September 17, 2009

Ramdom Ramblings

I am super bored at work so this is going to be a jumble of my current thoughts. Just a warning.

Lee and I went to lunch today. We went to Smashburger and it was really good!! They have onion strings, like onion rings, but really really thin. Those are my all time favorite! It was so nice out so we got to sit outside and talk, it was fun. We never have lunch together even though we work 5 blocks from each other. We actually went to lunch because afterwards we got all of our car and homeowners insurance squared away. We were both still on our parents insurance and wanted to finally get on our own plan and since we were doing that, I decided that I wanted to move the homeowners insurance over too so that it's all there together. I feel a lot better now, more streamlined or something :)

Does anyone watch Big Brother? I watch it every year, and I got Lee obsessed with it too! The season finale was on Tuesday and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy with the outcome!! My favorite person won and she is so sweet, I was happy that a good guy (er, girl?) won!

Isabelle and Zoe will be 3 years old on Saturday! We are having a family get together (complete with Maggie!) and I am making pupcakes :) Did you know that I make homemade dog treats? I sure do, and we make the girls' dog food too! I have no idea why, I just started doing it when they were babies and I never stopped. It's really just a combo of brown rice, ground turkey, veggies, and vegetable oil (really good for their coats, which are very shiny as you can tell in Isabelle's picture in the previous post). They know when we are making it, even though I'm not sure how because we cook dinner every night, but somehow they know when we are making something especially for them. :) I actually don't make their treats much anymore. Mostly because the last few times I made the peanut butter bones I got really sick from the peanut butter smell (I don't really like peanut butter, except for a few items) so Lee said I should just stop. But I used to make all kinds of different flavors and shapes, I have lots of cutsie doggie cookie cutters!

It has been nice and quiet in the office today because people are out in an accounting conference. I could have gone, but frankly I will go ahead and say that I just do not care, so I didn't go. I will be glad when we get back into return season and all I'm doing is tax returns. I can handle that. It's this other shit I can't deal with. Sorry for the bluntness, but really this is me putting on a happy face about work! lol. The company I used to work for is looking for a couple of people, and for one split second I thought that it would be fun to go back. Mostly because I was totally spoiled with my co-workers there. Then Lee got mad at me and reminded me of how much that job took out of me. True. Very true. That job made me have to start taking lots of anti-anxiety meds, for serious! But somehow, I only remember the good things, funny how that works.

Oh! Speaking of my wonderful hubby, he went to a hand specialist (I know, right? Who knew there were hand specialists?!) and good news, he doesn't need surgery!!!! Yippee!! (I mean, we all know that he wasn't going to get the surgery anyway, right? Riiiiight :) ) He broke his knuckle and tore a tendon at the top of the finger, like where it bends at the top. We have to wrap it up in this special way and poor Lee has to bend the top of his finger so that I can tape it to the splint and I swear I thought I would pass out because I think it really hurt him :( I could never be a doctor. What will I do when we have kids?! Probably just throw up and pass out a lot when they are injured!

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm only working until noon because in the afternoon I have to make a million props for the skit we're having next week to wrap up our UW campaign! Yay for the end of long arduous things! :)


Annie said...

i watch BB, LOVE IT!! this was my first year really getting into it and i loved jordan glad she won!

i think it's awesome that you make your dog's food and treats!! i am interested in starting to do this for my pup. he is such a picker eater and only eats some expensive food from the vet. BUT he loves people food so maybe i should just start making his din din ;)

&& i'm so glad tomorrow is friday, i'm beyond ready for the weekend! hope you have a great one girly! :)

Jax said...

SO glad he doesnt need surgery! Also, I would like some of the doggie treatness you make. Yes. Teach me. Show me. Educate me. haha..Gracie totally knows when I'm making something for her too! I make her eggs and rice and chicken and and and.. Yeah. But she knows. I am SO ready for the weekend. SO.READY.

amy said...

I love BB! I was sad when Jeff left but I'm sooooo happy that Jordan won! whoot, whoot!

have a great weekend!