September 30, 2009

A Tragedy

Yesterday I was at the gym, running on the treadmill. I had just moved some hair out of my face and when i let my arm down, it hit the cord of my iPod (which was resting on the front of the treadmill, i know, it shouldn't have been) and it dropped, hit the treadmill and rolled off onto the floor. Fine, that has happened to me a million times. I stopped the treadmill and picked it up. Nothing. It wouldn't do anything no matter what I did, it wouldn't turn off or unpause or change songs. Seriously, it is still stuck on pause on that song. Ugh!!!!! What do I do?! I tried plugging it into the computer and then just into the charger on the wall. Still the same. I need to come to terms that she is gone :( I've had that iPod since 2005, I got her as a graduation gift. She was a good iPod and helped me through tons of workouts and studying sessions throughout grad school. I have often felt like I've neglected her since entering the work force and now she's gone. Forever :( WHY?!?!?!?!

Once I picked it up and realized it was dead, I kept the earbuds in my ears and acted like it still worked, because when it fell, of course everyone stared. Haha. And then when I picked up all of my stuff to leave, my phone fell out of my bag!! This man asked if I was alright. It was kinda embarrassing. On a similar note, once when I was at the gym in college, a guy literally fell on the treadmill and he slid down it with the belt. He got right back up and started running. Wouldn't you have just died? I still laugh a little to this day, but yesterday I just kept thinking about how, if he could get back up and run, then so could I :)

So, now here's a huge dilemma. My iPod is dead (may she rest in peace) and my cell phone sucks. Royally. Seriously Lee probably hates me because I bitch about it 24/7. AND I really want an iPhone, as Lee has one and (Scrabble, anyone? Yes, please!) So the smart thing to do here is bite the bullet and get the iPhone, they are really not as expensive as they used to be, but the voice and data plans are a bit more expensive than they once were. AND if I want to get one, I'm going to have to wait like, one month, if I were being bank account-conscious. Fine, I could wait a month, but in the meantime what am I supposed to do while working out? I canNOT do this couch to the 5k things without music. I don't think anyway. Booooo I don't know what to do :(

Uh, did anyone watch the Biggest Loser last night? OMGeeeee, I hate Tracy!!!!! What a biotch, and seriously, why does she think that making enemies is good for her "game"? I enjoyed Jillian's rant to Tracy before the weigh-in, she deserved to hear that. I kind of feel bad for Mo since he's her partner and will therefore go home when she does, except that last night he didn't understand why people weren't happy that she lost so much weight. Duh, Mo, they pretty much hate her!!! It just goes to show that she's not there for the right reasons. I pretty much sobbed for the entire remainder of the episode from the weigh-in to the end. How awesome are Antoine and Sean?! The complete antithesis of Tracy, that's for sure!! She'll get whats coming to her, did you see the preview for next week? I laughed when they said "coincidence....or karma"


Jax said...

Agh! My dvr didn't get the previews for next week! I'll ask Eric about your ipod b/c he reset someone's at work and it started working again! So, you never know!!! :) And I want an iphone so bad.. but the data plan held me back too..

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahah. I am laughing out loud. You finished my thoughts for the BL Review of last night!
You cried after the weigh in until the end: Check for me
You liked Jillian's rant to Tracey: Check for me
You noticed the OH so dramatic promo for next week and laughed "Karma": check! hahah, I am still laughing about that one.

I CAN NOT Run without music. And since I JUST started running again, I need to get my IPOD rebooted. It erased all the songs for the 3rd time and I just have to set it up again. Does your gym have TV's for your headphones? Mine does and I use that now to watch TV and it helps with the workouts

Jennifer said...

Kat and I almost drove to the ranch last night to kick Tracey's ass.

{lauryl} said...

I honestly don't use my iphone to listen to music unless I'm on the job somewhere... but you're right, you'll definitely need something for couch to 5k. Are you doing the podcasts from Robert Ullery? They are super cheesy, but SO helpful!

jv726 said...

I completely agree with you about TBL. I do NOT like Tracey. What a b!tch!
At least you didn't step on your iPod when it fell on the treadmill...

Kaitlin said...

Tracey needs to go! I can't believe how that show ended the other night.