August 27, 2009


Here is a current list of things I desperately need want.

This honeycomb vase from West Elm. The big one in back with the flowers. It is "no longer available" :(
This sign I found while aimlessly browsing Etsy. It would read The Lansford's with "all because two people fell in love" :)

This lamp from Potterybarn would look amazing in our bedroom! Too bad the small one is $180!! I will never have it, unless I win the lottery.
These Lee Gallery Frames also from Potterybarn. I have this design in my head of a wall collage of pictures of Lee and myself, beginning when we met all the way to the wedding.
Now, this really is a need because my black pumps are ready for the trash! The nail is out on both heels and it hurts my teeth to walk on a hard surface in them.
And while I was trying to find the picture of those pumps, I came across these beauties. I should probably get them too :)

The New Mrs posted about these Naughty Monkey suede boots a while back, and I have been drooling over this gray pair ever since!

I also found this on Etsy. I love decorating for any holiday, and I really need to accumulate so much more Halloween decor!

I have also stared at this Banana Republic dress every time I go in that store. I wouldn't mind those shoes either. Just sayin.

Ummm, I think that's it. Off the top of my head anyway. Too bad my birthday's already over and Christmas is so far away!! :) I am actually purchasing the Etsy items, and the pumps probably. And probably the boots in about a month or so. And And And...
It's Thursday!!!!!!!


Annie said...

i love that vase!!

those boots!! to die for!

i love decorating for halloween! i need new stuff! all my stuff is like 7 years old from when i first bought my place...i want new stuff ;)

{lauryl} said...

You know Nicky Thornton (nee McDonald, she married Andrew Thornton) makes plaques like the one you posted from Etsy. Here's some of her work:

Oh, and one of my neighbors just purchased the Pottery Barn lamp. I'm pretty sure he got it on sale. For like $100? Originally $300? Something like that anyway... you should check it out. Maybe it's still on sale!

Lyr said...

All very great wants! I really like the lamps! So chic! ;)

Jax said...

OMG Where are those boots from?! I love them!!! And I always get my pumps from DSW! Nine West, baby! haha! :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Ok. Your wishlist is now my wish list. Love it all! And that sign....soooo cute. I want it. No..I need it!