to apologize for the amount of pictures here. They might be obnoxious. Whatever, it's my blog! :)

This was taken on Friday, and has nothing to do with her birthday, but this is how Zoe sleeps, with a stuffed animal in her mouth! She has always done it and it's hilarious! I like her one eye open :)
Hi, I'm Isabelle and I'm 3 years old today!
Hi, I'm Zoe and I'm 3 years old today too! (so can you throw my ball since it's my birthday? thanks)
The Food!
These plus jalapenos

Equals these delicious snacks! I don't normally like stuffed jalapenos, but the addition of the little smokie was amazing!! I ate so many of these!
Corn Dip! I opted for a recipe that had cream cheese, but it was nowhere nearly as good as Kat's corn dip!
Here are the pupcakes I made! They were a HUGE hit!
Zoe had a hard time waiting to open presents :) You can see her tongue and it cracks me up! Like she's salivating over those cookies.
Opening giftsThey got a ton of toys
This green guy was an immediate favorite of Zoe's
I'm having a great birthday!
Me and Maggie!
Time for pupcakes! They destroyed these in seconds.
Please notice that they shoved the entire thing into their tiny mouths

She had frosting in her beard!
They played with their new toys for a long time.

Absolutely exhausted after a big afternoon :) She's so cute
Okay, sorry even I will admit that was a little ridiculous.
Saturday evening, we went to Jenny and Jeff's for a delicious meal of homemade lasagna! And then Jenny and I ditched the men to go out for a drink. We went to LXi, a new place in Tulsa and I LOVED it! I want to go back this instant! Seriously the best dirty martini I've ever had, and I've had a lot! We might have seen the most awesome black sequin vest ever. Maybe.
Yesterday we ran lots of errands and did lots of laundry and I cleaned a little. Lee's parents are coming in town this weekend so I've got a lot more cleaning to do between now and then!
I'm sad it's Monday, and it's tornado-ey outside. Boo.


Hailey {HRH} said...

will you please post the recipe for the pupcakes? that is the cutest thing i have ever seen! i think tico would love those.

Mrs. Dew said...

OMG I want to steal your dog!

Sweet Simplicity said...

So cute! I love your living room rug!!

Annie said...

your little girls are adorable!! i love that you threw a lil birthday party for them! :)
all the food looks delicious!! the stuffed jalapenos with bacon and mini hot dogs, YUM! what is corn dip? i want some!! and the cupcakes are so cute, what a great momma you are! i would love to make some for my gus on his bday!!
sounds like you had a fabulous weekend girly :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Yay for yorkies everywhere!!!

Jax said...

These pics are soooo adorable!! And I love that Maggie is still around and no one has claimed her!! YAY! The pics of them opening their presents are freaking adorable!! AGH!! :) Thank you SOOO much for sharing pupcakes with Gracie! She says thank you...or she would.. haha... :) So glad about the awesome weekend. You definitely have made me want to try LXi!!

{lauryl} said...

you're a dirty martini girl??? me tooo!!!! of course, i didn't get that cool till i moved to LA, but i did discover last summer that brookside bar makes a pretty mean dirty martini. at least, the one guy who was bartending that night... was good. i can't believe that was only a year ago. one of the pikes drove me home (to my little sister's TU apartment). it might have been spencer. i can't remember. wow. that was a fun night.

Jennifer said...

It was a particularly nice vest.

Katie said...

your dogs look SO much like my pup!!!!