October 22, 2012



I think it’s safe to say I’ve abandoned the 31 days of blogging challenge.  Don’t even pretend to be surprised. 

This weekend was TU homecoming, and Friday night, I went to an annual event called TU on Tap.  Basically, it’s meant to bring all alumni together so they can drink.  This year it was being held at Oktoberfest (which is really big here actually. The Today’s show even named Tulsa’s Oktoberfest as one of the top 10 things to do in the US in the fall)  And word must have gotten out because I’ve never seen it so crowded.  Or maybe I’m just a lot older.  Probably the latter.  Anyway, it was fun!  I didn’t get home until 1am but it was fun :)

Saturday, I had to deliver some cupcakes to a co-worker early in the morning, so I decided to make a morning of it and get my weekend errands out of the way.  I left Cooper with Lee and headed out.

I went to Panera and made my grocery list while enjoying breakfast.


And then I went to blow my cupcake proceeds on a shellac mani.  I had checked ahead of time and knew there was a salon right down the street from where I’d be, so I drove over and arrived about 10 minutes before they opened.  I waited in my car, and then when I had about 5 minutes left (I am very punctual, haha) a lady pulled up next to me and walked right in.  Ugh!  I walked in and she was already seated and getting a pedicure.  A woman hidden by a plant welcomed me, and I asked if they did shellac.  To which she just stared at me.  Then the woman doing the pedi (way in the back) started hollering at me to “please please wait” for a little while before she could get to me.  I asked he if they did shellac, and she sort of answered, but then I saw the gelish bottles and knew they did.  So I gladly sat down, although I was kind of weirded out.  Well, the lady that was now only partially hidden by a plant proceeded to talk on her cell phone while I waited.  I was confused because I thought she was a manicurist.  Did she not do nails?  After about 15 minutes, I’m now catching on that the plant lady will not be doing my nails.  Which leaved the pedi lady.  Well, a pedicure lasts about 30-40 minutes and I’m not going to sit around and wait when I could just go down the street to another nail place.  I didn’t want to be rude, but I was annoyed and wasting my precious alone time.  So I just got up and walked out without saying anything.  The lady from the back ran out after me! She was screaming “I’ll do your nails right now! Come in and sit down!” I said no thanks, and it was alright.  I mean, she’d have to stop doing the pedicure since apparently she was the only one working.  She continued to beckon me to come in, even after I’d gotten into and started my car!!  She was clearly crazy.

By that time, stores were open so I ran some errands and decided to just drive a little out of my way to the nail salon that I love.  Good choice.  Normal people.  More than 1 worker.  No one hidden by plants talking on their phone.

ANYway, then I ran to the grocery store and headed home.  That night, my parents came over to watch Coopie and Lee and I went to see Jeff Foxworthy.  Haha.  Kind of random, but whatever.  We went to a restaurant in the same venue as the show, just to have dessert.  It’s a nice restaurant, and Lee asked if we could just have dessert when he called to make a reservation, which they saif was fine.  Well, when we sat down, they started telling us specials and Lee said we were just having dessert.  The guy was exasperated and said “at least have an appetizer.”  Geez!  Lee kinda looked at me like, we could… And I was sorta still hungry, so we got one.  Even though I didn’t want to on principle.  It wasn’t even good!!!!  I didn’t even eat it!!!  Anyway, we ordered dessert and the chocolate tower was GIANT!!!  Here is a fuzzy pic:


Front camera pic waiting for the show to start


The show was good, but it was only a little over an hour.  On the bright side, I was in bed by 10:30.  Haha!


Cute little pumpkin on Sunday morning :)

We ended up doing a complete garage clean out on Sunday, which was awesome and much needed!


We are trying to choose a paint color for our bedroom.  Lee said I could paint it teal (!!!) But after trying the bottom left, I thought maybe it was a bit too much, so I tried the top left, which is way too gray.  It almost looks like the gray color throughout our house.  The one on the right is a no for sure.  Lee prefers the more gray, but I think I’m liking the bottom left one. He did say that was fine….we’ll see!


My parents got Cooper this pumpkin for Halloween and he really likes it!  Although he refused to smile for a picture.

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Ashley said...

tha nail place= crazy! haha. That is so odd.
I was out till 1 on Friday night. ugh. Rough.
C is so cute!