November 18, 2010

What a week

I started to write a post about how strange and annoying this week has been, but it didn't make any sense at all. So instead, I'll say this:

It's been a WEEK.

And I'm not sure why, exactly. It just has. Maybe I'm dramatic? No, surely not me.

Lee has been out of town and I've been having to work later than normal so I haven't been getting Cooper at the normal time, which means I basically get to spend zero time with him in the evenings because he goes to bed at 6. And even that's been pushed back a couple of days because we just haven't gotten home in time.

I've been going to bed super late. Think 11, when I normally hit the hay at 9. And I don't sleep well when I'm home alone because I get scared. And then the dogs wake up at 4 to go to the bathroom, and then Cooper wakes up at 4:30. WTH? Is he trying to make me go crazy?

I've had a million things to do at work, and each one of them just reminds me of how much I don't like what I do (sorry to beat a dead horse on this one). To be perfectly honest, I do NOT know what I'm doing at work. It's over my head. And I don't even TRY to learn it, because I simply This is 100% unlike me and it is so frustrating. It's not like me to not try and excel at things and it just makes me feel...blah. And defeated and I don't like feeling like that. It's draining. I know I preached on and on last week about how I've let this go and am trusting that I will find something else when the time is right, but sometimes it's more difficult to do that.

Some college friends and I planned a girls weekend for January, and now I'm not sure if I can even go because of something work-related that I didn't even think of. Some of the girls have already bought their plane tickets so the date is a done deal and I'm bummed about it. I'm going to see if it's a problem if I'm gone for a Friday but I don't know if it will be alright.

Ummmm, oops. I think I went ahead and actually DID the post about why my week has been crappy. Ha.

Oh well. I feel better now.

Thanks for listening :)

And don't worry about me (because I know you were worried). This is going to be a fun weekend, and then it'll be a short Thanksgiving week at work!

My pity party is officially over :)


Kaitlin said...

I'm not a fan of this single-parent thing! I feel ya on the cruddy week. As the saying goes, "this too shall pass," right?

In this wonderful life... said...

so, maybe we just start a business? one we like.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I am proud of you for staying in your own house while Lee is gone! :)
hopefully this weekend and the long weekend next week will make up for this crummy week!

Kitty said...

I know how you feel. I hate my job too. I'm also at the point that I just don't care anymore, but that makes me feel worse because I feel like I'm wasting my time/talents.
I hope you feel better!!!

Meredith said...

I realize that I have no right to tell you what to do since we're in the same boat, but if there is ANY way you can make that girl's trip--do it! Absolute best times of my life! Glad the husband is back and you're getting to sleep again! :)