October 11, 2012

31 Days : Days 8-10

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that the point of this 31 days topic is to write something EVERYday.  But, clearly that’s not happening for me.  At least I’m sticking with writing ABOUT every day, right?

Day 8:

Monday was an average workday.  Nothing exciting.  Lee was travelling for the day, so my dad offered to pick Cooper up from school so I could go to the gym after work.  So nice :) 

After the gym I picked Coop up and we went home, had dinner, then he wanted to take a bubble bath.  He gets bubbles in his bath every night, so it’s funny to me that he distinguishes it when asking for a bath.  He always says “bubble bath”.  So he had a bubble bath, and then we looked for the moon as usual.

Once he was asleep, I had several things I needed to do, but I couldn’t decide what was most important, so I sat in bed and watched tv.  Makes sense, right?

Lee got home around 11 and we went to bed.

Day 9 & 10:

Tuesday I woke up super nauseous.  After spending a few hours deciding if it would go away, I finally decided to call in to work.  I continued to feel horrible and nauseous constantly for the next 48 hours.  Even throwing up didn’t make me feel any better.  Sorry for the tmi.

Anyway, Tuesday and Wednesday I literally laid in bed all day.  I have never had a stomach bug, so I’m not used to feeling nauseous 24/7.  I mean, it never went away. 

I am also so annoyed that I spent 2 vacation days at home sick.  What a waste. 

Luckily, I woke up feeling fine on Wednesday, so hooray!  Although, I am still afraid to eat…

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