September 24, 2009

Priorities Priorities

Oh my gosh, I am so overwhelmed with this evening!! There are approximately 58392 things that I need to do tonight! I need to go to the gym, i have a happy hour that I invited people to so I have to go, i need to go to Old Navy and buy everything in the store pick up a sweater or two, i need to go to the store because my hairdryer broke this morning (yes, it was a tragic day for the hair), i need to pick up my wedding dress from being preserved or whatever, i need to clean the bathroom, and MOST importantly, I need to watch tv for hours, there are WAY too many good television shows on Thursday nights!!

Ummmm, let's just look at the evidence:
7:00 pm - Flash Forward and Survivor
8:00 pm - Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Fringe, AND The Office
8:30 pm - Community

WTF am I supposed to DO?! I am incredible distraught about the 8:00 hour in particular. I mean, I can only record two shows at once, and there are 4 here that I want to watch (5 if you count Community)! My life is terrible. I actually told Lee the other night that we need another DVR for the bedroom because this having only one DVR things is just not working out at all. He told me it's about $20 more a month just to get it in there. I am contemplating the importance.

Moving on. Do you want to see pictures from the Day of Celebration? Okay!! I only have pics of the set-up because we were running around like crazy during the actual event. Oh, first some background info. Our company's entire UW campaign had a Dr. Seuss theme. The "Kickoff" was based on The Cat in the Hat. So, The day of Celebration (basically the end of the campaign where we give them a check for all the moolah we raised) was based on Horton Hears a Who. The event was from 11-1 and we had food from a local BBQ place and then a short skit (which we wrote) and then check presentation and several drawings for campaign involvement. Whew. That's it. Here are pics!

The cute table decor up close. I have 2 of these at my desk now :)
A terrible picture of me with one of the upstairs tables.
A view of the stage from upstairs. Crazy lady is down there. OH the stories I could tell you!!
Yay! The day went REALLY well and we got lots of compliments, and most importantly, we raised over $1.7 million for UW!! It's a 30% increase from last year, which is amazing in this economy! We are already wondering how we are going to be able to beat that next year. Of course, for the sake of my sanity, hopefully I won't be anywhere near this building in a year :)
Okay enough blabbing. I'm very happy that tomorrow is Friday. I feel like Monday was light years ago!


jv726 said...

First of all...My dress is still hanging on the back of my closet waiting for me to do something with it, so the fact that you have yours back already makes me feel like a slacker.
Second, looks like your event was awesome.
Third, I like 'Community' it was super funny. :)

Annie said...

you are one busy lady!! i sometimes run into the same issues with the DVR, i sit in our office and watch one show and have 2 others recording elsewhere....hahaha! up until this year i have never been addicted to tv. with my fiance not getting home until 10:00 or later every night i have nothing better to do than watch tv, good excuse huh?!? ;)
good look getting everything done tonight and have fun at happy hour!
the event looks like a lot of fun, i love the cute table decorations! that is so awesome that ya'll raised that much $$!!!

{lauryl} said...

funky fun! i love the seusical topiaries!

Jax said...

Love the decor! Wish I coulda made it!! I'm also kinda excited that I know where that location is-it's where I had a kickoff this week for another company in your building! And uh.. do you KNOW how excited I am about your number?! I cant technically count it til the report is in, but it's still awesome given my goal of more money than I can fathom. How was Old Navy? I'll likely just email you.. haha.. Did you watch FF? I dvred it but havent seen it yet. And speaking of DVRs being overloaded, mine booted Community! Ugh! I had to totally knock out another show. *sigh* And I have to watch Project Runway.. Good gracious. When did my life revolve around tv?!