October 17, 2012

31 Days: Day 13

Saturday morning Cooper woke up at 4:30am.  JOY.  Except, not.  I was dragging since I hadn’t slept well the night before (because Lee was gone) and I still had some nausea (from the stomach bug).  Oh, and because it was FOUR THIRTY AM.  I don’t think it’s a secret that he often wakes up that  early, but usually he’s in a good mood.  This morning, he was in a horrible, grumpy mood.  So, finally about 7, I took him to his room and basically made him take a nap.  I ended up napping with him on his floor and we woke up about 2 hours later.  Sweet.

We got up and around and Cooper asked to go run errands (“wun ewwands”), something that he suddenly loves doing.  So we ran to a couple stores (Hobby Lobby and Target), and he was horrible.  Wouldn’t sit in a cart, wouldn’t stay with me, wouldn’t listen.  He literally RAN around the stores and I had to run to catch him.  Oh well.  Such is life.  We made it home with what we left for, so it was fine.

I bought new sheets for our bed!  We desperately needed new sheets, and I have been searching and searching for some, but finally just ended up grabbing some at Target because I seriously couldn’t sleep one more night on our old old sheets that never fit the mattress properly.  The sheets I got?  We LOVE them!!  Seriously, maybe my favorite set of sheets I’ve ever owned.  They are from the Threshold line at Target.  We got the bottom pattern in the front.  They are supposedly gray, but they kinda look sage.  I don’t even care if they don’t match, I love them.  I want to go back and get the top pattern too.


After lunch, Cooper was clearly not tired for his usually post-lunch nap, since we took a morning nap, so we cleaned out my car.  Strange game for a toddler?  Not mine.  He is obsessed with cleaning.  He loved holding a trash bag for me, and helping with the vacuum.

I had a party thing to go to late that afternoon.  Before he asked me if he could go to the OU/TX game, Lee called my parents to see if they could watch Cooper wile I went to the party.  Haha!!  He really wanted to go!  So, I dropped him off there.  It was just one of those sales parties.  Party Lite?  Anyway, of course I found 50 things I NEEDED. 

When I went to pick up Cooper, he was sleeping.  Of course he was. But you know what?  He was sleeping on my mom.  Sad face.  He would never in a million years fall asleep on me.  Seeing as how it was 5:30 by this time, I picked that sweet love bug up and got in a few quick cuddles before he woke up completely.  Oh, when he sleeps?  He sweats.  Like crazy sweats.  I have no idea why, he’s always been like that.  He refuses to sleep in anything other than shorts, ever.  That’s not the point….Sweaty Cooper = Crazy Curly Hair.  He really needs a haircut, so it was even worse than normal:


I seriously have NO idea where he got his hair from.  He has tons of it, and it’s super thick, wavy, grows like crazy, and is often uncontrollable.  It’s part awesome part pain in the arse.

We ended up playing with Uncle Tyler and eating dinner over at my parents’ before heading home for another late bedtime :)

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Ashley said...

I felt you on the Horrible part at the stores.
I took the AM off to take A to library time bc it was the Halloween week. I never get to take her. Well, She fell asleep on the small car ride there- which was WAY early. She was crank and then was HORRIBLE there. I didnt even know who she was and im STILL upset I took the morning to do that with her and there was no fun had.