November 15, 2010

The weekend I didn't intend to have

Most Fridays, I finish up my work week with a pretty good sized list of to-dos, and this weekend was no different. But, with everything that I DID have on my list, something else seemed to happen.

I had every intention of painting over the weekend. I intended to paint the extra room so that we can move Coop's room. Instead, I ended up painting our bookcases and touching up not only the living room around that, but also some places in the kitchen that needed some attention.

I planned on picking up around the house, but I did NOT plan to give our entire living room and kitchen a huge scrub down, including cleaning the blinds. which is exactly what happened.

I knew that we would spend Friday evening with my in-laws, since they were in town to help out with watching Cooper wile my parents went on a weekend trip. I did not know that Lee was going to invite them to come over Saturday to watch the OU game, which they did. They also ended up staying all evening too.

I wanted to try working with Cooper on going down for naps better, which I did. I just laid him down in his crib and let him whine until he fell asleep, going in as few times as possible :) By his 3rd nap the first day, he didn't fuss much at all. I did not think that I would go ahead and start trying to let him cry it out at night, but naptime went so well, I tried it Saturday night. It wasn't too bad, he whined for 20 minutes, cried for 10, and then fell asleep. Sunday, was not good, and Lee was here(he had been out getting dinner Saturday night so he didn't hear the crying), so he put a stop to my unplanned plan that night.

Also, I was supposed to go by Sams and pick up a cake for my mom's birthday dinner on Sunday. I was just running in since Lee and Cooper were in the car. I wasn't supposed to get anything other than a cake, bu I left with a cake AND an outfit for Cooper :)

So, there were lots of unintended happenings around here over the weekend. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I have a clean house and a cute new outfit for my kid :)

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Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I cleaned ALL day yesterday! Like, get down on my hands and knees and clean the trim and side boards that had so much dust collected on them. Went around with a magic eraser and cleaned walls, and WOULD like to do some touch up paint- in fact, I might do that tonight! :)
I also decided when we have guests coming in January, I will be hiring a cleaning lady to clean that ONE time because I cant do both bathrooms while THAT pregnant...or more I DONT want to!