September 20, 2010

Busy weekend!

We had a really productive weekend, and we are appropriately exhausted from it! On Friday, we got out of work at noon because we met an important deadline (woohoo!). Before work, I had dropped the girls off at the groomer, so I went to pick them up, and we headed out to my parents' house to get ready for the garage sale. Lee met us when he got off work, and we ended up working on stuff until around 10, so not too bad. That's really the only prep we did for the sale, haha.

Isabelle before*:

and after:
Zoe before:
Zoe after:
On Saturday, we got up at 5 and were on the road to my parents' by 5:45. We (I) wake up at 5am Monday through Friday, so I'm used to it, but for some reason it was so hard for me to get up on Saturday! I was sooo tired. We got all set up and had our first customers at 7:30! Garage sales are interesting. We saw ALL kinds of people :) Below is a before picture of all that we had. I was too exhausted after to remember to take a picture, but we sold almost everything! I was soo happy! The only thing left was that large bedroom set seen in the bottom left of the picture, and I actually ended up selling it today thanks to Facebook! I posted it on fb Saturday and a girl I went to hs bought it for her little girl. We were so happy that we sold so much and we made a lot more than we thought we would. However, after the sale was over, I was counting all the money, and realized that we had been given a fake 100 dollar bill! Ugh, I was really bummed. I was the one that had been taking the money, and I just didn't notice at all. I remembered the girl that gave it to me, and I remember her car. She was the only one that gave us a 100. I guess I can't say I'm surprised, but it was pretty depressing to realize someone had done that to us. So, if YOU ever have a garage sale, I would suggest getting one of those pens that you mark bills with. We definitely will if we have another sale.
That evening, Lee watched this little guyWhile I went out to dinner with some girlfriends. It was some MUCH needed downtime for me, and it was so nice to get to catch up with everyone. We were loud and obnoxious (to everyone else) at dinner I'm sure :) Probably my favorite part of the night was when Jackie asked the waiter to take our photo. He had just taken our orders, which was an event in itself, and he had a HUGE stack of menus (there were 8 of us and the menus were like these big wooden things) and he said something about having all of the menus and started to say that he would do it when he got back. Jackie said, very politely, "that's okay, you can just put those down right there"! Haha, funniest thing I've ever heard! She made him just set them down and take two pictures :) Love her so much.
We went to a bar across the street for drinks afterward, but I was turning into a pumpkin very quickly. And luckily so were my rides, Jenny and Kat (who came to visit from Little Rock at the last minute :) ) So we left and I think I was in bed well before 11.
Sunday morning, Lee got up with Coop and let me sleep in! It was wonderful to sleep in until 8. Sunday was filled with laundry, catching up on DVR'd shows, grocery shopping, and a trip back to my parents' to clean up all of our leftovers. I also took a bag of our stuff that didn't sell to Goodwill. Sunday was also Isabelle and Zoe's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday to them! Last year we had a party with gifts and food, lol. Oh my. How things change after you have a baby :)
Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

*all pictures were taken with my iPhone, so sorry about the quality :) My camera is pretty much caput and we're hoping to put the garage sale money towards a nice new one! If you have a DSLR that you love, I will take any recommendations!


Jax said...

haha! Whatever, he wanted to take our photo right that second. I could tell. haha! :) Loved getting to hang on Saturday night! And love that you sold all that stuff! WOW! You make me want to have a garage sale!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ahhh, A fake $100 bill!! SO rude!
That really stinks. Did you give her real money change or did the item cost that much?
Glad you got out for some fun girl time :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I still cannot believe the fake $100 bill!! That is so crappy...what is wrong with people?! So glad you got to have a fun night with your friends, and yeah for sleeping in! Coop looks precious in his Sooner gear...atta boy! :)