October 8, 2012

31 Days : Days 5-7

Day 5:

Friday morning, I chose to start The Battle of Long Pants.  Cooper has been refusing to wear anything but shorts, which would be fine, except the temperatures have taken a sudden drop around here.  I’ve been letting it go, but on Friday, I decided it was time to face it.  It was going to be cold for the next several days, and I figured I should start the fight on a day he has to go to school so I didn’t have to hear it all day.  I so smart :)

And it was a battle.  From the minute I put them on him, until we pulled up to the school driveway, he screamed and cried.  “No pants!” “No pants!” “I takeh dem awff!” “I takeh dem awff"!”  For one hour, folks.  He didn’t give it up.  So, when I dropped him off, I reminded his teacher that he had shorts in his cubby if he kept it up.

I picked him up with his pants still on!  Victory! Of course, he wanted to take them off about an hour later, when he remembered he hated them.

That night, I hosted our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Decorating Party.  No kids.  No husbands.  Just chili, cornbread, wine and some fake pumpkins.

These hussies didn’t even decorate a pumpkin.  They just drank.  In Jackie’s defense, she at least brought a pumpkin.  Sarah didn’t even bring one!  This is why I love them though.


I, on the other hand, decorated six.  Although, only one was completely finished :)


I think we were laughing over Jenny’s burlap/troll pumpkin, Hankenstein.


Love these girls so much!  And the one behind the camera :)


Day 6:

Saturday was a lazy day.  We hung around the house and did laundry/cleaned up the house.  I ran a few errands ALONE.  It was awesome.

I picked up a second paint sample for our master bedroom.  I don’t love either one.  I hate picking out paint colors!

We have chosen one for our bathroom thought!  Score!  And it was on the first try!  Now, to actually paint it….

Day 7:

Sunday Lee had to work for part of the day :/

Cooper and I ran a few errands.  He loves running errands these days.  he is so good (most of the time), although he won’t usually ride in the cart.  He is pretty good at walking with me and saying “no touch” while still touching everything.  Ha.

We celebrated Lee’s birthday with my family that night.  He requested peach cobbler, so I made some that afternoon.

We went out to dinner, where Cooper was a perfect angel.  Unheard of!  he was so good and very excited about his mac & cheese.  He kept yelling for it.  Haha.

Coloring with Poppa:


After dinner, we went to my parents’ house for dessert and gifts.  But first, we had to introduce everyone to Little Red.  Cooper galloped around the living room for demonstration purposes.


Then Lee opened gifts.  With a special helper.


My parents and I got him an iPad.  He wanted money for a golf club and kept on and on and on about the club last week and I was kind of thinking, I hope he’s not disappointed that he’s not getting that club….  He wasn’t disappointed!  And he’s travelling today for work so I know that it’s making that more fun :)

We stayed at my parents’ pretty late (for us/Cooper).  I think we got home about 8:30, and Cooper didn’t even fall asleep, which we thought he would do.  I said “Cooper are you a night owl?” and he said “Yes”, and about a minute later he goes “whoo whoo”.  Hahaha!  I started cracking up!  He’s so funny! :)


Sweet Simplicity said...

I love that they didn't even attempt to decorate pumpkins! Cooper saying whoo whoo is so cute!

Aja said...

Fun party idea! I want to see your pumpkins. I used to carve pumpkins with some girlfriends every year.. Now I want to start that up again!

Meredith said...

I'm cracking up that one of your friends didn't even bring a pumpkin to the pumpkin decorating party. Sounds about right. :) Fun weekend! I completely understand Cooper's frustration with pants. As much as I love jeans, there is something so nice about throwing on some shorts. I have a hard time with it every Fall (though lately I have a hard time putting on any type of pants, regardless of length).

Ashley said...

The last pumpkin party I went to, I was the hussy who just drank :) I dont have the crafting skills you do, so I do what Im better at !