October 15, 2012

31 Days : Days 11-12

Day 11:

Thursday was my first day back at work after missing 2 days because of the stomach bug.  I still didn’t feel great, but it was kind of sporadic, so not too bad.  I spent the day catching up at work, although luckily not too much happened while I was out. 

That evening, I was hosting a Scentsy party with Megan.  At the beginning of the day, I think 5 people were coming.  About an hour before the party, 2 were coming, and one tried to cancel but I forced her to come with her 2 littles.  Haha.  Oh well.  At least I finally got to meet Aja in person!  I have been reading her blog for a couple of years, and I was so happy she was able to make it!

This weekend I found out there is a stomach bug going around…so maybe I should have cancelled the party?  I thought I just had food poisoning or something.  Oops.  Hopefully I didn’t pass it on.

Day 12:

Yay Friday!!  Although, it was the longest day everrrrr.  I felt like all I did was stare at the clock.

Lee left town that afternoon to go to Dallas for the OU/TX game, so I was single-parenting it for most of the weekend.

When I picked Cooper up from school, he was like “eat some, eat some”, which means he’s hungry, so we went right home and ate dinner.  He kept saying “eat some” all evening, so he ate a lot of things.  Oh, he also started saying “something else” if he doesn’t want what’s offered to him.  So funny.

He asked for a bath, so we did that, an he usually goes to bed after a bath, but he wasn’t tired, so I just let him stay up for a little while.  He watched Mickey, and I worked on a wreath.  I asked him if he was tired and he said “no, Dada home”.  Lee usually puts him to bed, so I guess he wanted to wait for him to get home. I felt bad and said that Dada wasn’t coming home tonight.  He was fine with that, and we just went upstairs to bed.  Except he refused to sleep in his bed.  Mmmkay.  He wanted to sleep on the floor.  They sleep on nap mats at school, and almost every night, Lee and/or I lay or sleep on Cooper’s floor at some point (clearly we have an issue there….).  So, I made him a little bed on the floor and he went right to sleep.

I stayed up way too late.  I hate staying home alone when Lee is out of town.  Hate.  I have to sleep with the tv on and I never do sleep very well.  I’m a huge baby about sleeping alone in a house.  I mean, Cooper’s there, but you know.  He couldn’t protect me from a ghost.  That’s right, I’m scared of ghosts.  Not someone dangerous breaking in.  And it didn’t help that it’s October and every other commercial was for some horror movie.

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