January 6, 2010

Why am I sitting on paper?

Name that movie!

Yesterday I had one million doctor's appointments. Okay, it was actually more like 3, but still, that is a lot of paper-covered benches for one day! We saw the baby doctor and got to hear that little heartbeat :) Officially less than 2 weeks until we find out the sex! I'm having a hard time being patient. I asked lots of questions that I had been forgetting so I left feeling a lot better and loving my doctor more than ever. Lee has gone to every appt so far (not sure that it will or should continue because they are kinda boring at this point!) and every time we leave, he talks about how much he likes her. I searched and searched for this doctor, trying to find one that I really liked, and it took like 4 years, so I'm glad that he likes her too!

We are having a really difficult time with the dogs lately. Mostly um, bathroom issues. Yorkies are difficult to housebreak, so FYI in case you ever want to get one. Isabelle and Zoe do really well at my parents house, and I'm convinced that it's because that's where they learned to "potty outside". At our current house, it's hit and miss. We have literally had to just throw away 2 rugs. The next time we move, I'll definitely treat the new house like they are new puppies and train them again because I think that is what I should have done when I moved out of my parents'. Lately we have been having an especially difficult time. I never know if they want outside to go to the bathroom, or if they just want to play/chase rabbits and squirrels/bark incessantly at our neighbors and their animals. And they have started just not coming inside. They just stay out there and ignore us and I am getting to the end of my rope. Yesterday morning I had a huge breakdown because Isabelle just would.not. come inside. It was like 12 degrees and pitch black and Lee was in the shower and I just lost it. We have started going out with them, making them go, and then come right back inside, but I still get nervous if they ask to go out because I don't know why they want out! Ugh, this is ridiculous. I think that we are going to take them to a training class. I have wanted to for a couple years (they are 3) but I never could talk Lee into it. I think my over dramatic breakdown yesterday did the trick :)

In addition to that, some pretty shitty things have been going on at work lately, the culmination of which was yesterday and I am officially done. For your sake, I will not get into it, but I have completely checked out. I am full on searching for a new job, regardless of my current uh, pregnancy status. With the market like it is, I will probably have this baby before I find something anyway, so there's no reason for me not to actively search. My ultimate hope is that something comes up in another department at my company. I have seen a couple of things in the last 3 or so months that I'm now kicking myself for not being more serious about. At this point, I'm willing to do about anything except my current field. At this point, I would be happy if I could quit and go work some meaningless job at PotteryBarn or something. (not that I think you are meaningless if you work at PotteryBarn! I am actually jealous) And I'm not lying when I say I would do just that if it was financially feasible :)

So boo to you, the first week of 2010! I know you're going to get better (hello, baby!) so let's just kick it into gear.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

How exciting you got to hear the heartbeat. We go on Friday and I can't WAIT! That's awesome you love your OB. I'm still up in the air about my doctor....she's ok. Granted I've only seen her once, so I hate to judge too soon.

Good luck with the dogs! We had a heck of time training our second one. Some times he still has an accident which infuriates me!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

OH yay hearing the heartbeat is the best!!!! I loved my OB too and I think that is totally rare!

Jenny DB said...

sounds like your pups are just being lazy. if for 30 days you take them out every time they want to go out but on a leash ( i know its a pain) and then give em a lil treat something they really like when they potty... you will solve the problem. if they dont go in the first 60 seconds you can take them back inside. such a pain but better than having pee everywhere..

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Girl -- I know exactly what you mean with Yorkies! They are the most precious little angels, smarter than you think, and super stubborn. It is so very frustrating. My 3 year old yorkie is fully training if you are home with her, and she will shake when she needs to go out, but when we aren't home it's an entirely different story. She will pea the size of a dine or quarter just because, and I got sick of it. So, now she stays in her "house, aka her kennel, and even pees in the kennel. I don't get it!

Short Southern Momma said...

It's been over 10 years since I got to hear Macy's heartbeat for the first time and I will never forget it. We took this awesome recorder with us and actually recorded it the first time and added it to a picture frame. I still have it and it makes me cry every time I press play. Hope your having a great week! XOXO

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

aw, that is so annoying with the dogs!! I want to take my dog to doggy school. Everyone I know who did have wonderful dogs! ha. I think I will go this spring. I hook my dog up on a chain I have attached near the door every.time I put her out. My husband lets her go out on her own, but She has taken off into the woods to chase animals before, so I get nervous.
That is so exciting you heard the baby's heart beat! Hopefully the 2 weeks passes fast so You can find out the sex! YEY!!

jv726 said...

Im going to be nosy and ask where the heck you are with your baby update! If I read correctly you should have found out the sex yesterday...Hope everything is going well!!! :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Have not heard from you in a LONG LONG TIME!
I Hope everything is ok!!!