October 23, 2012

The Owie

On Sunday, Cooper fell a couple of times while he was playing outside.  One of those falls resulted in a scraped up knee, but he never said anything about it, so neither did I.

By Monday, it had scabbed over.  Mind you, it was a series of very very small scrapes.  It never even bled.

Still no mention of it.

THEN bath time came around last night. Oh my lord.  He sat down in the tub and immediately SCREAMED bloody murder “AHHHHHH!!! OWIE!!!!! HURT!!!!! BAND AID!!! ICE PACK!!!!!! OWWWWWIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!  ICE PACK!!!!”

Literally, he screamed that for his entire bath. (he asks for an ice pack for everything because that’s what they do at school)  Shortest bath ever.  Then when I pulled him out, STILL screaming, he collapsed onto the floor.  Apparently was no longer able to walk or stand.

At this point, I was hysterically laughing.  I mean, what can you do?!  I have never seen him so dramatic.  And that’s saying something.

He wanted a band aid, then he wanted it off.  He wanted an ice pack but that made it hurt.  It was hilarious.  He was limping around like he had a broken leg.  He refused to put ANY weight on it.  I mean, seriously, you should have seen him limping.

Lee and I asked him several times if we needed to cut off his leg and he told us yes.

He finally got comfortable with the ice pack by laying it on ANKLE the OPPOSITE leg of the one that was hurt.  Ha!  I asked if that made his owie feel better and he said, in between hugs sobs, “yeahhh”.

We finally got him calmed down and I left Lee to put him to bed.  Lee said that the only way he would sleep was on his back with the ice pack over his knee.  LOL.  Normally he is a tummy-only sleeper.  Must have been really bad :)

I do regret one thing…next time something similar happens, I’ll definitely be taking a video!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Too funny!! My niece would do something similar. They are so funny!!