October 3, 2012

31 Days : Day 3

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Today was pretty boring.  Went to work, went to they gym, came home, made dinner, bath and bed for Cooper.  I let the dishes pile up in the sink.  Lee used to always do the dishes, since I cook, but now that it takes for.ev.er to get Cooper to sleep, I don’t blame him for not wanting to run down and wash dishes.

Having a child has definitely calmed down my type A personality.  A lot.  In fact, sometimes I feel that I’ve let it go completely.  Haha.  And I’m actually fine with it.

Here was my view while making dinner. 

photo 2

Don’t be fooled.  He was not tired.  He was crying because he couldn’t stir anything.  He loves to help me cook, which I love, but he gets easily frustrated when he can’t do everything he wants.

He ate all of his dinner again tonight!  I don’t know why he’s suddenly started eating dinner, but it’s such a relief.  Who knew eating dinner would be such a big deal with kids.

Tonight I told Cooper that I like his teeth, because it looks so cute when he smiles, so he started giving me this huge smile, showing all of his teeth, and then busted out laughing.  He kept doing it because I was cracking up.  He is so funny sometimes.  I wonder if he will be funny as he gets older.  My brother was always a funny kid. and sometimes Cooper reminds me of him.

My brother just bought a house.  It’s a fixer upper, and he and my dad are working on it.  They closed last Friday and have already torn the living/dining/kitchen down to the studs and subfloor.  I’m jealous that I can’t be in on the action.  I love that kind of thing.  I’m planning to at least go see the progress this weekend.

I got some letters in today that I’m making for a couple of friends, so I plan to try out some ideas before I decide what I want to do.  I need a few sets of letters (for the etsy shop) that aren’t just painted, so I’m thinking of doing some yarn-wrapped, and then maybe some that are paper-wrapped.  We’ll see.

Oh, HERE is the link to the shop, if you want to go look.  I realized that I never linked it up on yesterday’s post!

Don’t be jealous of my exciting night of crafting.

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Ashley said...

wow, you are really doing well with this :)
Little "helpers" getting upset when thet cant help. does he have a little kitchen? I want to get A one...she probably will still want the real deal though. ha