November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Cooper's costume Friday! I had such a difficult time deciding on a costume, but I was so pleased with this one!

How was everyone's Halloween? I have to say that holidays are much more fun for us this year, since we have Cooper. I'm sure that they will only get better as he gets older and actually gets excited. Although, I'm sure that he was excited to be a scarecrow this year ;)

We have an event here called "boohaha" that is put on each year. A portion of town is blocked off (or supposed to be blocked off :) ) and there is trick or treating for the kids, as well as cosutme contests for children AND pets, and they have a parade. I'd never been before, so I was to get together with some friends and our boys (we ALL have boys) and watch the parade. I wanted to go a little earlier and walk around a little to see what this thing was all about. There was a costume contest that I kinda wanted to enter Cooper in to, but it was being held much earlier than anything else so we didn't do it. Probably for the best because I'm a sore loser :)

After a little Twitter chat, Jessica, Sarah and I decided that we would meet up and take the kids trick or treating before the parade started. Weeeellllll that was a joke because the trick or treating like was RIdiculous. So, we opted to sit at a restaurant patio and eat pizza :) Whatever, it worked for us! After we ate and chatted for a bit, it was time to take our little scarecrow and head over and meet everyone else for the parade. I wish we would've gotten a picture with the bees and poodle!

Here we all are with our boys!We waited....and waited.....and waited for the parade. Eventually Cooper got hungry, so we ducked behind the crowd to feed him. And at that point the 'parade' started. We couldn't see much, but we saw 2 limos and several minutes later, a pink fire truck. And then, nothing. By that time, Cooper had finished eating and we'd decided to leave. As did most other people there. Some guy beside us was yelling "I don't know why everyone's leaving! There's a TON of stuff still coming up!" Really dude? Because we'd been there for 30 minutes and had seen nothing. The parade was really disappointing. Next year, we won't even bother. It was worth it to get a picture with the boys together though :)

Sunday we took the scarecrow over to my parents house for a photo shoot.He was such a good sport about wearing this costume, hat and all. The hat was really snug under his chin and he didn't even fuss! He's such an easy-going baby.

We don't really have any trick or treaters in our neighborhood, so we just hung around Sunday night. Maybe next year we'll try actually trick or treating? We'll see!


Kaitlin said...

He was a darling little scarecrow! And, I really wanted to go to Boohaha this year, but we couldn't fit into the day's agenda...I'm kind of glad we didn't go now after reading this!

emily said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute costume! I left you an award on my blog. Have a great day!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

awww, and I see a lion and a scarecrow!! You could have coordinated and had a tin man..and well, I guess there are no girl babies to be Dorothy :)
I bought candy and we did not get ONE trick or treater. I ate the candy and hurt my jaw and I cant chew today! oops.

Jax said...

He is so freaking cute! Boohaha was a hot mess, but whatever. It was fun to hang out! We need to have a cookout or some other Halloween festivities next year where the kiddos can wear their costumes and play little games or something! :) (and Gracie of course. I mean she counts. Duh). ;)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

That is crazy...what a mess! Coop looks so cute though...he is such a good sport! Manny would flip if I tried to strap something like that under his chin. Love the family pic!