January 4, 2010

I'm Baaa-ack!!

Did you all miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Haha. As you know, I was off work for a GLOOOOORIOUS 2 weeks, and I don't have a computer at home so I was not able to blog about anything!! Yes, this computer-less situation must be remedied before I go on maternity leave. Not that I'm thinking I'll have that much time to blog then but, you know :)

Don't you worry, I fully intend on catching you all up with my holiday festivities, although I must admit that we were really boring this year and I can probably sum it all up in about a paragraph! I'm sure that I will drag it out for a little more than that :) I never could tell a short story.
Let's see... why don't I just start at the beginning. The Saturday before Christmas, we went to the Christmas Train! It was our first year to go and we weren't sure what to expect but it was really fun! It is an event put on every Christmas by a local church. Years ago, for some reason a western-style movie set was built in a little town in Oklahoma. I'm not sure about the exact history and I'm too lazy to look it up and I'm sure you don't much care anyway. So, long story short, this church bought the set and it is used for all sorts of things, including this event. It really is just like an old western town :) Here we are with my mom waiting for the train ride, where they tell you the story of Christmas. p.s. It was like 20 degrees outside!
I found out in advance that they have a Santa there for pictures, so I made my whole family take a picture. I don't know why they had me sit while everyone else was standing, it's kind of awkward but whatever. Lee hadn't shaved in a couple days and I think he looks like a lumberjack :) He said that I didn't tell him that we were going to take pictures!

Then, on Christmas Eve, it started snowing. Well, this is Oklahoma, so first, we had to have about 3 hours of freezing rain/sleet and THEN an actual blizzard. Under all of that fluffy white stuff was several inches of ice. Typical of this damn state. I must admit that I am a grump about snow. I HATE it when it snows here because our city is not equipped to deal with all of the ice and snow and basically the whole city has to shut down and everyone gets stuck inside for days. Bah Humbug!! Anywho, Lee and I decided to go on over and stay at my parents' house on Christmas Eve so that we didn't have to worry about getting over there on Christmas morning. We stayed until the 26th and then braved the (un-plowed!!) streets back home.

I have no pictures of Christmas day because, well, I was feeling pukey, sorry but I was, so I wasn't in the mood for pictures. And I wasn't really into Christmas for some reason this year. I was kind of blah about all holidays actually. I don't know why, I'm usually excited for them. I'm sure I will be next year :) We actually had a really boring Christmas day. We opened gifts early, which took about 5 minutes because we didn't do much in the way of gifts this year! Lee and I didn't even get each other anything. We watched The Hangover (I mean, what better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than by watching The Hangover) (i didn't think it was that funny, maybe i had too high of hopes), ate lunch, laid around, and watched the Dark Knight.

Here is a lovely view of the snow from my parents' porch. Lovely because I didn't have to get out in it :)

And here is one of the side yard in back. Those are snow drifts that were probably, I don't know, maybe 3 feet high? That new fence is 9 feet, so that might give you some idea.

On New Year's Eve, we went over to some friends' house. It was a fun night, and I even stayed awake the whole time and we actually ended up leaving because Lee wanted (ahem, needed) to go, not me! I was surprised that I didn't get tired but I didn't. I also participated in several games of flip cup :) Of course, I was drinking root beer, haha! It was actually fun. (don't get me started on my new obsession for root beer! i went through a 2 liter a day over my little break, and i still could but i made myself stop!) Lee took full advantage of having a designated driver. We will just leave it at that ;)

Other than that, I was a lazy bum the entire 2 weeks I had off. And I mean lazy bum. It's kind of embarrassing. I had every intention of cleaning the house and doing so many things, but I just didn't have any desire to, and in reality I ended up laying on the couch most days! It was kind of frustrating because I wanted to get a lot of things done, but that's the way it goes I guess. I did get in my fair share of lifetime movies! It's really hard not to lay down and cuddle with my puppies too! They love to lay around with me :) Isabelle has been particularly needy lately and it's really funny and cute how much she wants me to hold her. She also lays on my belly all the time, Lee said he thinks she knows that I'm pregnant. Who knows, it's really cute though :)

And we had to start Zoe back on steroids because of her itching. It was all.the.time. Constant, and not only was it sad for her, it was really annoying to us, especially during the night when all she would do was scratch. So we put her back on the 'roids last week and seriously in the same day we started, she was not scratching at all!! I think that we are just going to keep her on them until further notice, she might have to be on them forever. But, since she has been taking them again, she has not stopped eating! She is the smaller one, and she could seriously care less about eating, she could take it or leave it. She rarely eats her breakfast and Isabelle usually ends up eating it for her in the evening. But, for the past week, she has gotten up in the morning when Isabelle does (which is EARLY) and eats her breakfast (we make it for them every morning. they are spoiled. well, we don't MAKE it every morning, we make it about once every 10 days and dish it out from the fridge) and then she usually eats her dry dog food that we just have out for them several times a day! It's so funny.

Okay, this post was all over the place. I'm hoping to go back to a regular blogging schedule, but January is a really busy month for me at work (shocking I know, it really just means that I'll have things to do, ha!) so we will see. We have a baby dr appt tomorrow, and we find out the sex in TWO WEEKS!! I might whine about it tomorrow and see if I can talk the dr into taking a peek then! It really isn't fair to make us wait for no reason :)


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Glad you had time to relax and be lazy :)

katandkarl said...

woo hoo! welcome back and i can't wait to find out about that baby's private parts. Erm. I mean, GO TEAM BLUE!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Aw, cute Christmas picture!! I was quite lazy on my days off too- I had every intention of being productive, but I spent 2 full days napping and watching TV...oh and eating of course!
I can't wait to find out the baby's sex!!

Jenny DB said...

oh gosh, and this post reminds me.. since you mentioned the itching, that yorkies are REALLY VERY prone (i dunno why) to UTIs which causes lots of accidents, obviously. kelsey at the seattle smiths (theseattlesmiths.blogspot.com) had to deal with this with her yorkies.. just a thought (i mean if they WERE Trained before and are now having accidents at 3 yrs old)