September 1, 2009

I cannot believe that I was missing out on this valuable information!

So apparently I need to start subscribing to People magazine again. I went to a new dentist this morning for a 'consultation'. While I waited, they gave me a People and I couldn't believe the things that I did not know!! I go to all the time, but they obviously just have the big headlines, it's not the same as reading the whole mag. And this issue was all the way back in July, which means that it really came out in June. Not new news people. Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend is pregnant again! Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant! Ellen Pompeo is pregnant! (Is meredith going to be pregnant on the show? i highly doubt it, but you never know) One of the girls from Brothers and Sisters had a baby! One of the girls from Grey's had a baby! Neither even showed on the show! Brad Paisley likes pancakes and bacon! These are all things that I need to know!! There were several other things that made me almost fall out of my chair, but those are all I can remember at the moment. I tend to focus on the procreation of life. Whatever.
The new dentist was pretty good. He at least has a personality, which I appreciate. AND he told me that we need to just replace the filling in the tooth that hurts, since apparently the white fillings can create sensitivity. Huh, who knew? Why didn't my other dentist tell me that? I specifically stated that the pain and sensitivity started immediately after the filling. And to think that I almost got a crown when it could be as simple as changing the filling! Hopefully that will fix it. If not, then the crown might happen anyway :(
Oh, and afterwards, I went to Cosi to grab something for lunch (i freaking love that place). I ordered soup. I got back to the office, opened the bag, and saw that they gave me a fork and a knife. For soup. I'm using the fork. For soup. Seriously.
And I'm pretty sure that I need these boots.
That is all. :)


Mrs. Dew said...

HOt boots!!! I am OBSESSED with Cosi salads and their flat bread! TDF! Oh and I can keep you updated on all your celeb gossip whenever you need, I'm a sponge for that stuff!

Lindsey said...

Love Cosi and just adore those boots!!!

Jax said...

Ohemgee! I just wrote a long comment and somehow deleted it!! CRAP!!!!! I dont understand this new computer...

1. I love your info about the gravy!!! If you have an inkling and would like to send specifics (how much milk, any other ingredients, how not to eff it up), would LOVE LOVE LOVE!! jackiemw**** :) Plus, this way I'd have your email for forwards and fun stuff. Always a necessity.

2. I totally did NOT know the info about all the prego stars!!!! Who else had a baby on grey's?! Im gonna have to go look!!! E! has been slacking apparently. Hmph.

3. I need a dentist. If you liked yours enough to recommend, would love the rec!!!

4. I'm very excited that I've gotten enough done at work to comment. Ignore my wordiness. LOL!


and HAUTE boots!!!!!

Annie said...

i had no idea about all the prego stars, thanks to you i do now ;)

those boots are adorable!!

cosi has good soup!? i really need to try it. i have one in the building i work in, never had i missing out? ;)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Working in a dental office has its perks...I get my weekly dose of People for free! I heard that Ellen Pompeo will take a break from the show, they aren't going to make her character pregnant. It will be werid without her for awhile....I guess they're going to develop the Dr. Shephard charcter more.

The New Mrs said...

Thpose boots are a must! love 'em!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Cute boots! I'm glad you had a good experience at the dentist!

Suzanne said...

I am totally to the point of only buying jeans online. I am so glad that others have this problem! Sometimes I feel like I need a support group HAHA! I did find a brand called Litt!e in the Midd!e that work pretty well, but the pockets are pretty big.