October 4, 2012

31 Days : Day 4

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Cooper has been freaking out about his ears when I wash his hair.  Plus, he hasn’t been sleeping well, and Lee said that last night, Coop was complaining about his ears hurting when he woke up.  So, I made a doctor’s appointment to get them checked out.

He got tubes put in last December, after a horrible run with way tto many ear infections in a short(ish) time span.  One of his tubes came out a few months ago, and since then he has had a few infections :/  I was afraid that he would need to have them put back in if he had an infection today.  Thank goodness he didn’t.  The doctor said they looked fine.

Cooper was so cute at the doctor’s office.  It’s so funny to me that he knows exactly what we do at certain places.  Unfortunately, we’ve been to the doctor a lot.  About 4 visits ago, he started getting suckers for being good.  The child does NOT forget that.  If I ever ask him if he needs to go to the doctor, he says “yes. dot-tor. sucka!”  Today, my dad met me there with him, and said that the second they pulled into the parking garage, Cooper was yelling “sucka! sucka!”.

Coop also knows to go right to the scale and step on it, and to hold his arm up for the thermometer.  He seemed like such a big boy today, just doing things all by himself.  He kept asking for a sucker too.  Lol.  That kid has his priorities straight.

He was so good for the doctor.  He let her look in his ears, nose, and mouth.  He looked fine.  No ear infection!  It’s probably his molars, I think.  But she did say that at his age, kids can start having nightmares.  Ugh.  I hate that.  I hope that’s not what this is.  That makes me sad for him.  Even now, at 30, I’m scared of the dark, so I have a soft spot for little ones when that could even be a possibility.  It’s scary!  Truthfully, if he would sleep in our bed, I would let him.  I feel like, sleep wins.  Whatever I need to do to get him to have a good night of sleep, that’s fine.  But, that usually means laying on his floor with him for parts of the night.  He will not sleep in our bed.  I’ve thought about getting him a bigger bed.  Like, and actual bed.  Not his crib converted to toddler.  Who knows if that would even help though.  And, it’s not like the kid doesn’t sleep at all.  he just wakes up once in the night, and then again at like 4am and won’t go back to sleep unless you lay with him.  And to think, he was such a good sleeper as an infant.

I didn’t make dinner tonight.  We had random things.  I has eggs, and Lee went to Bueno.  Cooper had ice cream and chips and queso.  Whatever.  Then, Coop and I went upstairs for bath time.  He has suddenly become obsessed with the moon, so every night before bath, we go into the guest room and look out the window for the moon.  Usually it’s there, but this week, it has moved out of sight of that window.  So, we laid on the bed and played for a little while.  He was being hilarious!  We had the best time.  He was saying all these things that he knows I think are funny.  I wish I had recorded it.  I think it’s so crazy that he knows what I think is funny and says those things to make me laugh.

Oh, one thing that doesn’t make me laugh, but I just think is cute.  Last weekend, I was putting away some of his clothes that he has outgrown.  There were some shoes in there (he is obsessed with shoes) and he started whining that I was putting them away. I explained that we need to put them away because they are baby shoes and he is a big boy.  And that we need to keep them in case he has a little brother or sister, so they can wear them.  Now, Cooper loves babies, but he always says no when I ask if he wants a baby brother or sister.  Except that night.  He said he wanted a baby brother and a baby sister.  And then , he said the cutest thing.  He said “and I put the shoes on hurrrh (her), and I hud (hug) hurrrh and I tiss (kiss) hurrrh”, and he held his arms like he was holding a baby!  I almost died.  It was adorable.  So of course them I start basically crying about how he needs a baby sibling like, right now.  Haha.

Anyway, I made him tell me those things again tonight.  I asked what he would do if he had a baby brother or sister, and he said those same exact things!  So sweet!

However.  He will not be getting a baby brother or sister for a while.  So no one get excited. :)


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Aww, poor Coop! That is so sad. I hope he is sleeping better soon! And how cute is he about babies?! Sweet boy!!

Elle Sees said...

he sounds like a cutie!
do you have a Morkie? Or are they both Yorkies? I do and he's the cutest thing ever!!