June 15, 2011


Dear Cooper,

Last week, you turned 12 months old.  One year.  When we went to the doctor for your check up, they gave us information sheets on toddlers.  I’ll just go ahead and say it, because it’s true.  It goes by so fast.Picture 104 12 month pic

One year ago, I had a week old itty bitty baby, and we were just getting to know each other.  You were the sweetest thing.  Today, you’re still the sweetest thing, but you are starting to assert your independence.

Picture 005

You definitely have an opinion now.  About everything!  And you don’t mind letting us know when you’re not happy. A few days ago, I’m pretty sure you threw your first temper tantrum because we wouldn’t let you climb the stairs.  You threw yourself down and banged on the floor.  Really?  I thought that wouldn’t start for at least another year.

One of your favorite things to do is open and close drawers and doors.  You’ll even go in your room and shut your door on us, haha :) Again, something I wasn’t expecting quite so soon.Picture 028

This month, you got sick for the first time.  Just a cold for a week or so, and then pneumonia.  You were not yourself for so many weeks, your dad and I felt so bad for you :( I’m glad that we trusted our instincts and took you to the doctor so many times, because we caught the pneumonia very early.  After a few days on antibiotics, you were back to your normal, happy self.Picture 049

Cooper, you have no fear.  Absolutely none.  You are curious about everything, and won’t hesitate to check things out.  While this does give me small heart attacks on a weekly basis, it also makes me smile.  Your curiosity reminds me of your dad, who is always asking questions about everything.

You are not walking on your own quite yet, although I am pretty sure you are capable.  I think you are a little unsure of yourself.  You are able to stand on your own, but once you notice, you drop to the floor and usually let me know that you don’t appreciate me letting go of you.Picture 066

At your doctor’s visit, you weighed 21 lbs, 14 oz, and you were 31 inches long.  I believe your weight is in the 3oth-ish percentile, and your height is in the 80th-ish percentile.  I think you’ve actually lost weight since the last time you were weighed (while you were sick)  You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes right now, although I do put you in some 18 month stuff, because we have it.  Rompers, though, you must wear 18 months, as the 12 months ones are so short and no longer snap.  You’re wearing a size 4 diaper and 4.5 shoe.  You also have 3 bottom teeth, and your top left tooth is coming through right now.

Picture 018

You eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.  You have always loved anything we’ve given you, but I’ve noticed that you’re becoming just a little picky.  As in, you will actually refuse some foods some times now.  Your absolute favorites, things you will never turn down are: cheese, yogurt, peaches, nutrigrain bars, cinnamon toast waffles, bananas, carrots, peas, and club crackers.  You will eat chicken, but usually only if it has just been grilled.  You also love grilled cheese sandwiches.

Picture 060

You weaned yourself of your pacifier this month, as well as formula.  You just stopped taking both of them.  You’ve been on whole milk for a few weeks, and you love it.  You love your sippy cups also, and you’re now a pro at using them.  Picture 071

You go to sleep now around 6:30-7, and wake up around 5.  The past few days, you’ve been sleeping in until 6, and I am really hoping you continue that! I can’t believe that I now think of 6am as sleeping in!  You still take 2 naps, for about an hour each.  You love to sleep on your tummy with your little booty up in the air. And you always have to hold on to your blanket.  In fact, you now sleep with two blankets.  One to cover up with, and one to hold on to.  You are definitely my child there.  Picture 068

You aren’t really saying any words as of yet.  You do say “dah” when you see the dogs, and you love them so much.  You get excited to let them out of their cage.  You are slowly learning to throw, and you’ve been throwing Zoe’s ball for her, which you find absolutely hilarious.

I have noticed that you don’t just love our dogs, but dogs in general.  Whenever you see a dog, you get so excited, and you have to go and pet it.  So funny.  You definitely got your love of dogs from your dad and me.Picture 020

You’re current favorite thing to do is blow raspberries.  You’ll also stick your tongue out, and imitate pretty much anything anyone shows you.  You also love peek-a-boo, and you crack yourself up several times a day.  You are so funny!Picture 106

Tonight you were playing in the living room, crawling all over, sometimes holding on to the wall and “walking”, and talking up a storm.  I just sat and watched you, thinking back over the past year.  It has been the best year ever.  And, while I am a little sad that our first year together is over, I truly cannot wait for the year to come, to watch you grow and develop your budding little personality.  I can’t wait to watch you grow into a little boy.

I love love love you Buddy,



Kaitlin said...

Ah, I love him! That pic of him in the boots is too cute. And, I must add, you look FABULOUS!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ANd, shutting his door on you? hah, for some reason I love it.

Lindsey B said...

So sweet! Happy one year Cooper! And I agree, it goes by way too fast!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

He is so cute!! Can you believe he's one?!? And he's a tiny little thing! BG is a chunk compared to him!!

He's got gorgeous eyes lady. You're going to have your hands full ;)