March 2, 2010

Well, hello there

It's been a while, yes? Well, they blocked all social networking sites at work. I know, wtf, right? That's what I thought. And technically we don't have a home computer. Lee has a work laptop that he brings home. He is pretty, uh, busy on it in the evenings, you know, with "work" things such as reading about football for hours at a time. Yes, very important business, so you can understand how it might be difficult for me to borrow the computer for my very important business. :) But, I'm going to try and get back into posting more often, hopefully once a week or so. Because I know that you all miss me. :) I have been able to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. I can get to most of them, but I cannot see pictures (which is really the best part!) and I can't comment on any either!

Let's see, what has happened in the past 2 months? A lot, and not a lot at the same time. Let's start with the obvious. When I last posted, I looked something like this:

And today, I look something like this:

Just a little different :) I am 26 weeks this week, only 14 to go! I had a doctor's appointment today. This time when I stepped on the scale, I couldn't see my weight because my belly was in the way! First time that has happened. Turns out, that it might be a good thing that I can no longer see what I weigh. So far I have gained 23 lbs, 8 of which was in the last 4 weeks, haha. You can totally tell in my face :( As much as I would like to blame the baby, let's just be honest that it's really due to the fact that Easter candy is now out (Cadbury Mini Eggs are my ultimate weakness in life) (I might have eaten a bag a day for a few days) and my girl scout cookie order has arrived. I didn't order 9 boxes. No, no. I would never do that.

And here I was at 20 weeks:

The day we found out that this little one: (look at that little nose, it's my favorite part :) )
is a BOY!! To be honest, we were super surprised, because we were so sure that it was a girl. Or, as Lee put it, he was "preparing himself" for it to be a girl! Haha. He practically jumped out of his seat when she said "it looks like you guys are having a little boy" I mean, seriously, he was trying hard to contain his excitement because I was, not exactly disappointed, but just surprised. No joke, I asked the tech if she was sure! She said she was and showed us the goods. So that was about 6 weeks ago and now we absolutely cannot wait to meet our little Cooper Ethan. I mean, seriously, he can't get here soon enough, I am so ready to hold him!

Annnd, that's about all that has happened! I haven't done a thing to his room! We did order furniture, and much to our surprise, it was here in less than a week! We thought surely it would be 4-6 weeks for delivery, but it was more like 4-6 days. I have a few ideas of things that I want to do for his room, so I'll probably do a post on that sometime soon.
Other than that, I've been studying a lot for this real estate class I'm taking, surviving work by counting down the days to my maternity leave, and doing a whole lot of nothing.
This weekend we are registering at Babier R Us. I'm a little intimidated by this whole process, since I really have absolutely no idea what we will need. Usually I'm a huge planner, researcher, list-maker, etc. But, this time we are winging it. I've researched the big things, like safety features and such, but other than that, we're just going to go up and down every aisle and touch everything.
I'm also going to Oklahoma City this weekend for the John Mayer concert / my best friend's birthday!
AND we are going to look at new carpet for the bedrooms! VERY exciting, huh? I am excited because I have been begging for new carpet every since I just had to rip up the old carpet to reveal our very damaged hardwoods :) Lee told me that I shouldn't have. I never listen to anyone, I'll admit it :)


jv726 said...

Yay your back :) Every time I would see a post by you on Facebook I would think, hmm, maybe she did a blog post too. Ha! You are looking great! Good luck registering, the little gun they give you is always fun to use!!

brooke knight said...

you look stinkin' fantastic. enjoy all the cadbury eggs you want- you're growing a person, dammit!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...'re looking good! Congrats on your little boy, I loved the name Cooper but my husband vetoed it. Boo! I feel you on the Cadbury mini eggs...I bought the 18oz "family" size bag and ate the whole thing in less than a week. Oops! I know say I have two baby bump and my easter candy bump! Haha!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Well HELLO! I am glad it was just a work thing keeping you off the blog..well...that stinks for you though! How can they tell all blog sites are social networking? How does that work exactly...just in case I suffer through it! :)
Um, you are looking FANTASTIC!!! YOu are one lukcy b*tch that you are the CUTE preggo lady..and not all fat and stuff! :)) AND..A BOY!! I voted boy at the top. Didnt I?? I THINK I DID. That was so long ago though!

Jennifer said...

OMG you look wonderful! I need to see you in real life soon dammit! I can't wait to see all the little guy's furniture!

Love you so much and can't wait to hold that sweet little boy!

Mrs. Dew said...

Awe your bump is adorable! I love love love the name Cooper! So cute!

French lover said...

Yay, you're back !! I love the name you chose, too.

Meredith said...

You look great, Ashley. :) Love the new pictures!

Kaitlin said...

Eat all the candy you want...I will live vicariously through you b/c my candy-eating days have come to end for awhile :) You look fantastic! Can't wait to see your ideas for the nursery!